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What are the Functions of an Electronics Parts Supplier?

Electronics components suppliers form a major part of a supply chain to stock and provide manufacturers of electronic equipment with the required electronic components. This includes everything from the passive components all through to all types of high performance semiconductor devices, leaded components, and surface mount devices and components.

The process of distribution is a complicated one and ensuring that the components get inside the right place and at the appropriate time is an important factor to achieving successful operation. Though component manufacturers cannot interface with many small and large companies, distributors help in handling different components stock and supply from manufacturers and then to many different companies.

Who is an Electronics Parts Distributor?

Distributors of electronic components engage in the stock and supply of electronic components in different category from different manufacturers and then to development, electronic manufacturing, service organizations, and repair.

Furthermore, these distributors hold lots of good components from different manufacturers making it possible for companies to have their desired components in the desired quantities as well as timescales. They also do future product announcements and delivery.

Best Electronic Components Suppliers

In this section, we will be reviewing the best electronic parts supplier. Please continue reading to learn more.

Sager Electronics

Sager electronics is a distributor in North America that offers thermal, electromechanical, power, and interconnect solutions from more than 90 well-known manufacturers globally. This company has its headquarters in Middleborough and it offers its services to its ever-growing customers from a distribution center of 100,000 square foot.

It has another distribution center of 40,000 square feet which is situated in Carrollton Texas, as well as a center for power solutions that offers value-add capabilities. With 135 years of service and innovation, Sager Electronics offers suppliers and customers with a great combination of innovative business and operational excellence via its business model. You can learn more about this company here:

Rayming PCB & Assembly

Rayming PCB is a leader when it comes to the supply and manufacturing of electronic components and parts. This company has been operating for more than 15 years. Presently, in China alone, it has six locations where it conducts its business operations. Furthermore, RayMing also has locations in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan.

The establishment of Rayming was to supply electronic components and parts. However, the company started buying electronic companies. Presently, Rayming is ISO certified and has excellent engineers. These engineers work tirelessly to meet customer needs globally.

You can contact this company :

Arrow Electronics

This is another components supplier that has a partnership with different electronic manufacturers all over the globe. They offer powerful and many different products.

This includes development systems, diodes, actuators, and audio components. Also, Arrow electronics’ choice of products from world-class manufacturers is designed to offer customers with their desired technology to help in fueling their design. You can learn more about this company here:


Jameco is another leading electronics distributor. This company has been involved in this for more than 45 years. They carry different products at a great price. One thing that sets this company apart is the ability to provide a large choice of items at low costs compared to their competitors. You can contact this company here:

Digi-key Electronics

Digi-Key electronics was established in 1972 and has its headquarters in Minnesota, United States and is well-known to be a continuous innovator and leader in the distribution of automation products and electronic components distribution globally.

 Today, this company offers the largest selection of stocked electronic components in the world and is available for quick shipment. Furthermore, Digi-Key supports procurement professionals and design engineers with lots of digital tools and solutions in order to ensure more efficiency in their jobs. You can contact this company here:

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics is an authorized distributor of electronic components and semiconductors globally. It offers its services to more than 1200 industry-leading manufacturers. Furthermore, Mouser Electronics engages in the quick introduction of recent technologies as well as products that targets the buyer communities and the design engineer.

Globally, this company has about 27 offices. They also transact in 34 different currencies and 21 languages. They have a global distribution center that enables the processing of orders 24/7, as well as provide nearly perfect operations. You can contact this company here:

What are the Benefits of Working with an Electronics Distributor?

A lot of benefits come from working with electronic component distributors. These include cost benefits, time benefits, product availability, new products, different tools, and more. Let’s consider them

Component scheduling

Distributors can purchase as well as store different electronic components. They also make sure these components are delivered in solid state when needed. Sure, this offers great benefit to the equipment manufacturers because there is no need for the latter to reserve some large areas to store these components.

Fewer suppliers

One benefit of making use of distributors is that it helps in reducing the suppliers required. This is one method that manufacturing companies can help in streamlining their operations. Using one distributor can mean the stock and supply of many solid state components. This eases the buying for them, and in the long run saves costs and price.

Counterfeit components

Supply assurance is one problem that affects many companies. Top companies ensure that there are no counterfeit components. This holds especially for those manufacturing for the government because these manufacturers can have their contracts canceled if they make use of electronic components with uncertain sources.

Using a top distributor will give you the assurance that they will only make their purchase from manufacturers having lots of processes and tools to offer the necessary assurance level for the supplied components.

Long lead items

This is one major problem that faces the manufacturers of electronic equipment. This refers to the issue of obtaining the needed components for the running of the production. When there is a shortage, it will impact production significantly. However, component distributors and suppliers can assist in this situation. They will purchase in large quantities so as to reach different companies.


Distributors of electronic components form an important element for manufacturers using electronic components. Working with one offers you some benefits, solutions, and tools. The best part is that you can buy the quantities you desire and save costs for the equipment manufacturers. All manufacturers need to do is visit their browser, search for the contact of any of these distributors, and inbox them.