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Who are the Best Electronics Suppliers in China?

With a purposeful focus on enhancing their products’ quality rather than merely the quantity, the electronic suppliers in China has made a substantial contribution towards our global economy over the past few years. With exports of more than $20,747.10 million in 2017, China’s wholesale market for technology achieved a record high and is predicted to rise much further in years to come.

You won’t feel deflated or defeated any longer whenever you see “made in China” on your electronic devices. Below are the best electronics suppliers in China, who offer high-end products at surprisingly inexpensive costs.

Before we explain further on the best electronics suppliers in China, let us first consider who an electronics supplier is.

Who is an Electronics Supplier?

Electronic suppliers play a crucial role in supply chain that provides manufacturers of electronic equipment with components they need, including surface mount component, leaded components, and different types of semiconductor devices

Getting the correct components in place at proper time is essential for an effective operation since supply could be a hard process.

Distributors were organized to manage the delivery of various components from various manufacturers into a wide number of organizations, but component producers lack the ability of interfering with many businesses, both large and small.

Best Electronics Suppliers in China

China has seen the emergence of a number of electronic manufacturing enterprises over the past several years, and you can now image the abrupt acceleration in the GDP.

Well, the influence of the wholesale electronics business to the economy is always positive.

You may digitally connect to some of the most well-known electronics suppliers in China’s B2B marketplace to buy genuine goods. These Chinese electronic suppliers listed below are among the most reputable and verified, allowing you to invest there without worrying that luck would go against you.

Huaqiang Electronic World

One of China’s biggest markets for consumer electronics is Huaqiang Electronic World. You’ll undoubtedly find whatever you require here, as there are six stories here featuring almost every form of electrical device you can imagine. They even feature some cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technologies; such fully recycled cardboard lamps and chairs.

Due to its most reliable electronic products being offered at wholesale costs, Huaqiang Electronic World is capturing the whole country’s hearts of China. The manufacturers’ interiors are highly opulent, and they creatively display their products there to attract customers. Their whole product line has captured the interest of consumers, and both international and domestic markets are experiencing extremely high demand.

Linbova Technology Co. Ltd

Linbova Technology Co. Ltd seems to be the best place to go if you’re seeking for some high-tech tools as well as electronics at a great price. With the promotion of the high-end products in competitive markets, electronics suppliers in China have taken the lead in the industry. Additionally, the business specializes in products that may be customized and is especially targeted at technical specialists that use these products in their line of work.

Dongguan Sen Dong Electronics


This electronics supplier in China was established in 2003. By consistently expanding the product lineup that is now within the grasp of consumers, manufacturers have contributed to economic progress. This company is known as ISO 9000 certified, which is the strongest argument in favor of it.

While having a limited selection of products, it handles a spectrum of tech-related electronic items, peripherals, and products. This electronics supplier in China must be visited if you’re looking for inexpensive electronic products.

Shenzhen Saiqiao Technology Ltd

Though not too old, its products are valuable investments. Soon just after founding in 2013, the business gained notoriety for manufacturing high-demand wholesale electronic products. It offers a variety of goods at very low costs, includes USB cables, audio cables, HDMI cables, chargers, as well as other types of mobile accessories. Due to their true commitment to placing quality before quantity, an ISO-certified organization can be relied upon for both their products and judgments.

Marvel Electronics Shenzhen Co.

Another reputable brand that handles the efficient and top-notch goods sector of the electronic industry of China. The majority of foreign customers place orders with the business in order to acquire flawless and unrivaled products. The business is well known for making premium LCD modules. Several of its prospective customers are in North America, Europe, East Africa, and Australia, whereby electronic suppliers can export their goods.

Shenzhen Hosing Technological Development

This high technological company specializes in making USB cables, power banks, as well as phone and automobile chargers. Mobile chargers for phones, cameras, and other digital equipment are made of power banks.

They provide a great deal of product versatility in terms of capacity, interoperability, design, and clever safety features. Regarding manufacturing and designing, they operate under the ISO 9001 standard, which is an established system for quality management on a global scaleIts market has expanded to many other parts of the world, including North America, Middle East, and Europe.

Shenzhen Linbova Technologies

A smaller business called Shenzhen Linbova Technologies focuses on making bluetooth speakers, outdoor devices, and game controllers.

This 2017-founded company outperforms its competitors by employing research as well as development engineers that will adapt any product from their inventory to your demands. Also, this business has an ISO-9001 management certificate, as well as the manufacturing process is carefully monitored by trained professionals.

B&K Electronic Technologies

Consumer Electronics Assembly

With just nine employees, trade company B&K Electronic Technologies, which was founded in 2017, is a relative newcomer in a very cutthroat industry. They produce technological devices like wireless phone charger, bluetooth devices, and a variety of phone cases.

Every employee has more than a decade years of business experience and has worked with some innovative tech businesses of modern time, including Apple, Huawei, and Samsung, to bring products to market.

Guangzhou YOUTOP Digital Science Technologies

This electronics supplier in China is dedicated to creating, designing, as well as producing personalized digital gifts to serve commercially-oriented marketing campaigns. This business, which was founded in 2004, will consult with you extensively to identify the ideal product for your requirements. Its staff members are very knowledgeable about development and research and constantly strive to create the most modern technologies.

