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Top 10 EMS Electronic Manufacturing Supplier in Denmark

Denmark is a massive producer of electronics. It is a significant export for the country. These electronics fall into various categories. They include electronic components, electronic devices, industrial electronics, and home electronics. You will find that out of ten electronics we use at home, and in the industries, at least one is from Denmark. The electronic industry in Denmark has a reputation for developing and producing high-tech solutions, windmill industry, packaging industry, and food processing industry products. Some of the significant telecommunication equipment come from Denmark.

Denmark deals explicitly in electronic equipment and electronic devices development and trade. If you are looking for specialized electronic equipment and devices, the best place to source them is Denmark. You will find approximately 32 electronic manufacturing suppliers in Denmark. However, only of these companies produce their specialized products. The rest are contract companies that have equipment for organizations around the world. All of these companies prioritize the production and assembly of PCB, and it is their core business.

Keep in mind that we do not factor in the companies that offer electromechanical manufacturing. These include pure electronic offices, cable harness manufacturers, and building electrical cabinets. A large number of the EMS companies in Denmark do not exceed ten million euros in revenue. However, they have a workforce of over 1200 employees. With a population of about 5.6 million, this is astounding.

Share of the market


Despite EMS being their main export, they only account for a 0.7% share of European electronic producers. Their share in the market has been diminishing with a drop of over 18% in the past ten years.  The cost of labor in Denmark is relatively high. This resulted in some EMS moving out to countries that have an affordable price of labor. Most of the companies moving out settle in Asia (Far East), such as China, since they have low-cost labor with a huge workforce. An example of Denmark owned company that moved out is BB Electronics. BB Electronics set up its factories in China and is employing more than 450 workers.

Another example is Eltwin A/S. This company moved its production to neighboring Poland. Delfi Electronics also moved out of Denmark and settled in Hong-Kong. This move enabled them to continue with production under a manageable workforce and labor cost.

The revenue for the ems electronic manufacturing suppliers in the past four years grew by 10%, leading to an increase in employment by 3%. However, the profits plummeted at a rate of 10%, bringing down the revenues to around 4%. Despite the growth and decline of profit and revenue, the number of companies remained constant. This leads to many companies focusing on a specific niche, such as fast turnaround and prototypes, to remain profitable and relevant. There is only one company that still produces ceramic hybrid circuits using thick-film technology.

Covid-19 impact on EMS electronic manufacturing suppliers in Denmark

Covid 19 affected the entire world by slowing down businesses. It led to a considerable decline in the sale and consumption of consumer electronics in 2020. This is because such products fall under discretionary purchase products. This made the EMS companies in Denmark take another approach following the sharply dipping revenue and narrowing distribution challenges. They chose to focus on essential household electronics. There was also an increase in cleaning equipment and surface and self-related sanitary products to boost the protection against the covid-19.

Multinationals have an easier time with the majority of electronic sales in 2020. They took advantage of their massive brand recognition, a huge presence in Denmark, various products, and large portfolios.

The online business became the biggest channel for purchaser hardware before the finish of 2020. Currently, it is helping to narrow the gap in volume share on gadgets and machine expert retailers. The constrained conclusion of the last during the Danish isolate period has sped up web-based business’ rising.

Top Danish EMS Electronic manufacturing supplier

ems electronic manufacturing supplier in Denmark

1.BB Electronics A/S:

This Company is one of the largest in Denmark and is a large producer of PCBs. It focuses mostly on the consumer, industrial, information technology, telecommunications, and healthcare electronics. BB Electronics is a subsidiary of Axcel. It has its headquarters in Horsens, Denmark. It was set up in Horsens in territory Denmark to support the quickly developing Danish market for printed circuit boards and proficient gathering of electronic gear. The organization was incorporated in 1999. It is a leading electronic manufacturing supplier in Scandinavia with batch production specialization.

It gives its clients thorough DFM assistance as an indispensable piece of prototyping and development measure. Its design for manufacturing administrations incorporates venture management related to the execution of new items, plan rules, underlying testing, segment choice, materials buy for model and primer creation stages, provider evaluation and choice, and creation and testing of models. The organization has two expert creation offices in Horsens, Denmark, and a high-volume creation office in Suzhou, China. The Horsens area covers around 14,000 square meters and creates hardware for clinical innovation, telecom, and modern items. The Suzhou area involves a space of over 5,500 square meters and creates modern gadgets. Every organization’s offices are supported by a broad scope of refined testing advancements that incorporate programmed optical assessment, flying Probe and X-beam review, and in-circuit test and capacity testing. The organization has set up a buying office in Singapore to savvy sourcing of segments and frameworks straightforwardly from makers working in the Far East. It is likewise upheld by its innovation community in Horsens and deals workplaces in Sweden.

2. Rayming technology:

It is a PCB company that offers complete services related to PCB assembly. The company is fit for giving partial turn-key and full turn-key PCBAs. For partial turn-key, the client can provide the PCBs and certain segments, and the leftover parts will be taken care of by the firm. They deal with the whole interaction for full turn-key, including assembling Printed Circuit Boards, acquisition of segments (100% unique), printed circuit board assembly testing, persistent observing of value, and last get together. With over 15 years of existence and experience, it gives the most recent printed circuit board innovations and best norms for the gadgets industry. You can trust them to fulfill your needs, from little volume to large-scale manufacturing, whatever the least difficult PCB sheets or the most mind-boggling plans.

