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What Does the Shengyi Synamic 6GX PCB Material Offer?

Synamic 6GX is another PCB material produced by Shengyi. For a while now, Shengyi has been offering several high-quality PCB materials. PCB fabrication requires the use of high-quality materials. This is because the properties of a material will determine its functionality. While choosing a PCB material, manufacturers try to choose materials that meet the requirements of the intended applications.

However, it is important that manufacturers know more about Shengyi Synamic 6GX before opting for it. This article seeks to shed light on Synamic 6GX and what it offers.

What is Shengyi Synamic 6GX PCB Material?

Synamic 6GX PCB material is a low loss and high reliability PCB material. Also, it is a halogen-free material. This means that Shengyi Synamic 6GX features no halogen constituents. This material is very safe for PCB fabrication. Also, it contains no toxic substances. Halogen is a harmful substance with negative impact on human lives and the environment. Therefore, PCB manufacturers prefer using halogen-free materials for fabricating their PCBs.

Also, Shengyi Synamic 6GX is a high Tg material. This low loss material has stable dielectric constant and dissipation factor. With its low z-axis CTE, this material provides better performance. Also, this highly reliable material has a high decomposition temperature at 405 degrees Celsius. It is important to note that Synamic 6GX adheres to the UL 94 flammability ratings. Also, Synamic 6GX is an efficient and functional material for high frequency applications.

General Properties of Shengyi Synamic 6GX PCB Material

Low Z-axis CTE

The coefficient of thermal expansion before 31 ppm/°C before Tg. Also, the CTE on the Z-axis after Tg is 205 ppm/℃. Materials with low CTE are ideal for PCB fabrication. Also, the low CTE value indicates that Synamic 6GX can withstand heat without expanding. The CTE of this material is at a minimum value. Hence, it is ideal for high performance applications.

High glass transition temperature (Tg)

The glass transition temperature of Synamic 6GX is 172 degrees Celsius. This value is very high. Synamic 6GX features high Tg which impacts its thermal performance. Generally, Tg measures how a material softens when subjected to temperatures beyond its threshold. Also, Synamic 6GX PCB material will soften when it operates beyond 172 degrees Celsius.

High decomposition temperature (Td)

The Td value of Synamic 6GX PCB material is 405 degrees Celsius. Decomposition temperature measures the temperature at which Synamic 6GX decomposed chemically. Therefore, Synamic 6GX will decomposes chemically at 405 degrees Celsius. Also, this value is high. Materials with high Tg can withstand thermal stress without breaking down easily.

Low and stable dielectric constant

The dielectric constant of Shengyi Synamic 6GX is 3.73. This value is very low. Therefore, Synamic 6GX features a low dielectric constant. Also, this electrical property contributes to signal integrity and impedance. The dielectric constant of a material depends on frequency. A material with low and stable dielectric constant is safe for use in high frequency applications.

Low water absorption

The water absorption rate of Shengyi Synamic 6GX is 0.08. Therefore, Synamic 6GX has a low water absorption rate. This means that this material can withstand a humid environment. Also, it is ideal for use in humid operational environments.

Advantages of Shengyi Synamic 6GX PCB Material

Synamic 6GX features a lot of benefits. Therefore, it is highly preferred among PCB manufacturers. In this section, we will discuss the advantages of this PCB laminate.

High heat resistance

Heat resistance and heat management are two important factors to consider when choosing a PCB material. Shengyi Synamic 6GX PCB material features a high heat resistance. This means that this material can withstand high temperatures. Therefore, it is a great option for applications exposed to high temperatures. For Shengyi Synamic 6GX, the T300 is beyond 60 min.

Environmentally safe

This is another advantage of using this PCB material. It is environmentally-friendly. Also, it features no halogen. This PCB material strictly adheres to the PCB fabrication standards. Halogen constituents are strictly prohibited for use in PCB fabrication. Also, this is because of the harm these constituents pose to the environment.

Low loss

Shengyi Synamic 6GX is a low loss material. Also, this material features low dielectric loss. Therefore, this material doesn’t heat in the RF field. A low loss material helps to reduce signal loss and enhance signal integrity.

Cost effective

This material is a cost-effective option for fabricating circuit boards. Also, Shengyi Synamic 6GX PCB material offers great value for its price.

Great performance

Shengyi Synamic 6GX offers great performance. This PCB is highly reliable as it features exceptional electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. For instance, its low dissipation factor makes it a better insulating system. Also, its high Tg value contributes to its thermal performance.

Applications of Shengyi Synamic 6GX PCB Material

Synamic 6GX is a reliable and highly efficient PCB material. Also, it is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for PCB fabrication. Synamic 6GX PCB material is suitable for use in the following applications:

High speed network equipment

Synamic 6GX PCB material plays a crucial role in high speed networking. Also, this material offers great signal integrity. Signal integrity is crucial for high speed networking.  High speed network equipment combines or splits information along a telecommunications network. It includes routers, switches, and more. This equipment greatly relies on Synamic 6GX PCB material.

High performance computing

Shengyi Synamic 6GX PCB material is commonly used in high performance computing. This application helps engineers and researchers to solve complex problems in less time. Synamic 6GX features properties that make it ideal for use in this application.

Telecommunication system

Synamic 6GX enhances signal integrity in PCBs. Due to these benefits, it is widely used in telecommunications.  For instance, a server is a device that offers service to another computer program. A server receives and stores information. Synamic 6GX PCB material plays a crucial role in the telecommunication system.


Shengyi keeps designing raw PCB material that meets the demand of the PCB industry. The Synamic 6GX is another PCB material. We have discussed this material and what it offers in this article. Also, we have looked at its impacts in some applications.




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