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Top 10 Flexible Printed Circuit Manufacturers in Israel

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are in high demand across different industries. The relevance of PCBs in the electronic manufacturing process cannot be underestimated.

Out of the different kinds of types of PCBs, one of them stands out. That is the flexible PCB. As a PCB consumer, you want to find the best flexible printed circuit manufacturers that will design and fine-tune your circuit board for the electronic application needs you may have.

Some of these flexible printed circuit manufacturers can be found in Israel. This article is your guide to finding the top 10 flexible circuit board manufacturers in Israel.

The 10 Best flexible printed circuit Manufacturers in Israel

flex circuit board manufacturers

We present to you, the top 10 manufacturers of flexible Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in Israel. We came up with this list after checking some of the circuit board offerings of these companies, as well as the receptibility of their services by flexible PCB consumers who had patronized them.

1. Trace PCB

Trace PCB is what you will call “one of the best PCB design Bureaus.” This is because of the specialist services the company offers as far as the production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are concerned.


Trace PCB was established over 2 decades ago and has been under constant evolution to keep up with the best practices and trends in the PCB market.

The company has in the last 28 years of existence, being able to develop and design circuit boards for different kinds of electronic products. These products have at different times, been deployed for use in advanced technologies.

Quality flexible printed circuit Production

Asides from that, Trace PCB has a lot to offer, as far as the designing and production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) is concerned. One of such capabilities is the production and delivery of high-quality flexible PCBs within a short time.

Component Engineering

The engineering of the flexible PCB components is very important. This is why Trace PCB offers advice to PCB consumers on the best way to engineer the components of the Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

Advanced PCB Manufacturing Solutions

Trace PCB is also following the trend in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) market, and continually leverages the same to create sustainable solutions.

One of the high points of its solutions is the ability to follow the latest PCB manufacturing technologies. The company does a swell job of implementing the capabilities and requirements in the latest PCB designs.

Types of PCB Designs Offered

Trace PCB offers different kinds of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs. These include:


2. Print Electronics

Some flexible printed circuit manufacturers don’t believe in wasting more time than necessary when designing flexible circuit boards.

One of such manufacturers is Print Electronics. The company has done a great deal towards the reduction of the lead time and other associated time-dependent tasks in the PCB design process.

It is popular for being one of the most reliable time to market experts, especially because of the 24-hour production time.

Reasons to Choose Print Electronics

Here are some of the reasons why we think the flexible printed circuit services offered by Print Electronics are awesome:

Highest Flexible PCB Production Standards

The standard of the flexible PCB is one of the factors worth considering when choosing a flexible printed circuit manufacturer.

On its part, Print Electronics leaves up to expectations by offering the highest production standards for flexible circuit boards.

These standards are in place because the manufacturer (Print Electronics) makes consistent investments in the use of advanced equipment that aids the professional manpower of the employees.

The equipment is also used to support the production of any kind of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) development.

Mass Production

Print Electronics aims to design and produce flexible circuit boards within 24 hours. This is usually the case if you are placing for low volumes.

However, the manufacturer may need to reach out to its overseas partners if the flexible printed circuit orders are for mass production.

A Wide Range of PCB Production

Print Electronics also covers a wide range of circuit board productions. Some of the PCBs the manufacturer designs are flexible PCBs, rigid circuit boards, and rigid-flexible printed circuits.


semi flex pcb

3. Synersys Israel Ltd

Synersys Israel Ltd was founded in 2002 and has in the last 19 years, consistently provided innovative solutions in the area of integrated research and development services of multi-disciplinary systems and consultations for the hi-tech industry.

Synersys Israel Ltd has also expanded its tentacles to cover the design and production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

You will find out some of the contributions of the company towards the improvement of the flexible printed circuit market in Israel.

Hardware Design and Engineering

This is where a bulk of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) developmental services offered by Synersys Israel Ltd are categorized.

