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Top 10 Flexible Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

You can hardly do without some form of tech in this highly technological world. Take, for instance, your smartphone; it rules most aspects of life, considering the myriad of vital apps you can access through it. Moreover, devices like smartphones, computer keyboards, etc., rely on flexible circuit boards for proper function.

To satisfy the high demand for flexible printed circuits, flexible printed circuit board manufacturers must play their role effectively. Predictably, the high number of flex circuit board manufacturers globally can make it difficult for you to choose the right partner for your flex PCB manufacturing needs.

But since it is of the essence to get the right partner for your flex PCB manufacturing needs, you must understand how to go about it. Additionally, it helps to know the top 10 flexible printed circuit board manufacturers globally. So please read on to get it right when you are looking for your next flex circuit manufacturer.

How to Pick a Suitable Flex PCB Manufacturer

flexible printed circuit

Flex circuits, despite some history, have become popular in recent times. Flex PCBs have a complicated manufacturing process compared to conventional rigid circuit boards. It arises because of their intricate nature. You, therefore, need to get the ideal manufacturer possessing the right manufacturing equipment, highly skilled staff, the correct processes (including quality assurance and testing), an acceptable industry pedigree, etc., to get it right. The high number of manufacturers also complicates your selection process further. But as always, you can always navigate this minefield if you consider the following.


Do they Possess the Correct Flex PCB Fabrication Equipment?

If you want to identify the correct manufacturing partner for your flex PCB, check whether they have the latest equipment and technologies. Such a capacity helps in producing high-quality flexible PCBs for your needs. Most reliable flex PCB makers endeavor to maintain quality and enhance efficiency. As a result, such companies invest in their production facilities. Check for drilling tools, place board testers, surface finishing tools, imaging equipment, etc.

Standards and Certifications

The ideal flex circuit manufacturer will comply with ISO, UL, and IPC regulations. Therefore, it becomes prudent to check for compliance with the relevant certification and standards for potential manufacturing partners. An example of accreditation to look out for includes the UL 94V-O for fire-resistance conformance.

Do they Possess a Flex PCB Technician?

Flexible PCBs require advanced processes when it comes to their manufacturing. Further, plenty of steps get into the manufacturing process, and not every manufacturer qualifies in producing high-quality flex PCB.

Most reputable manufacturers have skilled technicians who can handle your flex PCB manufacturing needs. Therefore, if a potential manufacturer lacks such a group of skilled technicians, you had a better look elsewhere.

Quality of the Flex Circuit Company

Quality is significant when it comes to flex PCBs. Therefore, check and ascertain that your potential flex PCB partner produces high-quality flex circuits of the desired standards. The flex PCB products should have long-term durability, high-speed communication lines, high-density design, high conductivity, etc. Further, you can always resort to E-tests to ensure the quality of the flex PCB boards.

The Price of their Flex PCB

Design standards and quality often determine the production cost of flex PCBs. Additionally, some factors like base material or solder mask material can vary. Such factors can heavily weigh on your final product’s price or cost. Therefore, you must find a decent balance between cost and quality before placing your order. Therefore, do not pay or contract a manufacturer before considering this.

What is their Capability to Develop your Flex PCB (In-Line with your Desired Shape)

Flex PCBs have the uncanny ability to fit most applications. It, therefore, implies that it comes in diverse sizes and shapes. When it comes to your flex circuit manufacturing needs, your ideal partner must demonstrate the capacity to produce your desired form. For example, if you want a flexible PCB for military applications, you will need a flex circuit markedly different from a medical application. Most standup manufacturers will have the capacity to manufacture various forms and sizes of flex PCB for your use.

Flex PCB Testing

One vital step in the manufacturing process entails testing. For your Flex printed circuit, the company needs to have robust and updated techniques to ensure the integrity and functionality of the board upon deployment. A lack of elaborate testing can lead to mass failures of Flex PCBs. In testing the Flex printed circuit boards, the manufacturer identifies faults and corrects them early.

Capability to Supply Diverse Component Types

You can always get different flexible PCB designs from manufacturers. However, this primarily depends on your needs. It can entail multi-layer flex PCBs, double-sided flex PCBs, and single-sided flex circuits. But for a top-tier manufacturer, the type of flex PCB should never become an issue. The manufacturer needs to demonstrate the capacity to fabricate all the types based on your needs.

