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Why You Should Choose a PCB Assembly Toronto Companies

Digital revolution has overtaken the world and this is reliant on PCBs. All successful applications or softwares need to function in a specific operating system which is called a device. However, take note that these gadgets are highly-dependent on a well-assembled PCB. This is why PCBs form an important part of all digital or electrical equipment.

Furthermore, cost-effectiveness and quality in printed circuit boards have become important factors that virtually all circuit board designers all over the world must take note of.

This is why getting your projects from one of the best PCB assembly Toronto companies is very important. This is because PCB Assembly is a very complex process which requires a professional and this is why you have to be very careful when choosing a PCB assembly Toronto Company.

In this article, we will be reviewing some PCB assembly Toronto companies that are well known for delivering top-notch PCB assembly.

How is Canada’s PCB Industry?

Though there has been a rise in PCB demand, production has shifted from the industrialized nations and to the developing nations, most importantly China, despite the fact that this product is widely used. For instance, in the last decade, about half of the PCB manufacturers located in North America decided to shut down their operations.

Lead times and production costs are very important when determining a Company’s commercial success. Also, there are some beliefs that the move of the industry to regions that have less-rigorous environmental restrictions, are caused as a result of very strict regulations of the government.

Moreover, the PCB assembly Toronto and then entire Canada manufacturers are increasing in number due to the demand and supply of the market. Now, let’s focus on the best PCB assembly Toronto Companies.

Best PCB Assembly Toronto Companies

Candor Industries

Candor can be described as an innovative and modern PCB assembly Toronto company, ensuring their competitors are always behind them. Customers benefit so much from working with them because they create what customers dream of.

Furthermore, they deliver important innovative solutions in PCBs which permits product innovations in a whole different way. Their clients enjoy the benefits of unique processes as well as a reliable customer service that offers advances in design and technology.

Also, this PCB assembly Toronto Company is CGRP and ISO 9001:2015. This helps in the creation of new technologies and designs that require a collaboration or partnership. This process of production needs not just a reliable product, but having communication support and knowledge.

In addition, the engineering and Candor sales team are always set to assist and will offer responses to quotes and questions very quickly.

Custom Rapid Solutions

This PCB assembly Toronto Company has given computerized and simple electronic products, prototypes, as well as PCB assembly service since 2005. This Company is well-trusted for quick answers to help offer quality and quick assistance types for product prototyping within two to five days.

Also, whenever these models have been acknowledged, they provide board assembly, manufacturing in large scale, booked shipment and warehousing.

The main business and products offered by this company include PCB fabrication, PCB procurement, PCB assembly, contract manufacturing, medical devices, LED lighting, Electronic design, electronic manufacturing services, turnkey PCB assembly, automotive circuit boards and more.

RLX Solutions

RLX Solutions provide different mechanical and electronic equipment from circuit boards, manufacturing of custom cables, manufacturing of custom components, as well as custom mechanical components.

Furthermore, with the Company’s international recognition, they stand by their quick-turn and reliable solutions for production and design. RLS Solutions is a well-known authorized reseller/distributor for many LED brands and semiconductor/components.

RLX Solutions is known to offer their professional services to many OEMs residing in Toronto. Also, they carry a very strong international sales and manufacturing presence in Toronto. Since the establishment of RLX Solutions, the country has been able to grow and offer their services in more than one hundred countries. Also, you can be sure of the guarantee.

Crimp Circuits

This PCB assembly Toronto Company was established in 1980 and its base is in Toronto, Canada. Crimp circuits deal mainly woit5 the manufacturing of diverse and quality printed circuit boards. Also, it prides itself on the MFG capabilities, PCB services and products, as well as dependability when we talk of delivery of the package.

The main services offered by this PCB assembly Toronto company includes emergency circuit board services, file conversions, artwork scanning, editing, manufacturing of metal clad, metal core, flexible, and rigid printed circuit boards. They also offer quick-turn prototyping and production.

Important Considerations when Choosing the Best PCB Assembly Toronto Manufacturer

through-hole assembly process

Before you go ahead to choose a PCB assembly Toronto Company, there are some important features that you must look for. Let’s consider some of them.


Never compromise on quality. Work with PCB assembly Toronto Companies that will create high-quality products at all times. This includes the creation of error-free designs. It also contains the right size of the board, as well as holes that are adequately drilled and accurately placed.

Cost of Manufacturing

Cost should be a factor when making your choice. However, don’t choose low-quality materials in a bid to reduce your overall cost. Work with PCB assembly Toronto Companies that offer high-quality PCB assembly at affordable costs.


It plays an important role in assessing the capacity and effectiveness of a top PCB assembly Company. This assembly company must be able to deliver the printed circuit board within a particular time frame.

Materials used

Asides lowering the cost of production, top PCB assembly Toronto companies will deliver PCB materials that ensure speed, consistency, and quality in your PCB assembly and manufacturing.


Choosing the best PCB Assembly Toronto could be a stressful task. However it is important for anyone involved in the manufacturing or assembly of equipment or electronic devices to seek and work with professional and experienced Companies. When dealing with these PCB assembly Toronto Companies, it is best to consider each Company’s description, what their achievements are, as well as their experience to be able to choose the right one for you.




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