3. Denmark Manufacturing:

They have some expertise in model, medium-size and small projects. They have state-of-the-art equipment, skilled staff, experience, and the capacity to attend to extraordinary client requests with adaptability, speed, and quality at a highly cutthroat value. Their experience in manufacturing gives them brilliant standing among the competition. They pride themselves as the forerunner in gadget production and assembly. They offer turn-key creation of control boards for touch screen interfaces, patch panels, sensor concentrators, relay racks, and PLCs motor controllers. They can produce control boards to your details or configuration complete frameworks to utilize our in-house designing assets. The benefit they give includes the gathering of mechanized actuators and mechanization gear, exemplification, metal, and plastic lodging completing.

4. Klyver Electronics A/S (inc.):

It is an imaginative and dynamic organization with a strong involvement with electronic assembling and electronic turn of events. They have in numerous years worked with gadgets and have advanced in to claim to fame of stream estimation/stream control and mechanical machine control. They offer quality and exceptional service with incredible adaptability. Their extraordinary experience is a journey for choice assistance and one-of-a-kind 100% Danish quality and plan. Their exceptionally fulfilled clients have made Klyver Electronics a position on the planet. If you are looking for an electronic universe of ability, quality, and administration, this is the company.

5. DEVI:

The name ‘DEVI’ is derived from Dansk El-Varme Industri. It furnishes you with an open to living climate – excellent electrical warming products with enduring impacts. They support their clients by offering the best guarantee available. They also cover the expense of establishment and floor materials – as long as 20 years! The organization was set up in 1942. It is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Initially, DEVI produced warming components for mechanical purposes. DEVI began to check out electric warming links; the most seasoned warming link establishments are from the mid-sixties. DEVI is a subsidiary of the Danfoss Group. DEVI is the worldwide market pioneer in floor warming and the greatest European maker of electrical warming frameworks. Their goal is to be the preferred company for end-users and installers. The extent of DEVI’s contribution incorporates planning, creation, and deals of the cutting edge electrical warming frameworks, which stand apart from others accessible available.


BEATRONIC SUPPLY Co. is a holding organization containing engineering and trading organizations set up in Denmark, Ukraine, Russia, Republic of Serbia, Poland, Greece, Slovak Republic, and the Czech Republic. As the organization’s name shows, their principal objective is to supply top-quality electronic, estimating, and testing gear and parts for automation and computerization in aeronautics, transportation, etc. They are intended for general applications for the hardest climatic and working conditions “military form” and made by prestigious fabricates. They apply careful information on requests at the market, ordinary interest in fairs at home and abroad, individual contacts with our clients and providers and, profoundly specific ability to ensure proficient methodology and constancy while carrying out any business.

7.Micro Technic:

It was established in 1977 with over 40 years of involvement with gadgets assembly and design. Their major operations are in Denmark, and they also export some of their products. The Micronix brand includes items that assist clients with associating their items, resources, and administrations to different observing arrangements. They have an extraordinary mix of design abilities and assembling skills under a similar rooftop. This advantage is the fundamental justification for having the option to convey genuine Design-for-Manufacturing to all our steadfast clients.

They have three specialty units that provide clients with full item life cycle support extending from the plan to development and end-of-life administration. They have a broad aptitude with implanted PC innovation/IoT equipment through our scope of standard items, similar to information loggers, insightful sensors, entryway, and remote correspondence mod. They have their plan engineers in one location as their creation offices give a priceless resource regarding Design-for-Manufacturing and quick solutions for clients. Their in-house advancement division offers equipment and programming plan arrangements on agreement designing premises. Micro Technic is an exceptionally skilled and creative accomplice in all parts of hardware improvement and assembling for over forty years.

8. Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S:

Copenhagen Sensor Technology has some expertise in producing superior electro-optical items and services for requesting war zone and observation applications. With a solid R&D base at the central command in Denmark, Copenhagen Sensor Technology can give mechanical, optical, programming, and equipment customizations while meeting the hardest necessities for military, country security, and excellent quality observation applications. Regardless of whether the need requires a ruggedized high-exactness long-range focal point or a profoundly touchy CCD camera, or a total framework involving focal point, camera, and progressed video preparation, CST can offer a most optimized plan attack configuration measure.


Comadan was established in 1986 with a foundation in quite certain issues and undertakings for the nearby business in Randers. It was the beginning of significant cooperation that made a lot of innovation about firms in a large portion of the world. It immediately turned out to be certain that the creation hardware in Randers shared many practically speaking with those in different urban communities and nations. They became the genuine providers of modern hardware. They combined the creation organization Comadan Produktion A/S and conveyance organization Comadan A/S in 2015.

The merger helped them work intently together to generally get the client’s advantages in the most ideal manner – regardless of whether it occurs with their C-macintosh items or with transfers and indoor regulators from different producers or a mix. Today, they send out total answers for mechanical organizations over 30 nations. However, they will stay in Danish hands. It has consistently been significant for us to keep up with the solid attachment to the neighborhood everything began. Frequently the requirements of the mechanical organization are unique to the point that a current standard arrangement isn’t sufficient.

Subsequently, as a team with the client, they foster the arrangement that suits the current test. They mainly help electrical installers, and machine manufacturers pick the best answers for the difficulties they face.  They have the creation of control hardware under C-macintosh, which is a perceived brand everywhere in the world. They work each day to guarantee their clients the ideal arrangements. They can tackle numerous difficulties with the notable quality items that we stock in Randers.

10. GPV Electronics A/S:

GPV was established in Denmark in 1961 and is today one of Europe’s driving hardware makers. GPV is a client-driven EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) accomplice giving complex hardware, link saddle, mechatronics, and box-assemble answers for clients worldwide. Settled in Denmark, GPV has manufacturing offices in Denmark, Mexico, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. GPV produces an income of about DKK 2.75 billion with around 4,000 workers. Since 2016, GPV has been claimed by the Danish mechanical aggregate Schouw and Co.




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