Under the Hardware Design and Engineering aspect of its operations, Synersys Israel Ltd offers PCB production, including the production of flexible circuit boards.

The manufacturer also excels in other hardware design areas, such as Eco management, digital circuits, electronic boards modules, analog circuits, production files, power supply design, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), and high-density PCB design.

System Design and Development

Synersys Israel Ltd also offers System Design and Development. This is where you will get other important PCB solutions, such as field experiments, turnkey projects, complete system integration that includes software, hardware, and mechanics.

Synersys Israel Ltd also offers other PCB solutions here, including full documentation, subsystems/modules, system architecture design, and design documents preparations.


4. PCB Technologies

Some PCB manufacturers focus on providing solutions for specific types of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), while some other prefer to offer as many solutions as possible.

PCB Technologies belongs in the latter category because it specializes in the provision of all-in-one PCB solutions.

The manufacturer also handles all your PCB projects with care and ensures that you get value for your money.

Advantages of Partnering with PCB Technologies

So far, we have come up with some of the huge advantages of getting PCB Technologies to work on your flexible printed circuit projects.

These are some of the reasons why the manufacturer is worth considering for the job:

Commitment to Perfection

PCB Technologies has been offering PCB design and manufacturing solutions for the past 4 decades. The manufacturer is also at the top of its game because of its commitment to perfection.

Ideally, PCB Technologies manufactures different kinds of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) that have been used in both the aerospace and defense industries.

PCB Technologies also holds the AS9100 and Nadcap certified quality system that serves as a testament to the manufacturer’s disposition to offering quality flexible printed circuit production.

flexible printed circuit Board Design

A lot of effort goes into the production of the flexible circuit board. This includes the selection of the flexible printed circuit material and the flexible printed circuit connectors.

PCB Technologies takes a lead here by offering a wide range of flexible printed circuit design solutions. These solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance in planning-controlled impedance
  • Optimized choice of flexible printed circuit materials
  • Recommendations on “Design-to-Cost”
  • Recommendations for review and testability of the flexible circuit board design.


5. Newline-PCB


Newline-PCB is dominating the Israeli PCB industry with the novel solutions it came up with. At the core of these solutions is the primary objective of the company, which is to specialize in imported Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

As a specialist in this field, Newline-PCB imports different kinds of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and in different amounts.

It doesn’t matter if you want a prototype of the flexible printed circuit, or you want to order for small or medium quantities of the circuit board. Rest assured that Newline-PCB can offer the services with ease.

Types of PCB Solutions

Newline-PCB imports different kinds of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), such as:

flexible printed circuit Solutions

These are some of the solutions or services that Newline-PCB offers to its flexible printed circuit customers:

Component Sourcing

Newline-PCB has an extensive list of circuit board suppliers both in Israel and in the Far East. So, it would be easier for the manufacturer to source or place orders for the flexible printed circuit materials to be used when designing your flex circuit board.

Circuit Board Testing

As a company that is interested in customer satisfaction, Newline-PCB does all it can to keep the customers happy.

One of the ways it does that is by checking the flexible printed circuits (and any other kind of circuit board) both visually and electronically before shipping.

Multiple Production Capabilities

Newline-PCB also does a great job of offering you a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to the production of flexible PCBs.

With these production capabilities, you can decide to choose between the small and mass production levels.


6. KaiZen Technologies

KaiZen Technologies is a reputable flexible printed circuit manufacturer in Israel. The company is popular for the provision of advanced technology and engineering solutions. These services are offered to the electronics industry.

Also, KaiZen Technologies takes care of most of the circuit board production process and offers professional advice to the customers, where necessary. For example, the company takes note of the customers’ flexible PCB expectations and keeps the same in mind when engaging in mass production of the circuit boards.

Why You Should Choose KaiZen Technologies

KaiZen Technologies has a lot of services to offer you, as far as the provision of flexible printed circuit services is concerned.