Proof of a Solid Model for Successful Production

Most reputable companies ensure the development and testing of a prototype before the mass production of a flex PCB. The cost of identifying an error later in post-production can prove grave and costly. As an engineer or designer, it can work best for you if you get a prototype from the company before production. In this manner, you can suggest and have them incorporate ideas.

Top 10 Flexible Circuit Board Manufacturers

flex circuit manufacturer

If you want a top-quality flexible PCB, you may want to consider hiring a top-tier flex PCB manufacturer. But armed with the knowledge of the aspects to consider in picking a quality PCB manufacturer, it is time to narrow down and zero in on the ideal option. However, to save you from all the hustle, we have sampled the best ten FPC manufacturers all over the world.

#1. Unimicron

It is a famous and industry-setting flex PCB manufacturer. Unimicron also gets inferred to be a World-leading PCB Company. The company prides itself in guaranteeing you its commitment to delivering quality flex PCBs. You also get to enjoy the manufacturer’s extra focus on quickening the manufacturing process.

The manufacturer has its headquarters in Taiwan and a demonstrated history of 31 years since 1990. It possesses a global pedigree and provides world-class facilities, machinery, and workforce to serve its international clientele diligently. The company not only fabricates flexible PCBs but offers integrated circuit carriers, rigid-flex PCBs, HDI or high-density interconnections, testing, and burn-in services.


  • Multi-certified
  • Multilocational with manufacturing sites in China, Taiwan, Japan, and Germany
  • 30 years plus years of industry experience
  • Deals with all PCB types, IC carriers (FCCSP, CSP, Memory Module, FCBGA), ELIC, high-density interconnector circuit board, etc.
  • Efficient and quick turnover fabrication of flex PCBs regardless of the flexible PCB thickness

Service and Product Applications of the Manufacturer

  • PCs or personal computers
  • LCD (liquid crystal display) monitors
  • Notebook computers
  • Peripheral products
  • PDAs or personal digital assistants
  • Facsimile machines
  • Scanners
  • Smartphones or mobile phones, etc.

#2. RayMing PCB and Assembly

Rayming FPC
Rayming FPC

RayMing PCB & Assembly is an excellent option you can choose when it comes to your flexible printed circuit. The RayMing PCB and Assembly company, unlike other manufacturers, provide full turnkey services ranging from prototyping to assembly and packaging. Additionally, if you want a customization of your flex PCB, you can always rely on the company.


  • Multiple certifications on quality and other considerations, including UL and IPC certifications
  • Multiple production sites around the world, with its headquarters in China
  • Provide fabrication and assembly for both partial and full turnkey flexible printed circuits. The layer number of flex PCB includes 1-12 layers with diverse material choices and board thickness.
  • Performs other PCB fabrication and assembly types, including rigid-flex PCBs and hardboard PCBs
  • Collaborative approach in the manufacturing and assembly process of your flexible PCB board
  • Over 15 years of industry experience when it comes to flex, rigid-flex, hardboard PCB fabrication, and assembly processes
  • Highly skilled workforce, latest equipment, and modern technologies of manufacturing and assembly

Service and Product Application of the Manufacturer

  • Assembly of Flex and other PCB types like rigid and rigid-flex printed circuit boards
  • Full and partial turnkey flex PCB fabrication while also encompassing assembly for your printed circuit board design. Partial turnkey flex production entails providing the boards and some components for your flex PCB design. But beyond this point, the company carries out all the other activities to ensure a functional and efficient flex PCB product. On the other side, full turnkey will involve the company undertaking all the activities from procurement, design, testing, and quality monitoring of PCB production.
  • IC programming
  • SMT stencil
  • Multilayer printed circuit board design
  • Prototyping or low volume printed circuit board design
  • PCB testing
  • Heavy copper printed circuit board manufacturing
  • Short-run assembly
  • One-off circuit board design

 #3. DSBJ

DSBJ comes as a unique flex PCB manufacturer that understands the meaning of diversification into different sectors like AI. It is an important quality that acts as its main selling point. DSBJ has a long industry experience spanning over 40 years since 1980, when it started as a small stamping and sheet metal factory. It then morphed into Suzhou Dong Shan Ban Jin company eight years later. As they say, everything from this point onwards is history.

