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Top 10 PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Companies in United Kingdom


Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are essential components in all electronic devices and equipment. The United Kingdom has a robust PCB industry supplying original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across many sectors. This article profiles the 10 leading PCB manufacturing and assembly companies in the UK supporting domestic and international customers with advanced capabilities and services.

Overview of UK PCB Industry

Key facts about PCB manufacturing and assembly in the United Kingdom:

  • Industry generates over £1 billion in annual revenues
  • Employs more than 13,000 people
  • Home to ~120 active PCB companies
  • Major clusters near London, Scotland, and Northern England
  • Supplies diverse markets including automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical, communications, defense, instrumentation and more
  • Leading UK PCB companies compete globally and export worldwide

With advanced technological infrastructure and engineering resources, the UK provides full-service prototype through production PCB solutions. We examine the top players in this essential industry.

Top 10 UK PCB Manufacturers and Assemblers

through-hole assembly process

1. Futurrex Group

Futurrex Group is the leading UK-owned PCB manufacturer, with facilities in Northern Ireland. They offer:

  • Rigid, flex, rigid-flex, HDI, and metal core PCBs
  • Prototyping, NPI, and volume production
  • Defense, medical, industrial, automotive, and aerospace customers
  • R&D lab for process optimization
  • Environmentally responsible manufacturing

Key capabilities span multilayer, blind/buried vias, miniaturization, tight tolerances, and advanced materials.

2. TT Electronics

TT Electronics has decades of experience in PCB manufacturing including:

  • Quick-turn prototyping through volume production
  • Conventional and HDI multilayer PCBs
  • Flexible circuits and rigid-flex
  • Defense, aerospace, medical, and instrumentation expertise
  • Advanced imaging, inspection, and testing
  • Facilities in Leek and Glenrothes

TT focuses on high-reliability markets with quality certifications up to AS9100D aerospace standard.

3. Primary Circuits

Primary Circuits provides full turnkey PCB services:

  • Design, fabrication, assembly, and testing
  • Conventional multilayers, HDIs, flex/rigid-flex
  • Box builds,cable assemblies, full NPI support
  • Defense, medical, industrial controls, electronics
  • Automated assembly lines and test coverage
  • Quality certifications to ISO9001, ISO13485, AS9100

Located in Derby, Primary Circuits serves startups to multinationals with their vertically integrated model.

4. Stevenage Circuits

Stevenage Circuits supplies advanced PCB technologies:

  • Multilayer, HDI, flex, rigid-flex
  • Quick-turn prototyping through production
  • Aluminum PCBs, PTFE composites
  • Rigorous testing and X-ray inspection
  • Expertise in defense, aerospace, medical
  • Design, fabrication, assembly, and test
  • UKAS accredited ISO 9001:2015 certified

They support complex, high-reliability PCB applications.

5. Pektron

Headquartered in Derbyshire, Pektron specializes in:

  • Multilayer, flex, and rigid-flex PCBs
  • Very large board manufacturing (510 x 610mm)
  • Assembly and box builds
  • Defense, industrial, energy, scientific sectors
  • Design, prototyping, NPI, and production
  • Global logistics and supply chain

Pektron emphasizes technical expertise and engineering support.

6. Stat Electronic Manufacturing

Stat Electronic Manufacturing focuses on PCB assembly:

  • SMT, THT, box builds, full turnkey
  • Flexible and scalable manufacturing
  • NPI, prototyping, ramp-to-volume
  • Testing (ICT, functional, boundary scan)
  • Automotive, industrial, telecom customers
  • Lean manufacturing and JIT principles
  • ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 certified

Stat provides responsive, IT integrated assembly services.

7. CML Microsystems Plc

CML Microsystems Plc manufactures high reliability PCBs:

  • Custom analog/digital, RF/microwave
  • Multilayer, rigid-flex, exotic materials
  • Assembly, integration, enclosures
  • Aerospace, defense, instrumentation niches
  • Vertically integrated design through production
  • Supply chain management and logistics

CML focuses on regulated, complex electronics for demanding environments across the UK and internationally.

8. Daleba Electronics

Consumer Electronics Assembly

Daleba Electronics offers:

  • Prototype to medium volume production
  • Conventional multilayers, HDIs, flex/rigid PCBs
  • Full assembly, test, box build, cable harnesses
  • NPI and rapid ramp support
  • Automotive, industrial controls, electronics
  • Lean/agile manufacturing, just-in-time supply
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • Facilities in Lancashire and Hungary

Daleba emphasizes agility, responsiveness, and engineering collaboration.

9. Surface Technology Plc

Surface Technology Plc specializes in miniaturized PCB solutions:

  • Laser micromachining and microengineering
  • Ultra-high density interconnects
  • Flex/rigid-flex circuits
  • Medical, sensors, defense, space
  • Prototypes to production volumes
  • Design support, testing, product integration
  • ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications

Surface Technology serves mission-critical embedded systems where reliability and precision matter most.

10. MOS Electronics Limited

MOS Electronics provides PCB assembly solutions:

  • SMT and through-hole assembly
  • Prototypes, NPI, volume production
  • Box builds, product integration
  • Testing, inspection, X-ray
  • Industrial, transportation, medical
  • Lean/agile, just-in-time delivery
  • FastCAM automated SMT assembly
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IPC certifications

MOS focuses on responsive, high-mix assembly production.



The United Kingdom possesses strong PCB manufacturing and assembly capabilities supporting diverse industries. Companies like Futurrex, TT Electronics, Primary Circuits, and others highlighted here offer advanced technologies, experience, and reliability serving domestic and overseas customers. The UK remains strategic for cost-effective, high-quality PCB solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major PCB technology capabilities found in the UK?

Key capabilities include: multilayer, HDI, conventional, flex, rigid-flex PCBs; laser processing; advanced materials; microelectronics; rapid prototyping to volume production; PCB assembly; testing; box builds; and certified quality systems.

What industries are served by UK PCB manufacturers?

Major industry sectors supported include defense, aerospace, space, automotive, rail, medical devices, industrial equipment, electronics, instrumentation, communications, and more.

Do UK companies focus on prototypes or production?

Leading UK PCB companies offer the full range of services from quick-turn prototypes to high-volume production and everything in between. Vertically integrated providers are common.

Are UK PCB companies competitive globally?

Yes, many UK providers export products worldwide. They offer technical capabilities and certifications on par with top PCB manufacturers in other countries thanks to advanced facilities and engineering expertise.

Why choose a UK PCB partner over low-cost locations?

Benefits include proximity, IP protection, responsive delivery, engineering collaboration, compliance with UK/EU standards, supply chain logistics, and access to funding and R&D support. The UK offers an optimal blend of capabilities, infrastructure, and ecosystems.




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