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What are the Features of Shengyi Synamic 6N PCB Material?

When it comes to lead free compatible laminate for circuit boards, the Shengyi Synamic 6N PCB is one to trust. This laminate is the type that can hold up a multilayer PCB board without any barrier.

The Shengyi Synamic 6N is highly durable and has many features that make designers and engineers use it for their circuit boards. Also, this laminate is applicable in many areas which make it a very useful and reliable type of laminate.

In this article, you shall learn more about the Shengyi Synamic 6N PCB and how best it can work.

What is a Shengyi Synamic 6N PCB Material?

If you are familiar with circuit boards, you get to know that they cannot function without strong laminates. The Shengyi Synamic 6N is a type of laminate that holds up layers in circuit boards. Mostly, one uses it for multilayers in the PCB.

This laminate has the propensity for high performance in the Printed Wiring Board, PWB. Hence, this laminate works for any high speed digital appliances which demand maximal electrical conduct. This electrical conduct is nearly 50 Gbs+.

This PPE system can work effectively because of its high glass transition temperature. Accordingly, this is why it operates smoothly in HSD applications. Also, this laminate comes with both mechanical and electrical properties that are reliable.

The Shengyi Synamic 6N has exceptional PCB processability. This PCB laminate is resistant to heat. Therefore, no damage can occur as a result of any exposure to high temperature or heat. So, this type of laminate belongs to the low loss group.

Which Areas Can You Apply The Shengyi Synamic 6N PCB Material?

This is one of the frequently asked questions when it comes to Shengyi Synamic 6N. Then, it is because of how potent this PCB laminate is. Note that, you don’t have to worry about its lifespan when you use it. It can connect every layer on the circuit board for years despite its exposure to heat or harsh weather.

As a result of this, it becomes applicable in various fields or industries where you need the circuit board for your devices or applications.

High Performance Computing Device

This is one of the applications where you need Shengyi Synamic 6N PCB for. So, it is useful for high performance computers. These days, you can easily have access to computers whose performance is high. As long as you have this laminate present in the bonding of the circuit board, it works very fast.

Optical Communication Services

This is interesting because every optical communication application requires the Shengyi Synamic 6N. So, it helps the processing become easier and faster. You use it for optical fiber, signal lamps, optical communication that is free space, and photophone.

Accordingly, it helps manufacturers or engineers with their design in networking in any passive optical communication services.

Fast Data Processing

This PCB laminate is applicable in the world of fast data processing. Any data passing through the internet can become faster once the Shengyi Synamic 6N is used in routers. On account of this, it is applicable in switch, server, and storage.

HSD Networking Tools

For any high speed digital equipment, the Shengyi Synamic 6N PCB works effectively for it. You see it in interfaces such as DisplayPort, HDMI, Ethernet, and PCIe.

What are The Features of The Shengyi Synamic 6N PCB Material?

It is vital you know about the features of this laminate. With every laminate, each has its unique characteristics. Sometimes, they may be similar in functions. However, these laminates have varying levels of thermal reliability and water absorption.

Exceptional Thermal Reliability

This is one of the numerous features of the Shengyi Synamic 6N PCB. It has the ability to retain its stability under high temperature. This implies that this laminate is not affected by heat throughout its lifespan. Its thermal property makes it applicable to circuit boards for a very long time.

 It ensures that the circuit board doesn’t get damaged even in the occurrence of thermal shock.So, this laminate withstands hot temperature and one can rely on it to work effectively at all times.

Lead Free Compatibility

In addition, this is one important feature of Shengyi Synamic 6N. This PCB laminate works with any circuit board that requires no lead element. This is why it is lead free compatible with PCB. Therefore, it works with lead free applications. Basically, these applications possess FR-4 materials.

Low Z Axis CTE

Meanwhile, the Shengyi Synamic 6N PCB has low Z Axis CTE as one of its principal features. With rise in temperature, the coefficient thermal expansion maintains its stability. This implies that it doesn’t have much expansion under increasing temperature.

Low Water Absorption

When it comes to moisture affecting laminates, no humidity can negatively affect the Shengyi Synamic 6N PCB. So, it lasts long because of the low water absorption. This implies that no water passes through this laminate because no short circuit takes place.

Then, this laminate isn’t affected by dampness in any form. Water flows off because it normally requires much time for water absorption.

How Best Does Shengyi Synamic 6N Work?

Note that this laminate works best in any environment. Irrespective of heat, it works effectively. Still, it is waterproof. This is one of the laminates you can always trust that no amount of water can absorb into it.

Shengyi Synamic 6N is resistant to heat and dust. This means that, no matter the increasing temperature or dust particles, it continues to work well because it has a barrier to dust. Also, it is weather resistant. Whether it is rainy or sunny, this laminate doesn’t get damaged.


We hope you have increased your knowledge on this topic. The Shengyi Synamic 6N is a laminate that helps manufacturers or engineers work with circuit boards without barriers. It connects a multilayer PCB board without becoming weak.

Also, it has a long lifespan and heat doesn’t damage any of its part. This laminate is applicable to many areas including optical communication services.

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