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What is a SMT Process Engineer in Manufacturing ?

SMT, which means surface mount technology, is a very critical aspect during the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. The SMT process engineer functions as the PCB Company’s heart.

In this article, you will learn everything that you may wish to know regarding being a SMT process engineer. Also, we’ll be exploring the experience and degree you will need. Also, there is an aspect of this article that discusses the significance of the SMT process engineer during the process of manufacturing

Furthermore, we will discuss their responsibility, as well as how to become an expert SMT process engineer. Please continue reading this article to widen your knowledge in this regard.

What is SMT?

SMT, which is also referred to as surface mount technology, is a very significant aspect of electronic assembly.

This technology assists in the mounting of the top of PCBs (printed circuit boards). The assembly process of printed circuit boards makes use of this technology. Furthermore, the technology offers a very good and effective way of reducing the costs of manufacturing. Also, it assists users in using the PCB space very effectively. In addition, with the introduction of SMT, it has now become possible to produce or manufacture electronic circuits that are complex into much smaller assemblies. Now, this is when and where you will need the professional services of a SMT process engineer.

What is an SMT Process Engineer?

You will require the services of a process engineer when issues that are confusing happen during the assembly process of printed circuit boards. They are also needed when there is a decline regarding manufacturing efficiency and quality of PCBA products. The main duty of SMT process engineers are:

  • Defines the process of SMT assembly and upgrades it
  • Handles any abnormalities during the process
  • Improves the rate of decrease rejection and the pass rate
  • Implements and testifies special processes for manufacturing
  • Sets the parameters for the process.
  • Evaluates new processes and new components.

As the electronic technology continues to upgrade and increased demands follow electronic products, then the main responsibility of the SMT Process Engineers will not change. Moreover, there is a new requirement that has already been set to the SMT Process Engineers to be able to meet the higher increases in demand.

First, the process engineer must have the ability to predict and define the results the process changes brings to the significant implementation of the function. Once changes occur during the SMT process, the process engineer has to be very sensitive to predict the corresponding results that will result.

Second, the PE must be well aware of the tools applied during all the phases of the life cycle of the product. The leading technology is the main competitiveness by the electronic companies, which simultaneously leads to a higher requirement during electronic manufacturing.

Take for instance, some new mounter types have many modules via which process engineers easily know the SMT process. Therefore, the SMT process engineers have to embrace all the development changes any minute. This will help them perform much better in their new workshops.

What is the Importance of the SMT Process Engineer?

For the manufacturing process of SMT assembly, there are lots of elements at play, such as component package, equipment, materials, technical requirements, etc. Therefore, there has to be someone that can comprehend, explain, as well as monitor the entire process.

Furthermore, the strong competition found between workshops and companies globally causes them to improve the technologies for manufacturing actively in the electronics field.

There’s more. The progress regarding technology brings more possibilities. i.e. You must handle more complicated and smaller components and environmentally-friendly technologies like soldering (lead-free) more carefully.

Furthermore, the entire trends give the SMT PE both challenges and opportunities. Concerning their opportunities, this tells that all electronic workshops need to be dependent on the SMT process engineers. This will help in optimizing the process involved in their manufacturing process.

As regards their challenges, the process engineers stand at the main focus of profit increasing so far it involves electronics companies.

The new era is seeing higher demands placed on the process engineers of printed circuit boards so that top SMT process engineers ought to perform well both in modern technologies, as well as traditional tasks. Also, the significance of the industry depends on their role.

Ways of Becoming an Expert SMT Process Engineer

Top SMT process engineers have to know much about the processes involved in SMT manufacturing and supply chain. Also, they should be able to treat the two as a whole thing.

To be very competent in every responsibility and task, process engineers must win much higher demands. Also, they shouldn’t just be enthusiastic in every improvement, rather they should work harder for very clear directions.

Asides from this, they have to be cooperative. This is because there’s a need to constantly check the quality of manufacturing and draw up a manufacturing plan. In order to achieve these, process engineers must have high analysis, as well as vast knowledge regarding Statistics Process Control (SPC).

It takes so much time for a process engineer to record as well as collect data. However, you can perform the task easily by using the newest tools and machines. These tools and machines have the ability to increase efficiency and improve programming.

Also, they play a vital role in assisting the process engineers in analyzing large quantities of data. Furthermore, they monitor the important technical parameters automatically.

This is why process engineers have to learn how to utilize these machines that help in inspection. Immediately there’s a change in technology, the whole tool can influence the entire technology in just a few seconds.

Therefore, the process engineers must learn to work and depend on scenic technology and data models to imitate new technologies. By doing so, there will be no use for tests to be carried out over and over again.


We hope we have been able to explain and answer the question “what is a smt process engineer in manufacturing.” They play a major role in PCB manufacturing. If you need more clarity, please ask your questions.




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