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All You Should Know About Manufacturing Electronics in China

China’s wholesale electronic suppliers have contributed greatly to our global economy. Its deliberate focus is on the improvement of the product’s quality assurance and not the quantity.

In 2019, the technology wholesale market of China reached an ATH (all time high) with more than $20,747.10 million in exports. In years to come, it is expected to increase even further.

You will no longer feel disappointed. However, you will feel empowered whenever you see the label “made in china” on any digital gadget.

Where are the Main Provinces in China for Manufacturing Electronic Products?

Global companies usually look up to China for electrical and digital product manufacturing in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Jiangsu. Currently, these cities are known to house about 33% of the industrial output of China. Coincidentally, these provinces are also responsible for most of the merchandise exports of China.

Zhejiang and Shanghai are situated in the southern area of the River Delta. Majority of foreign companies situated their China manufacturing activities in Suzhou, which is also a part of the region. In addition, Nanking is another center of the electronics industry, which is a bit farther inland from the Yangtze river.

Located in the south is Shenzhen, another huge manufacturing hub that is located in China. This is the largest manufacturing center for all consumer electronics in the country. These include well-known devices like smartphones and tablets. Majority of China’s top tech companies are located here.

Zhongguancun, also the Silicon Valley of China, houses a large number of non-Chinese technological companies. The headquarters of Microsoft and Google is here, as well as their research centers.

Lastly, Shenyang is a home to lots of software developers.

Current Trends in the Manufacturing of Electronics

The consolidation of electronic components manufacturing, and finished devices, coupled with the logistics associated with getting the items in the hands of consumers and customers are the present trends that drive China’s manufacturing world.

Strategic partnerships assist companies in offering a very wide range of services. Also, they make many choices available to their customers just from one source.

Customers are now seeing this as beneficial when purchasing electronic components and electronic devices. Also, attention spans now get shorter and there is this mentality of wanting things done immediately.

Furthermore, the internet provides a great selection of products by just clicking a button. There is also an expedited shipping option. The trends are spilled into the customer also.

The “wanting something done immediately” mentality has made effective logistics a factor for businesses and consumers alike. Now, rapid delivery is now very important.

Best Electronics Manufacturers and Wholesalers in China

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Below are some companies and contract manufacturer involved in wholesale supply of electronics and electronics manufacturing in China at a very low price.

Shenzhen Hosing Technology

This high tech company is majorly focused in manufacturing USB cables, power banks, phone and car chargers, etc. A power bank serves as a portable charger for cameras, world’s mobile phones, as well as other digital electronics.

Furthermore, they provide wide flexibility when it comes to product design, compatibility, capacity, specifications, as well as smart safety features. Also, they function under the ISO 9001, which is a system of quality management recognized internationally regarding design and global production base. They have a market in North America, Middle East, Europe, and many other places globally.

Contact this company here

Guangzhou YOUTOP Technologies

This company is focused on the development, design, and manufacturing digital gifts (custom-made) for promotional purposes.

Founded in 2004, the company works closely with it’s customers to get the perfect product for you. Furthermore, their employees possess great understanding of research and development. Also, they strive to deliver recent technologies.

Globally, they have also teamed up with some well-known enterprises and their products are popular across the global markets. Also, their products work with the health regulations of today, including C3, CE, and RoHS.

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Shenzhen Linbova Technology

This is a smaller company, which focuses on producing Bluetooth speakers, outdoor electronics and game controllers. It was established back in 2017, and it is highly competitive, as it implements engineers involved in research and development, who can customize their products so as to meet your needs.

In addition, this company operates under the management certificate of ISO 9001. Also, their process of production is properly overseen by the skilled technicians and engineers.

Please contact this company here

Huaqiang Electronic World

In China, this company is widely known to own one of the largest internal and external markets for consumer electronics. Its six floors showcase virtually all types of electronic gadgets present. Hardly will a customer get here and not find what he or she wants.

Also, they have some innovative and sustainable technology such as lamps and chairs entirely from recycled cardboards.

You can contact Huaqiang Electronic world here

B&K Electronic Technology

This is a trading company which was founded in 2017. This period it was new to a very competitive market and its operations were conducted by just 9 employees.

They are involved in the Chinese manufacturing project of electronic gadgets like wireless phone chargers, different phone cases, and bluetooth headphones. Each employee here has at least a 10 year background or experience in business and they have assisted top tech companies to bring their different products to the market like Apple, Huawei, and Samsung.

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Marvel Electronics

This electronics manufacturing company was established back in 2012. Specifically, it deals with the manufacturing of LCD modules like animated graphics, TFT LCBs, dot-matrix, and alphanumeric. Also, they manufacture things such as optical cables, computer speakers, custom designed flash drives, tablets, androids, phones, flash drives, and more.

Marvel Electronics offers highly competitive prices. It also offers its services in different continents including North America, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and Europe.

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Flying Communication Limited

This company was founded back in 2004 and is well-known to produce different phone cases, like athletic ones, earphone cases, hybrid cases, waterproof cases, as well as screen protectors.

On average, their annual sales stand between $200 and $500 million. They may not be involved in producing electronic gadgets, but they are well-known for phone cases for about 14 years now.

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