These are some of the advantages of outsourcing your flexible printed circuit project to the manufacturer:

Unique Management

KaiZen Technologies is committed to satisfying the needs of its customers. This is why the manufacturer places a premium on the provision of the best customer experience.

This is actualized via the unique management of the flexible printed circuit project.

Increased Product Reliability

KaiZen Technologies prefers to work with the best flexible printed circuit material. The company also has contacts with some of the best components suppliers.

The idea is to use only the best flexible printed circuit materials that would go a long way to increase the reliability of the circuit board designs.

Short Timetable

KaiZen Technologies wants you to have your finished flexible printed circuit in the shortest time possible. The manufacturer uses a shorter lead time to design the circuit boards without compromising the quality of the designs.

A Wide Range of Services to Choose from

KaiZen Technologies also offers a wide range of circuit board production services. These services cut across:

  • Mechanical Designs, such as flex and rigid PCBs, box build ASSEMBLY, jigs, and testers.
  • Electronic Design, such as board layout (rigid and flexible PCBs), Inter Connection Diagram (ICD), Concept and block diagram, Power Integrity, and Schematic.
  • Operational support
  • New Product Introduction (NPI) support
  • Testability solutions
  • Thermal analysis
  • Redesign & reverse engineering
  • Product relocation
  • DFMA report
  • Product documentation


7. EDAIS Integrity Solutions Ltd.

EDAIS Integrity Solutions Ltd is one of the leading providers and distributors of Electronic Design Automation solutions. These solutions are supplied to the electronic system-design market in Israel.

EDAIS Integrity Solutions Ltd couldn’t have got to this height and gained this kind of recognition if it weren’t doing something worthwhile.

Thus, here are some of the advantages of partnering with EDAIS Integrity Solutions Ltd for your next flexible printed circuit project:

Real-Time PCB Design

EDAIS Integrity Solutions Ltd understands the relevance of a quick prototype – it helps the customer to see what the outcome of the flexible printed circuit would look like.

That is why the manufacturer offers a real-time PCB design. The quickened pace for the flexible printed circuit production is done in a way that the errors in the circuit board design would be picked off instantly during the signoff checks.

To do this, EDAIS Integrity Solutions Ltd uses the OrCAD to go from prototype to production in lesser time.

Flexible Manufacturing Options

EDAIS Integrity Solutions Ltd also offers customers flexible manufacturing options. This way, you will have more options to choose from when it comes to flexible PCB production.

The flexibility of EDAIS Integrity Solutions Ltd.’s manufacturing options also helps in cutting down on the costs of manufacturing the circuit board. This is possible because the manufacturer tries its best to adapt its flexible printed circuit manufacturing solutions to the budget of the customers.



MILPCB is another Israeli flexible circuit board manufacturer that you may be interested to work with.

We will give you some of the reasons why it is a good idea to have MILPCB as the manufacturer of your flexible PCBs moving forward.

Robust PCB Services

MILPCB offers you robust circuit board services. These services include flexible PCB prototyping and flexible PCB production or manufacturing.

Fast Lead Time

Your flexible circuit board can be designed and produced in the shortest time possible, thanks to the fast lead time offered by MILPCB.

This applies to both the flexible PCB prototype and production.

Superior Customer Service

You want to contact the customer care department when you have some questions to ask or some complaints to make.

MILPCB is all ears via the provision of superior customer service that attends to your concerns and addresses any issues you may have in good time.

Competitive Pricing

Saving costs when producing a circuit board could be tricky. As much as you want to cut down on expenses, it might affect the PCB project, especially when the quality of the material is not assured.

However, MILPCB has a way of balancing the equation. The most popular strategy is to source flexible PCB components from offshore suppliers. With strong negotiations, MILPCB can get you the flexible printed circuit material at a reduced cost.

Quality Performance

The quality and performance of the flexible circuit board are also worth considering. You don’t have to worry about that because MILPCB knows how to get around it.

