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Top 9 SMD Mosfet Manufacturers in China

An SMD Mosfet is a semiconductor with a spherical shape. It can be either negative or positive and is helpful in electronic circuits. These transistors consist of two parts – an input and an output. The input and output connect using a probe in the center of the device. The center probe transmits electricity, while the rest of the device has a negative charge. This type of transistor is helpful in small circuits.

Types of SMD MOSFET Transistors

What are the types of SMD MOSFET transistors? Let’s find out. In general, these devices can operate at logic voltage levels. For example, the D2Pak case features this type of device. This type is perfect for triggering blades and flag mechanisms. You can also find this type of device on the PROPIC40 board.

The MOS structure of a MOSFET has two P-N junctions flanking the n-channel. The MOSFET is a memory chip storage capacitator and supports a charge-coupled device in image sensor technology. One unique type of MOSFET is the thin-film transistor (TFT), which is made by depositing thin layers of silicon on a substrate. A TFT can be transparent and is commonly helpful in video displays.

The two primary types of MOSFET are the N-channel and the P-channel types. The N-channel MOSFET is essential for regular power applications, while the P-channel version is helpful for high-current applications.

What is the Difference Between N and P-Channel MOSFETs?

The N-channel MOSFET has one main advantage over the P-channel version. An n-channel MOSFET’s mobility is about two-thirds higher than that of a p-channel MOSFET. This means that the current flowing through an n-channel MOSFET is approximately two-thirds higher than in a p-channel MOSFET with the same dimensions.

In addition to being more powerful, the N-channel MOSFET is cheaper to produce. This is because it’s less complicated to make. It’s also easier to produce them in larger quantities. Unlike the P-channel, the N-channel MOSFET doesn’t need a p-channel transistor to function correctly. Both are suitable for applications where the transistor can convert between two different voltages.

The N-channel MOSFET has a positive channel between its source and drain terminals. This enables it to switch on when a positive voltage is applied. A negative voltage must exceed the threshold voltage across the source-drain region to turn the transistor off—the arrow points toward the gate. The P-channel MOSFET, on the other hand, usually is off. The difference between the two types is in the amount of charge that we can apply to the device.

An n-channel MOSFET has two heavily-doped p-type regions, the source, and drain. A thin region between the two gate regions is called the channel. It is where the electrons enter and exit the device. Most of the carriers enter and exit the device through the drain. The drain current reflects this flow of electrons.

Materials Used to Manufacture SMD Mosfet

What are the materials used to manufacture SMD Mosfet? These components are helpful in many electronic applications, and the taxonomy of these devices is ever-changing. These devices commonly include Metal Electrode Face Bonded (MEFB) components. They are less expensive than flat chips but require special handling during assembly because they tend to roll off the solder pads. Other components include diodes, resistors, capacitors, and other electronic devices.

SMD MOSFETs consists of three layers of components that we solder on different levels. To improve the thermal properties of the device, we fuse the SMDs with lead-free SnAgCu soldering paste. Vapour phase soldering is preferred for SMD because it reduces thermal stress on the substrate. The adhesives are not very good for humid environments but are generally compatible with various substrate materials.

Through-hole MOSFETs feature component leads inserted into holes on the board. The leads of through-hole components run through the board, making them more durable and reliable. They are also more compact, allowing for higher component density. Furthermore, they offer better electrical performance than surface-mounted components. And as a result, they are frequently used in military and aerospace applications. They are also helpful in prototyping and testing applications.

MOSFETs have three pins for controlling the flow of electrical current between the contacts. Electrical voltage controls how the channel appears and what the device does. Semiconductors are easy to manufacture and are highly versatile. In addition to high density and a high switching rate, we can also miniaturize them. These benefits make them ideal for high-volume integration.

List of Mosfet Companies in China

smd mosfet testing

If you’re looking for Mosfet manufacturers or suppliers, you can find them in this directory of reliable suppliers and buyers. It provides you with a list of reliable Mosfet companies in China. There are a variety of Mosfet manufacturers and suppliers, and you can choose the one that’s best for you.


Infineon is a global semiconductor company that develops and manufactures semiconductors. The company is in Germany, and its subsidiary Infineon China is a Mosfet manufacturer based in the country. In China, the company is active in several markets, including Taiwan. China is a fast-growing market for Infineon. Its growth potential is partly due to its ability to manufacture Mosfets at a lower cost.

Its MOSFET transistor is helpful in power electronics and other applications that require high voltage. It is used in various products and can reduce energy consumption. This type of technology helps reduce CO2 emissions while maximizing energy efficiency. The company’s product range includes products for industrial, automotive, and DC-DC converters. In addition, its MOSFETs are helpful in high-voltage devices, including solar cells.

Silikron Semi

Silikron Semi is a Chinese MOSFET manufacturer. It started in 2007 and has its headquarters in Suzhou. Its capital is 50 million RMB. The company’s objective is to become a world-class design house and to list its products in the domestic stock market in three to five years. Its products are helpful in a wide range of applications, including power conversion systems.

CR Micro

As one of China’s leading local semiconductor companies, CR Micro is active primarily in the IDM mode. It is the top player in the field of power semiconductors in China and has a wide product portfolio. One of its essential products is the MOSFET. Currently, it is the largest manufacturer of MOSFETs in China and has the most comprehensive product range of any local MOSFET company.

Its comprehensive product portfolio includes a wide variety of mainstream MOSFET devices. For example, the company produces planar gate VDMOS and trench gate MOS. As a result, the company’s products can meet the requirements of various applications. Its mission is to provide superior quality MOSFETs for the global market. And, it has a strong R&D team to ensure the quality of its products.

