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Why Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M PCB Material Offers Great Performance in PCB Fabrication

PCB manufacturing is a process that requires different raw materials. Therefore PCB laminates are one of the most crucial materials. It is essential to use quality PCB laminates for fabricating circuit boards. These laminates contribute to the performance of the board. This article seeks to discuss Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M PCB material.

What is Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M?

Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M is a halogen free PCB material designed for PCB fabrication. Also, this PCB material has properties that are similar to Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402. Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M is an advanced version of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402.

Effects of Middle Glass Transition Temperature on Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M

The glass transition temperature is a good indicator of the thermal performance of a material. Therefore, it plays a significant role in the performance of a circuit board. Generally, a moderate Tg is between the range of 150 to 169 degrees Celsius. A Tg value of 170 degrees Celsius or above is high. Therefore, the DS-7402M falls within the moderate glass transition temperature.  

Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M features a Tg value of 165 degrees Celsius. At this value, this PCB material features great performance when it comes to heat resistance. Also, it provides good moisture resistance and stability. A middle Tg material features a Tg value above 150 degrees Celsius. Therefore, this PCB material can tolerate a temperature limit of 150 degrees Celsius.

Tg is the temperature at which a material becomes soft during lamination at high temperatures. Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M is specifically designed to tolerate temperatures below 165o C. The Tg value of this material contributes to its resistance to heat.

Properties of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M PCB Material

High decomposition temperature

The decomposition temperature of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M is 370 degrees Celsius at 5% weight loss. Therefore, this material offers a high decomposition temperature. This helps to maintain high thermal resistance. Also, due to this property, this material can withstand high temperatures.

Low Z-axis expansion

The Z-axis expansion rate of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M is very low. This indicates that this material can hardly change in size when exposed to high temperatures. Materials with low CTE expansion rate have great chemical and thermal resistance.

Moderate glass transition temperature

Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M features a moderate glass transition temperature. This value is 165 degrees Celsius. With this value, this material can perform well in high thermal environments. Also, it offers great thermal resistance.

Great thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of this material is 0.45 W/m-K. This property measures the rate of heat transfer in a PCB material. Also, this thermal property defines the temperature gradients of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M.

Low water absorption rate

The water absorption rate of this PCB material is very low. Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M features a water absorption rate of 0.26%.

Low dissipation factor

The dissipation factor of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M is 0.013. This electrical property measures the energy lost and absorbed when there is electrical current in a material. Also, it determines the inefficiency of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M to act as an insulating material. Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M has a low dissipation factor. Therefore, it is a good insulator system.

Exceptional dielectric constant

The dielectric constant of this material l is 3.84. This means that Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M is a good dielectric material.

Thermal Analysis Methods for Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M PCB Material

Differential scanning calorimetry

This is a method of thermal analysis that measures heat flow. DSC measures the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M. Also, DSC evaluates flow of heat during transitions. For example, it measures how a material changes from a solid state to a liquid state. Also, it examines physical changes like glass transitions.

Thermogravimetric analysis

This is one of the best methods of evaluating the effects of temperature on a material’s weight. Also, this method evaluates the loss of weight in response to temperature in an environment. The analyst weighs the material at room temperature before carrying out any test. After that, he monitors the mass for any changes.

TGA reveals the temperature at which every component volatilizes. Also, this method can detect moisture content within Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M. This is because it detects multiple points of weight loss. Also, this analysis method is ideal for testing thermal stability.

Dynamic mechanical analysis

This is one of the most common thermal analysis methods. Also, this method studies viscoelasticity of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M. Visoelasticity is common in some materials that go through deformation. Therefore, DMA uses physical force to evaluate the resistance of this material to deformation while vibrating. There might be variations in this analysis. This can include changing the stress frequency and sample temperature.

Thermomechanical analysis

TMA is one of the best ways of determining the thermal resistance of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M. Also, this analysis checks how the physical properties of a material change based on temperature. This analysis determines the change in the physical dimensions of a material. It examines this in relation to temperature and pressure. In addition, TMA helps to determine the Tg.

Benefits of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M PCB Material

Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M is an ideal PCB material that comes with many benefits. Also, this PCB material provides a lasting solution to thermal problems in PCB fabrication.

Halogen free

Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M is a PCB material that is free of halogen components. Therefore, this material is a great choice for PCB manufacturing. Also, it is very safe for the environment.

Industry approval

This PCB material adheres to some standards in the PCB industry. For instance, Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M meets the specifications of UL94 V-0 flammability.

High thermal reliability

One of the benefits of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M is its high thermal reliability. This material features properties that contribute to its thermal reliability.


Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M PCB material is a cost effective option for PCB fabrication. This material features great value for its price. Also, it maintains a great balance between performance and cost. Therefore, it is ideal for high performance applications that require low cost.


Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402M PCB material is an ideal choice for high end applications. Therefore, this article has discussed important information about this material. Also, it explained how this material adds value to the PCB industry.




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