They have collaborated with a number of well-known businesses worldwide, and their goods are well-liked on all international markets. Also, each product complies with current health standards including RoHS, C3, and CE.

Flying Communication Ltd

Flying Communication Company was founded in 2004 renowned for providing different phone cases, including hybrid cases, waterproof cases, and earphone cases, as well as screen protectors.

Their typical yearly sales range from $200 million to around $500 million. They don’t make electrical devices themselves, but for the last fourteen years, they have been the top choice for phone cases.

Dongguan Sen Dong Electronics

Since its founding in 2003, this company has been engaged in the production, development, and research of mobile devices and related accessories, particularly earphones. This business has ISO 9000 accreditation, which is superior than ISO 9001 certification in that it covers all areas of the quality management systems as opposed to just one.

Shenzhen Marvel Electronics Ltd

The 2012 establishment of Marvel Electronic is dedicated to the production of LCD modules, including alphanumeric, dot-matrix, animated graphics, dot-matrix, as well as TFT LCDs.

In addition, they manufacture products including computer speakers, optical cables, ABS phone casings, LED panel light, specially made USB flash drive, phones, tablets, and Android devices. This business offers its services to customers in Australia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, as well as North America at very affordable costs.

Shenzhen Saiqiao Technology Ltd

Electronics Assembly Companies

This manufacturing company was founded in 2013 that produces digital goods, accessories for mobile phones, and electronic presents. They produce a variety of goods, including chargers, Samsung and iPhone accessories, HDMI cables, audio cables, and USB cables.

 The business appreciates its reputation with clients and is certified under ISO 9000 as well as EICC. It also offers cheap prices, prompt delivery, and excellent service. They employ approximately 100 people and offer free product samples, and provide about 10000 pieces daily.

Dongguan Harbour Technology

Headphones, phone cords, smart watches, and car chargers are all offered by this electronics suppliuer in China.. Saudi Arabia and the United States are where they get most of their business. Despite their recent existence, they are an ISO 9001 as well as 14001 certified diamond member for

It’s crucial to assure fast payment to China manufacturers and suppliers when purchasing products made in China. This guarantees that your order will be shipped promptly and that the agreed-upon prices will not change.

Rantle East Electronic Limited

This is another leading Chinese suppliers of electronic components; a  full-service independent distributor of the different electronic components, has been in business since 2003. For OEMs, Service and Repair, as well as Contract Manufacturers, Distributors, Research and development Groups, as well as other businesses that need electronic components, our company offer a comprehensive and affordable sourcing solution.

Also, aside from having a huge choice and selection of components in store, we also provide free sourcing of components for our clients. By combining our online search engine, that collects information both our warehouse stock and the worldwide stock available via our Reliable Supplier Network, with collection of millions of data files out of the major OEMs as well as stockists, we quickly and effectively find both obsolete and current parts.

Win Source Electronics

You are fully aware of how challenging it is to find old electronic parts. Purchasing should always take around 60% of a buyer’s time, which is twice as much time as discovering typical parts.

In response to this problem, WIN SOURCE continuously improves their in-stock inventory as well as a worldwide supplier network to shorten customer procurement cycles, decrease transaction costs, as well as offer high-quality electronic components for affordable prices.

How Do I Pick Electronics Suppliers in China?

Choosing the best and most reliable electrical manufacturing services provider could prove very difficult, particularly in Asia. This is due to the fact that there are lots of them available and selecting one over another may be difficult. Also, due to their abundance, some individuals could find up teaming up with an incorrect provider of electronic manufacturing service. But, you can use the guidelines listed below to stop the occurrence of this.

Before contacting an electrical manufacturing services provider, you must first take into account their rating. The majority of variables and labor influence a company’s ranking. For instance, the ranking of a provider of the electronics supplier in China takes into account manufacturing expertise, scale, and capacity inside the technology, sector, sector certifications, etc.

High ratings indicate a high probability of high-quality product manufacturing for the provider of the electronic manufacturing services. This also applies to exceedingly low ratings. Also, if a firm seems to have no ratings, you should do extra research on it in addition to using other criteria to determine whether it is good fit for all your personal manufacturing needs.

Examine your electronic manufacturing service provider’s internet reviews. Most internet reviewers typically take certain factors into account. Also, they are frequently new or long-time users or clients of the provider of the electronic manufacturing service. That is why customers’ reviews of their interactions with the manufacturer’s goods and services function as an extremely important barometer of the caliber and capability of production from the supplier of the electronic manufacturing services.

In order to assess a supplier’s suitability and capability for your manufacturing requirements, you need also consider other areas of the supplier’s electronic manufacturing service.


One cannot overstate the importance of selecting the appropriate provider of electronic manufacturing service for the electronic needs of companies in Asia. Even if the procedure could be challenging, you simply cannot skip it.

Furthermore, we have provided some recommendations to help you choose wisely. We’ve also provided advice regarding how to pick the best electronics suppliers in China for your requirements. You can contact us here whenever you have further inquiries. We are always available to meet your needs.




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