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What Does the Shengyi SAR30 PCB Material Offer?

The printed circuit board industry is one that keeps searching for great materials that will improve the reliability of printed circuit boards. One such material is the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material.

This may be new to you, but you have nothing to worry about, because this is why we are here. Therefore, all you need to do to gain vast knowledge in this topic is to take your time and read the article.

This article covers what the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material is, its properties, and characteristics. Also, we will be revealing to you what benefits it offers when used in printed circuit boards.

Please keep reading this informative article, as we enlighten you more on the topic.

What is Shengyi SAR30 PCB Material?

The Shengyi SAR30 PCB material is a high-quality material for printed circuit boards. This is so due to its great characteristics, that includes a high PeelStrength, great insulation and thermal reliability, high comparative tracking index (CTI), halogen-free, and a thermal conductivity of 3.0 W/(m·K).

The Shengyi SAR30 PCB material is also useful in applications like automobile lighting, power supply board, and LED lighting.

What are the Properties of the Shengyi SAR30 PCB Material?

Below are some of the properties of the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material

Thermal Conductivity

The Shengyi SAR30 PCB material has a thermal conductivity value of 3.0. This value signifies the rate at which the heat source transfers to a cooler region on the printed circuit board.

Thermal Resistance

Also, the thermal resistance value of the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material is 0.34 K·cm2/W. This property is mainly determined by your substrates material properties, as well as the copper elements’ arrangement in your circuit board. At this value, it defines the heat transfer rate between the cold and hot regions of your Shengyi SAR30 PCB material.

Temperature of glass Transition

The Shengyi SAR30 PCB material has a temperature for glass transition at 140 degrees centigrade. This temperature is classified under the standard Tg. At Tg140, you can expect the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material to have great performance, good mechanical and chemical resistance to heat and moisture effects.

Also, you can expect it to have low thermal expansion rates, and good resistance to temperatures that are higher. Lastly, their delamination periods last longer.

Decomposition Temperature (Td)

The decomposition temperature of the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material stands at 395 degrees centigrade, which is that temperature when the substance can decompose chemically.

The Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (Z-axis)

In addition to other features, the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion at the Z-axis. The CTE for the Z-axis at 50 to 260 degrees centigrade stands at 0.48%.

After Tg, the CTE stands at 31 ppm per degrees centigrade, while before Tg, it stands at 20 ppm per degrees centigrade. This shows how much the Z axis of the Shengyi Q160 PCB will contract or expand when cooled or heated.

Volume and Surface Resistivity

The Shengyi SAR30 PCB material has the same value for the volume and surface resistivity. This value stands at 108 MΩ.cm and 108 MΩ respectively. Volume resistivity indicates a material’s electrical resistance or insulation. This material has a high volume resistivity, which means that the circuit will have less movement of electric charge.

Surface Resistivity on the other hand, has to do with the measure of the insulation or electrical resistance of the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material’s surface.

Dielectric Breakdown

The Shengyi SAR30 PCB material has a dielectric breakdown of 5.0 kV. This also means dielectric strength, which is the failure of the material to prevent current flow under the application of electric stress. Therefore at 5.0 kV dielectric breakdown, this material experiences this failure and will no more be electrically insulating.

Flammability Rating

The Shengyi SAR30 PCB material has a flammability rating V-0.  This means the burning halts in just ten seconds for vertical spectrums.

Other properties of the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material include Hi-pot test value of 3000V, peel strength of 1.1 N/mm, MOT of 130 degrees centigrade, and a CTI of PLC 0.

What are the Benefits of Shengyi SAR30 PCB Material?

Thermal Expansion is Lower

At Tg140, the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material’s thermal expansion will be low. This is what explains how it behaves during high temperatures.

What we mean is that, despite its increase in the temperature for operation, you will see very low thermal expansion rates.

High PeelStrength

What this means is that the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material has a high ability to resist any force, which can peel or pull it apart. This occurs at a specific and predetermined rate and angle.

Halogen free

Another quality of the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material is its halogen-free nature. This means that this material doesn’t contain any halogen element including fluorine, bromine, and chlorine, above a specified threshold.

Halogen releases some toxic substances which may be harmful to your board. Therefore, the halogen-free nature of this material ensures its quality.

Applications of the Shengyi SAR30 PCB Material

There are many areas where the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material is applicable. These includes

Power Supply Board

The Shengyi SAR30 PCB material is applicable in power supply boards. This board is an important interface that helps in the supply, as well as the regulation of power to the components that are connected.

Hi-Power LED lighting

The Shengyi SAR30 PCB material is very important in hi-power LEDs because these LEDs consume more electricity and require more current compared to the conventional LEDs.

Automobile Lighting

Another important area where the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material plays a huge role is automobile lighting. It forms an important material for a vehicle’s lighting system. This includes its signaling and lighting devices, which are integrated or mounted at the sides, rear, front, etc.


We hope you now have a full understanding of the Shengyi SAR30 PCB material. We have discussed what it is, the properties, the benefits, applications, and more. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.




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