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What are the Features, Applications, and Benefits of the Shengyi S1000-2 PCB Material?

The Shengyi S1000-2 PCB material offers optimal performance because of its resistance to high heat. This laminate is uniquely designed with little water absorption which is one of the distinct features it possesses. Also, the Shengyi S1000-2 comes with an FR-4 laminate component which is lead free.

Before writing this article, we ensured that we researched every component of the Shengyi S1000-2 PCB material. We found out that this laminate has some amazing features which set it apart from any other laminates. Therefore in this article, you shall find out everything you need to know about the Shengyi S1000-2 PCB material.

What is Shengyi S1000-2 PCB Material?

First, you need to know that this is a laminate which helps circuit boards have excellent features. Plus, the Shengyi S1000-2 has exceptional anti-CAF conduct. Besides this, it has exceptional thermal resistance and has first-rate through hole accuracy.

The Shengyi S1000-2 is an excellent class of laminate that designers and engineers use to connect various layers of the multilayer circuit board. Meanwhile, this Shengyi S1000-2 helps the connection become firm. Thus, the bond becomes lasting and the PCB board is durable. This is because the laminate secures the layers, protecting it from extreme heat and any humidity effect.

The Shengyi S1000-2 is an FR-4 circuit board component which has some low CTE. Thus, it also has High-Tg. It comes with PCB processability and exceptional adhesion components.

What are The Features of The Shengyi S1000-2?

This laminate has some features that enable it to protect the PCB layers and also makes it avoid any form of moisture effects.

It is important you study the Shengyi S1000-2 PCB material carefully so as to understand its features. When you understand its features perfectly, then you can know the class of laminate this Shengyi S1000-2 is.

UV Resistance and High-Tg

This is one of the important features of the Shengyi S1000-2 PCB material. It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and as such can hurdle the effects it may have on the PCB layers.

Plus, the Shengyi S1000-2 has a tall glass conversion temperature. Hence, this temperature has the possibility of getting as high as 170 degrees. This is a laminate that has the possibility to always retain its resistance to UV light so that the PCB board wouldn’t be exposed directly to radiation.

Compatible Lead Free Element

The Shengyi S1000-2 PCB material has a very compatible Lead free component which includes the FR-4 circuit elements. As a result of this, it is very safe to use this type of laminate on PCB layers.

Therefore, the Shengyi S1000-2 helps protect the circuit board against environmental pollution as well as any harmful substances. Due to that, the Shengyi S1000-2 always uses lead free compatible FR-4 laminate components.

Exceptional Through Hole Accuracy

This laminate allows material mounting. Plus, one can be certain that drilling into the holes is plausible using the Shengyi S1000-2 PCB material.

Engineers and designers can drill various kinds of holes ranging from small, medium to large sizes into this laminate. Therefore, it becomes so compatible.

High Heat Resistance

One thing is, we cannot overemphasize this feature. When you think of laminate that has high resistance to heat, the Shengyi S1000-2 PCB material is one to use. Interestingly, one can apply this laminate in any temperature, especially high temperature. Owing to its great heat resistance, no negative effect occurs on the PCB layers. It is stable to retain its high temperature resistance at all times.

Low Water Absorption

This laminate is unique because it has low water absorption. This implies that there is a low rate for water to pass through it. Therefore, it always prevents water from entering it at all cost. Concurrently, no matter the moisture, this laminate can withstand water absorption.

Where Can You Apply The Shengyi S1000-2?

Interestingly, one can make use of the Shengyi S1000-2 PCB material in various applications. Therefore, it serves multiple functions.


One can apply this laminate on automobiles. Regardless, you can move it anywhere. It enhances your automobiles performance. As a result, it protects the automobiles from any hazardous damage.


You can apply this laminate for effective communication in computers. It is mostly available in phones and computers.

Now, there are waterproof smartphones that are resistant to water. This laminate makes it possible.

Router Equipment

There is the application of the Shengyi S1000-2 on routers. Thus, it makes it easier for internet connections. Interestingly, it also has dust resistance apart from resistance to water and heat. Therefore, one can use this laminate for routers.

Advantages of Using The Shengyi S1000-2 PCB Material

There are numerous advantages of using this kind of laminate for your circuit boards or automobiles.


When it comes to long-lasting laminate, the Shengyi S1000-2 has potential to be durable. It is resistant to harsh environmental pollution. At the same time, it can withstand humidity or heat conditions.

Quicker Processing Modes

It has speed when it comes to processing. The processing modes are quicker than any other type of laminates. Your PCB board can operate faster than you can imagine with the Shengyi S1000-2.


This is one advantage with this laminate. Earlier we discussed that you can apply the Shengyi S1000-2 PCB material on automobiles, phones, and computers. Thereby, it performs multiple functions. It has a tendency to perform effectively on various applications.

Easy to Design

The Shengyi S1000-2 PCB material is very easy to design. Wherefore, anyone interested in designing this laminate can find it easy and interesting to do. Also, it allows you to be creative and innovative with your designs.


The features of the Shengyi S1000-2 PCB material are numerous. It is a kind of laminate that designers enjoy using for their circuit board.

Also, this is a class of laminate that is weather resistant. This implies that it is applicable for use under sunshine or rain. Plus, it is highly durable and resistant to high temperatures. You can test its flammability, volume resistivity, and dielectric components. These are some of the properties of this laminate you can always test.




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