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How Additive Manufacturing Impacts Jabil Manufacturing Process

The electronics industry is vast in which several companies strive towards making the world a better place. When it comes to PCB and electronics products manufacturing, Jabil is one of the highly preferred manufacturing company amongst engineers.  Also, Jabil produces everything from consumer electronics to healthcare diagnostic equipment and industrial equipment.

What does Jabil Manufacturing Company Offer?

Jabil offers manufacturing and supply chain solutions.  This company delivers design engineering services, PCB manufacturing services, PCB prototype, and more. In this section, we will be discussing Jabil manufacturing services.

Advanced automation solutions

It is crucial that advanced automation meet precision alignment and assembly process issues. These days, highly repeatable assembly robots have become the norm. Therefore, the precision automation capabilities provided by Jabil offers flexibility and ROI needed through robotic platform integrations.

Designing for automated assembly (DFAA) is crucial as it offers advantages like increased reliability, minimized product cost, and improved functionality. Also, Jabil helps customers to build advanced precision automations.  Precision automation, active alignment, LSR molding, and injection molding help to improve advanced automation solutions.

Functional plastic parts need precise injection molding to meet the demands of industries like automotive, medical, and more. Jabil has a team of precision injection molding that dedicates its time to building improved products.  Furthermore, high-performance products such as semiconductors, automotives, and smartphones depend on precision automation for alignment and assembly.

Semiconductor wafer handling solutions

Jabil Manufacturing

Jabil offers wafer handling automation which enables its customer to act as a full-service automation integrator for some of the semiconductor manufacturers in the world. Also, Jabil’s automation platform offers exceptional wafer and substrate handling by integrating advanced wafer handling technologies. Therefore, this helps to streamline the process of semiconductor manufacturing.

Furthermore, Jabil manufacturing company offers various wafer handling solutions like full turnkey automation platforms. Jabil will address all your wafer handling needs whether it is a custom solution or wafer handling application.

Printed and flexible hybrid electronics

Jabil specializes in delivering quality printed and flexible hybrid electronics. Also, Jabil manufactures and integrates flexible circuitry in its products. When this thin, flexible circuit boards is combined with SMT, it produces printed and flexible hybrid electronics. This can result in the advent of the next generation of connected smart devices.

Jabil’s expertise in printed and flexible hybrid electronics is a result of its experience in leveraging technologies like curing and printing of adhesives as well as SMT. Furthermore, flexible and printed hybrid electronics integrates conductive inks to help print circuitry on various substrates like glass, plastics, and fabrics.

Products are now thinner, simpler, and thinner due to the integration of flexible electronics. Also, these products now offer improved functionality. Jabil works with a team of professionals who have wide knowledge and experience in the integration of functional and conductive inks. Also, these engineers know how to handle flexible substrates and integrate flexible components.

Advanced optical solutions

Jabil specializes in the manufacturing of advanced optical products and solutions. With its vast knowledge of optical technologies and systems, Jabil offers advanced manufacturing processes. During the entire Jabil manufacturing and design process, this company prioritizes the demands and needs of its customers.

Furthermore, Jabil integrates a various advanced manufacturing strategies and product development such as:

  • Active alignment
  • Adhesive technologies
  • Custom test development
  • ACF bonding and wire bonding
  • Chip-on-board and flipchip
  • Custom algorithms for image analysis

Jabil Optics engineers and designers have great expertise in customized adhesive solutions, advanced process solutions, optimal material and component selection.

Jabil Manufacturing Leap

This company looks forward to creating the future of manufacturing. It is one of the biggest companies that combines 3D printers and supply chain expertise to find its way to the digital future. Jabil which is an established contract manufacturer has great expertise in product design and miniaturization.

Companies partner with Jabil at the early stage of product development. Also, Jabil offers support to customers as regards distribution and packaging. Therefore, Jabil prides itself as a supplier of a vast range of manufacturing services. It offers services beyond production. In that regard, its technologies and processes are as advanced as its larger rivals like Flex and Foxconn.

Furthermore, Jabil has embraced a game changer in the technology world, 3D printing. Generally, the integration of additive manufacturing makes Jabil more sophisticated. Additive manufacturing involves the integration of digitally controlled fabrication machines in manufacturing parts and products.

This is a great investment undertaken to minimize cost of production. Also, Jabil manufacturing company purchased hundred of 3D printers for prototyping new products.  Jabil didn’t just develop its additive capabilities, but also improved its digital supply chain management. This company has helped to save a lot of time and money for its customers by simply combining orders.

Jabil developed a supply chain decision support platform known as InControl. This platform helped to detect or anticipate challenges like material shortages. Jabil is now using InControl to optimize the value chain of each product. With the integration of analytics, InControl can suggest changes based in customer preferences.

Jabil’s Movement to a Later-stage Industry 4.0


Jabil manufacturing is moving towards the later stage of Industry 4.0 model by creating an addictive manufacturing network that is similar to InControl. This network is providing exceptional flexibility in production.

The additive manufacturing network and Incontrol will improve its optimization of supply chain, distribution, and production. Furthermore, the recent advances in big data analytics, cloud computing, and mobile connectivity will provide great speed and power to the platforms. Jabil has included AI to the platform.

Keeping track of each step in the manufacturing process is crucial to attaining the later-stage of Industry 4.0 model. Also, Jabil has continued to develop its manufacturing network skills and knowledge.  Due to the integration of additive manufacturing, Jabil presently has more than 100 factories across the world.

Jabil has been able to achieve other advantages from addictive manufacturing like more extensive product customization and more design freedom.


Jabil as a contract manufacturer plays a significant role in the digital transformation of industry. Also, Jabil serves OEMs and products companies across industries and as well offer value. Jabil keeps striving to make the industry better.




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