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What are Top 10 largest Electronics Parts Suppliers in China?

China has firmly established itself as the electronics manufacturing hub of the world. Much of this phenomenal growth has been fueled by the rise of major Chinese electronics component suppliers catering to local and international customers. This article profiles the 10 largest electronics parts suppliers in China based on their revenue, product portfolio, capabilities, reputation and global reach.

1. Foxconn

Foxconn is the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer and a major supplier of components and assemblies. Some facts about Foxconn:

  • 2021 revenue – $175 billion
  • Flagship products – connectors, enclosures, cables, PCBs
  • Headquarter – Taiwan
  • Facilities – China, India, Europe, Americas
  • Customers – Apple, HP, Dell, Xiaomi, Sony

With expertise spanning components, modules and complete devices, Foxconn provides end-to-end manufacturing capabilities at massive scale. Its Connectivity Product Business Group offers connectors and other components.

2. Luxshare Precision

electronic parts manufacturer

Focused on interconnect and mechanical solutions, Luxshare has grown rapidly as a preferred supplier to Apple and other giants:

  • 2021 revenue – $15.1 billion
  • Products – connectors, cables, acoustics, modules
  • Headquarters – Dongguan, China
  • Facilities – 15 plants across China
  • Key customers – Apple, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, Bosch

Luxshare possesses advanced capabilities in high-speed interconnects and precision plastics. It has leveraged strategic customer relationships into diversified business lines.

3. AAC Technologies

AAC Technologies produces components for smart devices and electrified vehicles:

  • 2021 revenue – $3.1 billion
  • Products – MEMS microphones, speakers, haptics, optics
  • Headquarters – Shenzhen, China
  • Facilities – Mainland China, Vietnam, Singapore
  • Customers – Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo

AAC’s miniaturized acoustic, optical and haptic components enable smart device innovations. It is accelerating growth in emerging segments like electric vehicles.

4. Sunwoda Electronic

Sunwoda provides advanced passive components and boards for high-end products:

  • 2021 revenue – $2.2 billion
  • Products – capacitors, inductors, resistors, specialty PCBs
  • Headquarters – Harbin, China
  • Facilities – China, Vietnam
  • Customers – Apple, Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi

Leveraging precision manufacturing techniques, Sunwoda caters to quality-focused customers with custom components rated for high reliability.

5. Rayming Technology

Rayming specializes in high-performance interconnect solutions:

  • 2021 revenue – $1.8 billion
  • Products – connectors, antennas, flexible/rigid-flex PCBs
  • Headquarters – Suzhou, China
  • Facilities – Suzhou, Chengdu
  • Customers – Apple, Huawei, General Motors, Boeing, Siemens

Rayming’s expertise in precision interconnects, specialty PCBs and miniaturized RF devices supports innovation in consumer tech and industrial applications.

6. Primax Electronics

Xilinx Spartan
Xilinx Spartan

Primax makes input devices, speakers and other components:

  • 2021 revenue – $1.3 billion
  • Products – keyboards, mice, headphones, buzzers, power banks
  • Headquarters – Taipei, Taiwan
  • Facilities – China, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar
  • Customers – Dell, Logitech, Razer

By integrating design, acoustics and optics expertise, Primax delivers high value human interface devices and audio solutions.

7. LCE Technology

Specializing in advanced passives, LCE products enable cutting-edge electronics:

  • 2021 revenue – $830 million
  • Products – MLCCs, tantalum capacitors, chip resistors
  • Headquarters – Wuxi, China
  • Facilities – China
  • Customers – Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, nubia, Meizu

LCE’s portfolio ranging from consumer to automotive applications provides components optimized for emerging requirements like 5G, EV and IoT systems.

8. Goertek

Goertek is a leading manufacturer of smart acoustic components:

  • 2021 revenue – $790 million
  • Products – microphones, speakers, acoustic modules
  • Headquarters – Weifang, China
  • Facilities – China, Vietnam, Mexico
  • Customers – Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Dell

Leveraging vertical integration from components to finished modules, Goertek enables sophisticated audio and voice capabilities in end-user devices.

9. Shenzhen Deren Electronics

Deren crafts specialty interconnect solutions for high-speed applications:

  • 2021 revenue – $590 million
  • Products – high-speed connectors, flexible/rigid PCBs
  • Headquarters – Shenzhen, China
  • Facilities – Shenzhen and Huizhou, China
  • Customers – Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi

With expertise in high frequency design, Deren caters to communication infrastructure markets with advanced components rated for 100Gbps and beyond.