The company has continued evolving over the last few years through consistent innovations and concepts in designing, manufacturing, and prototype PCBs. The realization of this can also get credited to meaningful collaborations and the acquisition of some franchises and companies. In addition, it helped expand DSBJ’s manufacturing services in diverse areas of the globe. For instance, the acquisition of Multek in 2018 expanded the scope of manufacturing in terms of global geographical locations.


  • Over 40 years of industry experience in PCB and other electronic product and service provision
  • Has production factories in over 15 countries
  • Deals in diverse electronic product manufacturing, including flex and rigid board fabrication and assembly, though specialization features telecommunication equipment, metal precision, interconnect solutions, and LED technologies.
  • Flexible approach and receptivity to current ideas and innovation remain relevant now and in the future.
  • Sensitive to corporate social responsibility and thus involved in environmental and safety responsibility. It has also invested in academic collaboration as part of its innovation and social corporate responsibility programs.
  • Multi-certified in the production of diverse types of printed circuit boards (including flex PCBs)

Service and Product Applications of the Manufacturer

  • A diverse range of PCB types includes Flex printed circuit boards, rigid printed circuit boards, and rigid-flex circuit boards.
  • Air gap construction
  • Stiffeners
  • Cover lays
  • Low-cost FPC systems
  • Intermediate component density through the traditional plated through-hole and micro-via interconnect.
  • An extensive range of full PCB or printed circuit board assembly services includes final box build and FPCA/PCBA circuit board services.
flexible circuit board manufacturers

#4. Tripod Technology

The Taiwan-based company comes as a reputable flex PCB manufacturer specializing in designing, fabrication, and assembly of rigid printed circuit boards. It is equipped with world-class manufacturing processes that ensure high-quality PCBs.

Tripod Technology deals in other electronic back-end equipment products despite primarily indulging in PCB development and manufacture. It includes a topping machine, test handler, target hole drilling, etc. It prides itself on sustainable environmental protection, especially in the production process. You will find its business model unique as it is developed around R&D (research and development). Such a strategy propels it above competitors in global PCB manufacturing, which is a notch higher.


  • Over 15 years of industry experience, primarily in the semiconductor sector
  • The company has multiple certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, IECQ QC 080000:2012, IATF 1649:2016, TL9000-H R6.2/R5.7, etc. In addition, the company also conforms to ISO 45001, ISO 27001:2013, and ISO 14000.
  • The company offers multiple services, including the fabrication and assembly of rigid-flex PCBs.
  • Global manufacturing with multiple fabrication stations in China, thus guaranteeing better overall prices for flex PCB products.
  • The company also models its business on environmental sustainability.

Service and Product Application of the Manufacturer

  • TFT-LCD is also a thin film transistor liquid crystal display that provides quality imagery. It comes as large, small, NB, tablet, and DT.
  • Memory products by usage include DDR, Flash PCB, and SSD-client
  • HDD, mostly used in computer or PC hard disks. It comes in 2.5 and 3.5 options
  • Buried inductor
  • Multilayer board
  • Semi-flexible boards
  • Mixed pressure, etc.

#6. Zhen Ding Tech

The company has a remarkable reputation for manufacturing incredible and quality flex printed circuits. Zhen Ding Tech believes in investing in more materials to better facilitate Flex and other PCB design types. In addition, it combines the IoT (Internet of Things), Internet of Vehicles, AI, and 5G technology to offer several customized solutions.

You get to enjoy simplifying their printed circuit board fabrication or manufacturing process into vital aspects. The first step entails the design phase before further research through the R&D department. After this, the Flex or other PCB type gets manufactured before delivery for your use.


  • The company puts a premium on the innovation and efficiency of diverse PCBs.
  • Combines different technologies in delivering quality flex PCBs, HDI (high-density interconnection), and ICS or integrated circuit substrates
  • Manufactures and supplies multiple PCB products
  • Provides PCB manufacturing services for diverse application areas
  • It uses advanced technology to thin, manufacture, and automate the fabrication of PCB products for diverse applications.
  • Located in Taiwan with an industry experience of over 15 years
  • Different manufacturing sites with expert staff, latest technology, and modern equipment.
  • The company models its business around rationalization, efficiency, unmanned and computerized production.
  • Multiple quality certifications to guarantee the quality of products and processes

Service and Product Application of the Manufacturer

  • Fabrication and assembly of Flex, rigid-flex, and rigid printed circuit boards
  • Various application areas include automobiles/vehicles, NetCom, wearable devices, and cell phones. It also applies to consumer electronics and computer information.
  • Excellent customer care service for all your inquiries besides manufacturing, packaging, and delivery of PCB products

#7. Kinwong

The company has a distinct collaborative approach to developing or manufacturing flex circuit boards for you. Kinwong comes as one of those manufacturers that will not rest until your PCB needs to get met. Further, it prides itself on excellent craft with attention to your design to provide a true-to-type or improved version of your expectations.

