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Aurora Circuits – An Advanced PCB Manufacturer in the United States

Aurora Circuits is a leading manufacturer of advanced circuit boards in the United States. This article introduces you to some of the company’s capabilities.

Back in Time

Aurora Circuits is one of the oldest manufacturers of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). The company has been in the business for over 8 decades, since its launch in 1938. Within this period, it had made impressive developments, such as building a 38,000 square feet PCB facility in 1996, and making the first productions of high-volume insulated metal substrates in 2003.

Aurora Circuits would later make high-volume productions of polymer thick film and heavy copper in 2005 and followed it up with the full productions of heavy copper and multilayer PCBs in 2010.

Following the ITAR registration in 2017, Aurora Circuits would make an advanced selective dielectric processing in 2019. Today, the company has accomplished the following feats:

  • The production and manufacturing of 5 million printed heavy copper circuit boards.
  • The production of 5 billion advanced PCBs.

The Advanced and Customized PCB Solutions

Subcontract PCB Assembly

The company offers a combination of advanced and customized Printed Circuit Board (PCB) solutions. It is expedient to mention that these solutions are based on the need to provide inclusive solutions to the customers.

1. Multiple PCB Production

Aurora Circuits specializes in the production of different kinds of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). From the single-sided to the double-sided and multilayered boards; the company handles them all.

2. Creativity and Reverse Engineering

With the expertise of the team of professional team of engineers; the company is able to meet up with customized solutions.

Your PCBs requiring reverse engineering can also be produced here.

3. Durable Plating

Aurora Circuits deploys durable plating solutions, especially for the contact wear surfaces. Some of the solutions include:

  • Testing the applications up to 1,000,000 wear cycles.
  • Using Hard Electroplated Gold plating and;
  • Electroplated Silver over Nickel

4. Precision Machining Capacity

The following are some of Aurora Circuits’ precision machining capabilities:

  • Standard Printed Circuit Board (PCB) laminates.
  • Advanced selective dielectric removal process.
  • Copper base and;
  • Aluminum base

5. Polymer Thick Film Processing

The solutions offered here include:

  • Linearity
  • Carbon resistors
  • Dielectric insulators
  • Variable resistor position sensor
  • Fixed resistors and;
  • Silver traces/jumpers and silver through hole printing.

6. Heavy Copper Processing Solutions

The first phase of producing heavy copper circuit boards in 2010 signaled the start of Aurora Circuits’ venture into this area.

Today, the company offers an extensive list of heavy copper processing solutions, such as:

  • 140 microns
  • 210 microns
  • 400 microns and up and;
  • The production of several PCB types: single-sided, double-sided and multilayered circuit boards.

7. Metal Substrates

Aurora Circuits also specializes in using both aluminum and copper for the insulated metal substrates.

8. Circuit Board Surface Finishes

Aurora Circuits offers a wide range of surface finishes. These are reinforced and optimized to meet both the customers’ specifications and budgets.

The PCB surface finish types the company offers include:

  • Electroplated silver over nickel.
  • OSP for the conveyorized systems. These are the thin and multi-pass types.
  • Hard electroplated gold.
  • Lead-free HASL surface finish.
  • Immersion silver and;
  • Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG).

Why You Should Use Aurora Circuits for PCB Design


You can rely on Aurora Circuits to design and produce your PCBs, as per the customers’ requirements. Besides, the company has a couple of other unique factors that speak good of the services.

Reengineering Solutions

Aurora Circuits specializes in reengineering the PCBs. This is evident in the efforts made towards the re-optimization of an auto manufacturer’s LED vanity mirror. According to the case study, the reengineered solutions resulted in the following improvements:

  • About $2.70 was saved for each of the vehicles using the LED vanity mirror. This was possible because the company opted to use a single-sided and common version of PCBs, which didn’t cost beyond $0.90 per one. This was a cost-saving variant to the earlier proposed solution of $2.25, which also required two separate PCBs per vehicle.
  • Aurora Circuits also adopted a smaller quantity production of the Plated Through Hole (PTH) version of the LED vanity mirror. This was used to prevent any production line start-up issues, during the testing and full production phases for the single-sided version.

Aftermarket Demand

What happens when a company is unable to meet the aftermarket demands? Such demands could be higher and if care is not taken; the company might end up losing a huge part of the customer-base.

It is therefore imperative to work with a PCB company that understands such positions and which can offer valuable solutions. Aurora Circuits has done something similar for a major switch manufacturer.

The case study detailed the need to resolve the challenge of the switch manufacturer’s inability to scale beyond the use of old or obsolete tools. This resulted in the inability to solve the existing massive production defect mess and the need to deliver a high-quality aftermarket board.

Aurora Circuits’ inputs in this regard included:

  • The collaboration with the switch manufacturer to get the aftermarkets parts manufactured faster. The pace of production also helped in keeping every other thing in check, as the supply chain was not negatively affected.
  • The long years of market experience also helped Aurora Circuits to manufacture the replacements of the aftermarket parts.
  • Besides, Aurora Circuits also deployed the relevant pieces of equipment for the production.

PCB Service Reviews

Aurora Circuits makes sure to understand what your PCB project is all about. It also deploys the right approach to ensure that the right implementations are made.

Before these, the company uses a wide range of review processes. Examples of these are:

  • Manufacturability Design Review: this helps the company to be certain that the PCBs are following the laid-down rules or specifications for the production.
  • Material Choice: this covers both the selection of appropriate materials and utilization of the same the right way.
  • Product Profitability Review: Aurora Circuits also helps you with optimizing the PCBs so you could save up on costs and make more profits.
  • Materials tooling vs drill and route processes.
  • The use of copper finishes for complex arrays.

Final Thoughts

Aurora Circuits is one of the best advanced PCB manufacturers in the United States. With a team of experienced engineers, a wide range of equipment and an agelong industry knowledge – the company has what it takes to produce the best advanced PCBs for you.




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