CR Huajing


CR Huajing is the largest manufacturer of MOSFET semiconductors in China. Its products are some of the best in the world. Recently, the company won several awards. It won the 12th China Semiconductor Innovative Product Award, the Semiconductor Power Device Innovative Award, and the CITE 2018 Innovative Product and Application Award. In addition, CR Huajing recently became a member of the “Integrated Circuit Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.”

The company’s products are widely essential in industrial and consumer applications. Its newest product, the Mosfet microchip, is used in the latest high-end smartphones. The company also provides power semiconductors for the industrial market. Its latest development in this field is the development of high-quality power semiconductors. The company plans to become the world’s top compound and power semiconductor fab capacity by 2023. It is stepping up its efforts in all areas. In the meantime, some domestic MOSFET suppliers have emerged.

WAYON Electronics

As one of the leading suppliers of SMD Mosfets, WAYON Electronics is renowned for its broad range of products. Their portfolio includes small signal MOSFETs ranging from 12V to 250V and complementary versions. They also manufacture SuperJunction MOSFETs, which range in voltage from 600V to 1200V. In addition, they offer both SMD and SOT packages and provide customers with different evaluation boards.

The company has been following the development of the semiconductor industry and establishing a complete industrial ecological chain based on domestic circulation. The company’s product line includes circuit protection, power semiconductors, and mixed-signal ICs.

Jilin Sino-Microeletronics Co., Ltd.

This list of Top 9 SMD Mosfet manufacturers in China includes many companies that have received numerous awards and recognitions in recent years. For example, CR Huajing won the second prize in the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2015, and CR Micro was named one of the Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturers in China. CR Huajing also won the second prize at the Jiangsu Demonstration Enterprise for Integrating Informationization and Industrialization. Additionally, the company’s products have also won the IC CHINA 2015 Excellent Exhibition Product Award.

In addition to specializing in high-end power appliances, these companies have also branched into the third-generation semiconductor business. Such include introduction of highly durable power MOSFETs to the market for the use in 5G telecom infrastructure. In addition, CR Micro specializes in the research and development of MOSFET products. Meanwhile, BYD has occupied a large share of the Chinese new-energy vehicle (NEV) market.


Since the semiconductor market began to recover after the 2000 recession, Micrel has seen robust financial growth. Its annual sales jumped from $104.5 million to $195.1 million, while net income doubled from $24.4 million to $54.4. Despite the recent economic downturn, Micrel still maintains a high level of profitability. However, the company did experience a downturn in 2001. This was largely due to recessive economic conditions, the dot-com collapse, and a huge inventory held by wireless communication customers.

In the late 1990s, Zinn pursued an ambitious financial goal for Micrel. He vowed to make Micrel a $1 billion company by the end of 2003. Naturally, this would require massive expansion. So Micrel diversified its business and expanded its capabilities through acquisitions to meet this goal. Today, Micrel is one of China’s top 10 SMD Mosfet manufacturers.

Micrel began as a small-to-medium-sized semiconductor manufacturer, but by 1996, the company had reached a market revenue of $66 million. The company’s relative size and business savvy allowed it to respond to market changes and capitalize on new opportunities quickly. By the time Micrel made the acquisition, it had already acquired several other companies.

Vishay Siliconix


For more than 30 years, Vishay Siliconix has been producing high-quality SMD Mosfets. In addition, the company produces low-voltage power MOSFETs that enable advanced power management in end products. With a focus on automotive markets, Vishay has developed new platforms that offer a better balance between power density and space efficiency. One such technology is its trench MOSFETs, which are becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry.

Vishay Siliconix has pioneered power semiconductors and leads the industry with its innovative products. Its power MOSFETs improve the efficiency of power management circuitry in end products and reduce space requirements. Its low-voltage power MOSFETs are the industry’s best-selling brands, making portable electronic systems lighter and more efficient. Vishay also produces higher-voltage power MOSFETs that are helpful for industrial applications and power conversion in switches and routers.

Besides MOSFETs, Vishay Siliconix manufactures other types of ICs. For example, their power management products include switchmode regulators, linear regulators, and power management devices. The company has a global presence and continues to expand its product portfolio to meet market demand.

The company’s SO-8 MOSFETs feature compatible SO-8 mounting pads and an exposed rear paddle for thermal transfer. These products are as small as a small serial EEPROM. Their low Rds values and high gate capacitance make them the ideal choice for logic-level applications. They’re also an excellent choice for high-frequency switching.


IR SMD Mosfet manufacturers in China produce power MOSFETs essential in various electronic applications. These products are available in various packages, including through-hole and surface-mount. IR SMD MOSFETs are commonly helpful in computer chips and mobile phones. The company’s high-tech production line specializes in making high-quality power MOSFETs.

The company is a sino-foreign joint venture specializing in quartz crystal, automotive relay, magnetic latching relay, and clocks. QA International Certification Limited has awarded it ISO14000:2003. It is also a supplier of Joyin brand products. Its high-quality employees produce quality products. IR SMD Mosfet manufacturers in China can help you choose the right product for your application.

IR SMD Mosfet manufacturers in China are essential in developing modern electronic products. They have extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing and developing high-quality IR SMD MOSFETs. The company’s innovative technology and high-quality products have helped it become a leading supplier in consumer electronics, television, and power supply applications. In addition to IR SMD Mosfets, the company manufactures pressure sensor chip solutions.


SMD Mosfet is an excellent semiconductor product that we can use for various kinds of applications. It consists of a metal substrate and a semiconductor. Its small size and low cost make it easy to integrate with other electronics. The main driving forces of the MOSFET market in China are new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, home appliances, and aerospace. China is the world’s largest consumer and producer of automobiles, and it also has the largest manufacturing base for electronic products and OEMs.




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