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Isola IS420 PCB Material: A High Performance Prepreg Material and Laminate for Your Printed Wiring Board

The Isola IS420 PCB material is a type of laminate that one can use for multilayer PWB. However, there are many areas where this prepreg product can become applicable for use. It is a high performance laminate material that is highly durable and can resist some environmental conditions.

This article aims at providing readers with vital information about this prepreg material and laminate. After reading through this interesting article, you find out that you have learnt new things about Isola IS420. Are you ready to dive in without much ado? Let us do this together!

What is Isola IS420 PCB Material?

First, we mentioned earlier that it is a high performance prepreg material and laminate for your printed wiring board. In production, it uses epoxy resin which makes this prepreg material multifunctional. Note that this epoxy laminate is lead free and is compatible with lead free assembly.

Isola IS420 has maximal thermal reliability and its manufacturing process must comply with industrial approvals. This prepreg material is built up with E-glass fabric which makes it strong and long lasting.

 Hence, this laminate material has a lot of processing benefits. One of these processing benefits is compatibility with FR-4 process. Thus, it also has the capacity for ultraviolet blocking.

Interestingly, Isola IS420 is available in some panel form. Also, it comes in a complete size sheet. This laminate uses an RTF kind of copper foil. In addition, it also uses HTE (grade 3) copper foil during manufacturing.

This AOI fluorescence material is available in roll form as a prepreg. This laminate material could be between 2- 93 mil. Its glass fabric could also be a square weave.

What Are the Applications of the Isola IS420?

Each laminate material has its applicable areas. However, this prepreg product is applicable in numerous fields ranging from aerospace to communication services and automobiles. Let us consider its applications in some areas.

RF Microwave

This laminate material is useful for microwave communication because of the frequencies it takes place. It is helpful for the processing of wireless transmitters for communication services.

Satellite and Broadcasting

This prepreg is useful for frequencies in broadcasting because of how it helps to transmit signals to wide coverage locally. Thus, Isola IS420 helps both receiver and transmitter communicate effectively. Also, for satellites this is important for the circuit board.


In aerospace engineering, this laminate material is applicable. It helps to connect multiple layers of printed wiring board.

What Can Affect the Dimensional Stability of Isola IS420 Laminate?

Sometimes, there are some considerable factors that can affect dimensional stability of this laminate material. It is important to note these factors during the production design.

Shrinkage is one thing that influences the general dimensional stability of this laminate. The dimensional movement after the lamination procedure is shrinkage. However, one factor responsible for shrinkage is due to the discharge of stress from it.

Many factors lead to the shrinkage. Apart from release of stress, the resin system leads to shrinkage too. Note that, this is because of its high performance.

However for the Isola IS420 PCB material, there are modifications that affect shrinkage proportion in its grain.

What Must You Consider During Baking of Isola IS420 PCB Laminate?

For laminate materials, there are different procedures involved in baking them. However, baking requires that one considers the degrees of temperature before doing so.

Therefore, one needs to carefully select the period for the baking. Maximal operating temperature is higher than the oven temperature one uses for baking. However, one needs to ensure that the temperature is not below 100 degrees. The temperature is always in degrees Celsius.

Ensure your oven is similar to a recycling oven. This kind of oven needs forced air. For efficiency, one can maximize the vacuum atmosphere. Hence, you must ensure that there is suitable venting and the oven is neat for use.

What Makes Isola IS420 Durable?

Durability is key when it comes to laminate and prepreg systems. When the laminate is strong, there is room for longevity of any applications you use it for.

Therefore, for the Isola IS420 PCB material, it is durable because of its ability to resist unfriendly weather conditions. A weather resistant laminate doesn’t get affected by moisture absorption, UV radiation, and toxins in the environment. Note that too much exposure to harsh weather conditions is not favorable to this laminate. As such, you need to always check the degrees of temperature of the environment you are using.

Note that during baking, one must avoid stacking up the laminate. Some do so while using their baking oven. There are some factors that affect the durability of this laminate material. So, baking the Isola IS420 requires one to figure out the baking profile. It affects durability when there is contamination during baking.

What Precautions Should Be Involved While Handling Isola IS420 PCB Material?

There is a need for every designer to be cautious when handling this laminate material. Therefore, this involves safety precautions. Moreover, these precautions help to avoid any form of contamination. Contamination often takes place during baking. As a result, always ensure the oven is clean.

First, let us talk about ventilation when you are fabricating this laminate. During this period of machining, enough air needs to circulate through your environment. You need to be careful of what you inhale too.

Moreover, there is the need to get the right clothes on. One needs to get protective masks. Different particles fill the air and inhaling such particles would be harmful to the health. Failure to comply with these precautions mostly affect your production.

What Approvals are Necessary for Isola IS420?

Each laminate must be in tune with the industrial approvals. This ensures that you comply with standard approvals for manufacturing. For this laminate, RoHS and ISO approvals are important. No flame retardant such as polybromide biphenyls is contained in this laminate.


We believe that you learnt so much about Isola IS420 PCB material. This prepreg is durable and requires the right steps during baking. Also, one needs to wear some gloves during machining. Getting safety glasses could serve as safety precautions for you. This laminate is also applicable in many areas such as aerospace and broadcasting services.




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