Kinwong has five production sites in China with over 11 factories. It is certified and provides quality PCB products and services.


  • Design, fabricate and assemble conventional and modern printed circuit board types. It also deals in the research and development of PCBs.
  • Adheres to industry quality assurance measures and certifications to ensure high reproducibility and quality
  • Committed to making your design requirements of lighter, thinner, and smatter flex PCBs a reality
  • Targets and serves diverse application areas, including the medical and industrial sector, consumer electronics, telecommunications, etc.
  • Multiple factories are equipped with expert technicians, modern machines, and innovative technologies to serve your Flex and other PCB-type needs.
  • Over 28 years of industry experience with over 14000 staff world-over
  • Concentrates on client or customer demands in terms of innovation besides encouraging product upgrade

Service and Product Application of the Manufacturer

  • Research and development, fabrication, and delivery of PCB products and top-tier electronic materials
  • Products include Flex printed circuits, conventional PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, HDI PCB, copper inlay, RF PCB, etc.
Flexible Printed Circuit
Flexible Printed Circuit

#8. Shennan Circuits

If you have not encountered the bizarre, this company will shock you slightly. It is not your standard PCB order and manufacturing company, but one that specializes in designing and evolving new PCB design trends to fruition. Shennan Circuits got incepted in 1984 and have over 37 years of experience in the field. It is global, with production sites in China and North America. It also has R&D sites located in Europe as an integral aspect of its commitment to manufacturing.


  • Over three decades of industry experience designing, innovating, and manufacturing diverse types of PCBs.
  • Multiple manufacturing and R&D locations in China and North America besides Europe, respectively
  • Focuses on innovation, research, and development, besides manufacturing of Flex and other PCB types
  • Diverse approaches in providing world-class electronic circuit solutions and technology include a 3-in-1 PCB design process encompassing design, substrate packaging, and assembly. The approach can also involve a full PCB value chain, including scheme design, micro-assembly, PCB testing, manufacturing, etc.

Service and Product Application of the Manufacturer

  • Design, innovation, and manufacturing of diverse PCB types
  • PCB testing

#9. Suntak PCB

If you have a large flex PCB order, then Suntak PCB can prove the ideal solutions partner for you. The company has a demonstrated history and pedigree of manufacturing PCBs since 1995. Coupled with a skilled staff of over 4500 and a 3 million sq. m factory space, you will hardly get disappointed. What is more? The company commits to providing high-caliber PCBs to its clients or customers.


  • Large factory space measuring 3 million sq. m
  • A skilled staff of over 4500 to cater to your Flex and other PCB type needs
  • Mostly targets electronic manufacturers and information sectors, though caters for other sectors as well.

Service and Product Application of the Manufacturer

#10. China Fast Print

The company is an industry leader when it comes to PCB technology innovation. The belief entails using the correct technology whenever the desire encompasses getting more opportunities in the industry. Because of this, the manufacturer prides on this mantra for the two decades it has existed. Further, customer satisfaction ranks highly, thus their commitment to ensuring quality PCB service delivery.


  • Research and development, manufacturing, and collaboration prove critical for the company’s business model.
  • Targets and supplies diverse industries, including telecommunications, automotive electronics, rail transit, medical electronics, semiconductors, industrial control, and computers, besides other peripherals

Why do we have a lot of Flexible PCB China Manufacturers?

China has emerged as a global powerhouse when it comes to PCB manufacturing. Additionally, the labor is highly skilled and cheap compared to North American and European companies. As a result, the quality of PCBs by Chinese manufacturers proves high and with lower costs which rank them highly.

Final Thoughts

If you want a quality flexible PCB, finding the correct flexible printed circuit board manufacturer becomes of the essence. It thus becomes prudent to understand the aspects discussed to pick the best-suited manufacturer for your flex PCB needs. But starting your discrimination with the highlighted flex PCB manufacturers will make it easier for you, would it not? Best of luck.




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