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Everything You Need to Know About the Shengyi S1000h PCB Material

The Shengyi S1000h PCB Material is different from other laminates you can use on your circuit board. It is no doubt that this laminate has some unique features like lead free compatibility and exceptional anti-CAF conduct.

In this article, you shall find out more about everything related to the Shengyi S1000h PCB. With its low rate of water absorption, this laminate has the ability to work effectively without any disruption from water. Read through this interesting article to broaden your understanding about this topic.

What is Shengyi S1000h PCB Material?

Unarguably, this is one of the types of laminates that works for multilayer circuit boards. With its unique features, the Shengyi S1000h can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The Shengyi S1000h PCB Material is a kind of laminate that helps connect the different layers of the circuit board. When fabricating the circuit board, there are layers one needs to bond. However, if you aren’t careful enough, the layers loosen up. One peculiar function of the Shengyi S1000h is to link up multiple layers of the circuit board.

This PCB laminate comes with great reliability performance and it can resist water. Therefore, it has the capacity to work without any glitch. Plus, this is one advantage with this type of laminate.

Although it is not only Shengyi S1000h you can use it on multilayer PCBs. Meanwhile, there are similarities between the Shengyi S1000-2 and Shengyi S1000h. Despite this, each of these laminates comes with their peculiarities.

However, let us consider the similarities between both kinds of laminates since you can use them both for various kinds of multilayer PCBs.

What are the Similarities Between The Shengyi S1000h and Shengyi S1000-2?

CAF Resistance

When it comes to CAF resistance, both laminates are similar. Their degrees in relation to CAF resistance are high. However, the degrees of this resistance are different in these laminates. Note that, they may both have CAF resistance, but they operate differently.

Thermal Resistance

In addition, this is another similarity between both laminates. They indicate so much thermal resistance. However, their levels of thermal resistance differ. This same goes to the varying degrees in their CAF resistance.

Low Water Absorption

Both laminates have low water absorption. This implies that there is prevention of water from entering these laminates. Therefore, water can’t easily penetrate into them. No matter the moisture, both laminates cannot easily get damaged.

Lead Free Application

Interestingly, the Shengyi S1000h and Shengyi S1000-2 have lead free compatibility. With similar FR-4 materials, one can easily fabricate these laminates. Although, there would be various degrees of usage of the materials.

Features of the Shengyi S1000h PCB Laminate

There are numerous characteristics of the Shengyi S1000h that you may not find in other laminates. Despite its similarities with the Shengyi S1000-2, it has its distinguishing features.

Note that the variations are mostly different in these Shengyi laminates. This implies that their conducts are basically different with varying levels of performance.

Exceptional Thermal Dependency

One unique feature of the Shengyi S1000h PCB Material is the exceptional thermal reliability. This implies its ability to work effectively in a high temperature environment. It still retains its stability under very high temperatures. This Shengyi S1000h can perform well in appliances withstanding high temperatures.


Well, the Shengyi S1000h comes with low Z Axis CTE. This implies that this laminate doesn’t have much expansion when the temperature increases. With varying degrees of temperature, the coefficient of thermal expansion maintains its stability.

Excellent Anti-CAF Conduct

The Shengyi S1000h has exceptional anti-CAF conduct which enables it to have much resistance to electrochemical abrasion. Thus, its IST enhances the performance.

Lead Free Compatibility

This class of laminate works with PCB boards which have no lead components. That is why its compatibility with the circuit board is based on lead free application.

Drillable Using Laser Machines

The Shengyi S1000h is drillable when you use laser machines. This is a distinct feature it has. Thereby, this laminate becomes easier to mount different sizes of holes using the laser machines to drill them.

Specifications One Considers When Using The Shengyi S1000h PCB Material

You need to consider the different specifications of this laminate when you choose it. In addition, you consider the main properties which your application needs.

Chemical Component

You should consider the probable feature of this laminate that may likely change towards any chemical reaction.

Electrical Element

Note that, you need to know how this laminate reacts to some electric field.

Mechanical Components

One needs to consider the physical components of the Shengyi S1000h PCB material that react to force. Therefore, one needs to consider the electrical and chemical properties at this stage. In addition, the physical component has tendency to change after force exertion.

Thermal Property

Also, it is important to consider the features that change as a result of exposure to varying degrees of temperature.

The Thermal Properties of The Shengyi S1000h PCB


The flammability has to do with how the laminate can catch fire when exposed to ignition. As a result, you need to measure the propensity to which it is flammable.

Glass Conversion Temperature

At this point, one considers the glass transition temperature in relation to how this Shengyi S1000h changes when exposed to heat. However, you should consider some factors like TMA, TSC, and  DMA in varying degrees in exposure to heat.

Thermal Stress

This implies that you consider the reduction in dimension in relation to reduction in temperature. Also, you  consider how dimension increases when the temperature goes up.

Degradation Temperature

Also, when you apply heat on your Shengyi S1000h, you need to consider some degrading chemical changes which occur on it.


The Shengyi S1000h PCB Material is a type of laminate that can bond layers together. With its special features, it has the ability to retain stability under high temperature.

Also, this laminate is durable and can connect multilayers on the PCB firmly. It has hot air solder level surface finish and lead free surface finish as its types of surface finishes.




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