10. Dongguan Meadville Electronics

components manufacturers

Specializing in embedded electronics modules, Meadville enabling local OEM capabilities:

  • 2021 revenue – $500 million
  • Products – PCB assemblies, display modules, electromagnetic components
  • Headquarters – Dongguan, China
  • Facilities – Dongguan and Guangzhou, China
  • Customers – Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO, Lenovo, Hisense, Gree

By providing value-added assemblies and modules, Meadville aids domestic brands in quickly implementing cutting-edge electronics systems.

Comparing Business Models of Major Suppliers

While deeply invested in electronics manufacturing, major Chinese suppliers employ varied strategic approaches:

CompanyBusiness Model
Foxconn– Contract manufacturing for global OEMs  – Integrated components to complete products
Luxshare– Strategic supplier for Apple and Chinese brands – Interconnect focus from ICs to cables
AAC– Acoustic components for smart devices  – Direct to device brands
Sunwoda– Advanced passive components  – High-mix low-volume for quality focus
Rayming– Miniaturized high-speed interconnects – Flex-rigid PCB innovation
Primax– Human interface devices  – Combined design, acoustics and optics
LCE– State-of-the-art passive components  – Supporting domestic brands
Goertek– Acoustic and haptic solutions  – Custom modules development
Deren– High-frequency interconnects  – Communication infrastructure
Meadville– Value-added modules and assemblies  – Enabling local OEMs

This diversity of strategies sustains a rich electronics ecosystem.

Driving Factors for Growth and Success

China’s electronics supply chain has thrived due to key factors:

Government Support – Policy, incentives and infrastructure catalyzing electronics manufacturing growth.

Technology Transfer – Absorbing expertise from foreign partnerships and acquisitions.

Local Market – Enormous domestic demand enabling scale and steady revenues.

Specialization – Developing expertise in specific technologies through concentration.

Ecosystem – Comprehensive supply chain ensuring accessibility of materials, equipment, labor and logistics.

Cost Efficiency – Highly optimized operations and manufacturing excellence.

Quality Improvements – Investments in better process control, automation and quality culture.

IP Development – Increasing R&D investments to create proprietary technologies and IPs.

These factors will likely continue propelling the growth of Chinese electronics suppliers on the global stage.

Future Prospects

Major trends impacting the future of top Chinese electronics suppliers:

  • Global Expansion – Leveraging existing customer relationships and cost advantages to grow internationally.
  • High-End Markets – Moving beyond commoditized products into value-added components for premium applications.
  • Vertical Integration – Expanding scope across the supply chain for greater consolidation and revenues.
  • Technology Leadership – Accelerating R&D and IP development for next-generation products.
  • Sustainability – Adopting greener technologies, renewable energy and circular economy practices.
  • Automation – Embracing Industry 4.0 transformations for smart manufacturing.
  • Co-development – More strategic partnerships with customers for technology co-development.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Targeted M&A for gaining expertise, IP and access to new markets.

With these moves, Chinese suppliers are maturing into advanced innovation partners capable of catering to the most demanding industries globally.


circuit board electronic components

Driven by tremendous domestic demand and supportive government policies, Chinese electronics component suppliers have rapidly grown in scale, technology sophistication and global competitiveness. Companies like Foxconn, Luxshare and AAC are now established leaders in their respective product segments. A rich ecosystem of specialized suppliers produces components critical for cutting-edge devices and infrastructure. With further expansion internationally, investments in modern manufacturing and deeper technology partnerships, China’s electronics supply chain will become indispensable for customers worldwide needing high-quality, cost-optimized and leading-edge solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Chinese electronics suppliers lead in component miniaturization?

AAC Technologies and Goertek stand out in acoustic component miniaturization to fit smart devices. Luxshare offers ultra miniature connectors. Rayming technologies provides tiny antennas and flexible PCBs. LCE produces smallest passive devices through advancements like MLCCs.

Do the large suppliers only focus on high volumes?

Larger players indeed cater to high-volume customers for economies of scale. However, companies like Sunwoda and Deren still focus on lower volume, high-mix specialty components where China is increasing expertise through better process control.

Which segments are growing fastest for these suppliers?

Automotive electronics is witnessing rapid growth as suppliers adapt solutions for ADAS, electrification, connectivity in vehicles. High-speed communications is another fast-growing segment with 5G and data center expansions.

Does China lack innovation compared to other electronics hubs?

The perception of lacking innovation is fading quickly as Chinese companies ramp up R&D investments and IP development. Luxshare, Goertek and others are now globally recognized for advanced proprietary technologies. But there is still scope to enhance fundamental research.

How should global OEMs manage relationships with these suppliers?

Strategic partnerships via technology sharing and co-development are ideal rather than pure supplier-buyer relationships. This allows leveraging the enormous manufacturing capacities in tandem with improving capabilities. Quality expectations must be clearly defined and enforced.




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