This Israeli flexible printed circuit manufacturer bolsters the quality performance of the flexible circuit boards by ensuring that each of the facilities in its network is carefully selected ahead of the PCB production.


9. Flexitech Avia Printed Electronics

Flexitech Avia Printed Electronics is one of the most reliable manufacturers of flexible Printed Circuit Boards in Israel.

The company specializes in using Thick Film Technology to design and manufacture different kinds of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), including flexible PCBs.

Why the Thick Film Technology?

Flexitech Avia Printed Electronics has many years of experience in PCB design. So, the manufacturer had a good reason for using the Thick Film Technology for PCB production.

According to the manufacture, the Thick Film Technology makes it simpler for it (Flexitech Avia Printed Electronics) to print and produce different kinds of components for circuit boards.

These components are thereafter used across different electronics sectors and multiple industries.

Worthy of mention is that the viability and sustainability of the Thick Film Technology are because of the integration of other elements. The technology is used alongside advanced and complex processes of selective metallization, machining, printing, and brazing.

Flexitech Avia Printed Electronics Flexible PCB Options

When it comes to the designing and production of flexible circuit boards, Flexitech Avia Printed Electronics has some options to offer.

First, Flexitech Avia Printed Electronics can manufacture custom-made flexible Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for you. This would, in turn, be used as connectors in various applications where space-saving and flexibility are required.

Second and most important, the custom-made flexible printed circuits made by Flexitech Avia Printed Electronics can be stacked in various configurations. Most of these configurations would be ideal for both high-flex and dynamic applications.

Quality Assurances

The quality of the flexible printed circuits manufactured by Flexitech Avia Printed Electronics is also assured. This is because of the ISO 9001 standard that the manufacturer operates.

Flexitech Avia Printed Electronics also takes advantage of the expertise in the circuit board field to produce flexible PCBs that are not only custom-made but which also improve the complex products of the clients.


10. Israel Taiwan Production Center (ITPC)

Before now, many electronics manufacturers preferred to have their PCBs done in Taiwan. This now created a market opportunity, which was later seized by Kentec.

Then, in 2010, Kentec Inc. decided to “bring the Taiwan capabilities to Israel” by collaborating with IDANics. The collaboration between the two led to the formation of the Israel Taiwan Production Center (ITPC).

Israel Taiwan Production Center (ITPC) has now become a full turnkey flexible printed circuit manufacturing factory that provides different kinds of circuit board production services to the Israeli electronics market.


Israel Taiwan Production Center (ITPC) or IDANics offers different kinds of electronics-related services. Some of these services or products are:

  • Full turnkey solutions
  • Batteries
  • Antennas
  • Cable assembly
  • Membrane switches
  • Mechanics: Plastic, CNC, and Metal
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design


How to Choose Your Flexible PCB Manufacturer

Choosing a flexible printed circuit manufacturer can be tasking. You have to consider some factors because those would help you choose the best from the rest.

So, here are some of the ways to find the best and reliable flexible Printed Circuit Board manufacturer for your next PCB project:

  • Make sure that the flexible printed circuit manufacturer can accommodate or work with the lead time you expect.
  • Find out if your budget is within the range of the charges made by the flexible PCB manufacturer for the service rendered.
  • Consider choosing a turnkey flexible printed circuit manufacturer that would handle every aspect of the production, including component sourcing.
  • Create a proposed stack up and send it to the manufacturer to confirm if it has the flexible printed circuit materials that match those requirements. Also, see if the manufacturer could come up with a better alternative if the proposed stack up is not available.


There are several Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers in Israel, but only a few of them offer flexible printed circuit solutions.

Given the popularity of flexible circuit boards, it became imperative that you should find a manufacturer in Israel to deliver the kind of quality work you expect.

This article explained the 10 flexible circuit boards manufacturers, explaining their unique advantages and additional offerings.

We hope you get to choose one of them to handle your next flexible PCB project.




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