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What Does the Shengyi Synamic8G PCB Material Offer?

When it comes to high quality laminates, the Shengyi Synamic8G PCB material is one that serves multiple functions. This is a type of laminate which you can use for various applications and multilayer circuit boards. With its water absorption rate, it is low and as such, it doesn’t allow water entry into the board.

Here, we will explain more elaborately all you should know about this laminate. Also, there are features that set it apart from other laminates and it is highly durable. Let us dive into the world of Shengyi Synamic8G PCB material.

What is Shengyi Synamic8G PCB Material?

This is a type of laminate whose lifespan is strong. That said, this means that it is a type of laminate that is long lasting and can bond layers together without any negative effects. There are some laminates that don’t hold up layers strongly. As a result of that, the layers begin to become weak and they loosen up.

Furthermore, the Shengyi Synamic8G PCB material offers a distinct performance with its excellent PTH reliability. This laminate is mostly used for multilayer circuit boards. Also, it is safer and better to hold multiple layers than other laminates.

In addition, this kind of laminate has exceptional thermal reliability which is one advantage to it. Therefore, this PCB laminate has thermal resistance. As we discuss more about the Shengyi Synamic8G, we shall focus on its features.

Which Application Can You Use Shengyi Synamic8G PCB Material For?

Accordingly, you can use this laminate for various applications. It is present in many modern day gadgets and automobiles. Well, it is used because it has the propensity to hold multiple layers in these applications.

Power Supply and Industrial

The Shengyi Synamic8G is present in many industries not limited to automobiles. This laminate helps to connect elements that transmit electrical power in linear or switched supplies. It helps bond layers with thermosetting resins. In this industry, it is used for electrical transformers.

Computer Electronics

The Shengyi Synamic8G is used for modern day computers. It is always present in the PCB board of the computers. Note that, for insulation in computers, this laminate is applicable.

Also, it helps to improve the general performance of computers. Thus, it connects the PCB and different layers together. It helps the computer expose to varying degrees of temperature without having any harmful effect on it.


Today, the Shengyi Synamic8G PCB is used in the automotive industry. Also, for many vehicles becoming computerized, this kind of laminate is for bonding the multiple layers in the circuit board. Certainly, it enhances the overall performance of any kind of automations.


Every day, there is a production of more electronic appliances. One thing that makes it possible to connect the circuit board is this type of laminate. Also, the Shengyi Synamic8G is applicable in tools we use in our homes. You find this laminate in televisions, telephones, laptops, radios, and alarm clocks.

Optical Communication Services

The Shengyi Synamic8G PCB laminate is applicable in some cable protection systems. Thus, it is available in optical communication services like fiber optics, signal for mobile phones, ISDN, communication satellites, and POTS. The laminate helps networking in local areas quite possible.

High Frequency Equipment

This Shengyi Synamic8G PCB laminate is applicable in high frequency tools useful for measurement. Typically, it makes the frequency work effectively. Also, you find it in electromagnetic instruments for measurement, voltage instruments for measurement, and devices for measuring current.

What are The Features of the Shengyi Synamic8G PCB Material?

Just like other laminates, this type of laminate has peculiar features the same way it has its unique functions. Although some of these features are present in other types of laminates. However, there are considerable levels of degrees to which they function.

Exceptional anti-CAF Performance

The Shengyi Synamic8G PCB material has an excellent anti- Conductive Anodic Filament performance. Also, this laminate doesn’t allow any conductive salt which consists of copper form in the circuit board. The laminate ensures that the circuit board is reliable for use. Therefore, it enhances the performance of the anti-CAF. Thus, it has resistance to electrochemical abrasion.

Exceptional Thermal Reliability

When it comes to performance under high temperature, the Shengyi Synamic8G PCB makes it possible for applications to work. Meanwhile, this is as a result of the exceptional thermal reliability of this kind of laminate. One doesn’t have to worry any longer about high temperatures.

Also, the Shengyi Synamic8G has the potential to resist any high temperature and applications can work perfectly. Still, it is durable despite exposure to high temperatures.


One of the features of this laminate is the lower Z Axis CTE. This may be a feature of other laminates. However, the Shengyi Synamic8G has it in varying levels. This means, the coefficient thermal expansion is lower than some laminates.

Therefore, with any increasing temperature, this laminate expansion is never much. An increase in temperature doesn’t have much effect on how this laminate works in the circuit board. Also, there is stability in the way this laminate works despite exposure to high temperature.

High-TG Laminate

This is a type of laminate with high glass transition temperature. It requires a high temperature and as such can resist any temperature. It has high temperature durability as well as high glass transition temperature.

Highly Durable

This is a kind of laminate that lasts long. It is weather resistant and harsh weather cannot damage it. Also, the Shengyi Synamic8G ability to maintain stability and its CAF resistance nature makes it durable.

Is Shengyi Synamic8G Laminate Waterproof?

Yes, the Shengyi Synamic8G PCB is waterproof. The same way, it is weather resistant. It has low water absorption which means no water passes through it. The ability to retain its stability and work effectively is tied to its waterproof barrier.


The Shengyi Synamic8G PCB material is a very durable laminate that can bond layers together without loosening up. Furthermore, it has many features which makes it offer PTH dependency.

Also, this laminate is waterproof and is weather resistant. It uses various copper densities and is simple to make. This is a laminate that is useful in servers, routers, and switches.




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