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How Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 PCB Material Adds Value to PCB Fabrication

PCB materials are a very essential part of a finished printed circuit board. They serve as the foundation of PCBs. When fabricating a PCB, it is important to select materials that suit the requirements of the intended application.

For instance, if a PCB meant for high performance applications needs high-quality PCB materials. The Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 is a good substrate material for PCB fabrication. In this article, we will be discussing Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 PCB material.

What is Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 PCB Material?

DS-7402 is a middle glass transition temperature PCB laminate with great thermal and mechanical properties. Also, this PCB material is a great option for high performance PCBs. Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 PCB material features a low CTE value at X and Y-axis. Also, it features a low dissipation factor which makes it resistant to heat.

Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 PCB material is a good insulator system. Therefore, this material is ideal for PCBs used in high temperature operating environments. This lead-free PCB material features CAF resistance. Therefore, this makes Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 a safe material for PCB fabrication. Also, this material is free of halogen, phosphorus, and antimony.

When it comes to performance, Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 is highly ranked. This PCB material has excellent properties that contribute to its performance.

Properties of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 PCB Material

Thermal properties

  • The glass transition temperature of this material is 165 degrees Celsius. This is a middle Tg value for a PCB material.
  • The decomposition temperature of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 is 380 degrees Celsius at 5% weight loss. This indicates a high decomposition temperature. Therefore, this material won’t easily decompose chemically.
  • At T-288, the delamination time of this material is greater than 15 minutes.
  • The CTE value of this material at the X and Y axis is 15 and 14 ppmo/C respectively. However, the CTE at Z-a1 and Z-a2 is 38 and 230 ppmo/C respectively.
  • The thermal conductivity of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 0.45 W/m-K
  • The maximum operating temperature at UL 796 is 130 degrees Celsius.

Mechanical properties

  • The flexural strength of this material is 450~550 MPa.
  • The peel strength of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 is 1.15 Kgf/cm.
  • The peel strength of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 1.15 Kgf/cm.
  • The water absorption rate of this material is very low. The value is 0.26%. Also, this material is ideal for use in humid operating environments.

Electrical properties

  • This material has a dielectric constant of 3.91 1GHz.
  • The dissipation factor of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 is 0.014 at 1 GHz.

Thermal Analysis Techniques for Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402

Thermal performance is an essential part of PCB materials. A material that features great thermal reliability and performance adds value to a PCB. Therefore, it is important to analyze the thermal performance of a PCB material. However, several thermal analysis techniques are used for Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402.

Thermomechanical analysis

This technique determines how the physical properties of a material changes in relation to temperature. Therefore, it evaluates the changes in Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402’s appearance when exposed to varying temperatures.  Also, TMA determines physical properties like density, physical dimensions, and volume of DS-7402. It evaluates how these properties change in relation to temperature and applied force.

TMA is a common thermal analysis technique. Also, this technique measures dimensional changes of a material. For instance, it can measure the CTE of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402. Also, it can evaluate the Tg of a material.

Dynamic mechanical analysis

Popularly known as DMA, it is ideal for evaluating viscoelasticity of a material. Viscoelasticity refers to the combination of elasticity and viscosity. Also, DMA evaluates the resistance of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 to deformation under vibration. This means, it looks at how a material bends and stretches when in motion. Also, this technique is ideal for determining Tg. Changes in temperature and stress can affect the thermal property of a material.

Thermogravimetric analysis

This determines how temperature impacts the weight of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 PCB material. Also known as TGA, this thermal analysis technique is very common. It evaluates how weight loss relates to temperature in a controlled environment. Before testing, the material is properly weighed at room temperature. After that, the analysis monitors the changes as the material exposes to an amount of heat.

Benefits of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 PCB Material

Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 PCB material has a lot of features which are beneficial to PCB fabrication. These features serve as benefits.

Environmentally friendly

Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 is free of halogen and phosphorus. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly material. Also, this PCB material doesn’t contain alimony.

Anti-CAF property

One of the amazing features of this material is its resistance to CAF. This serves as a great benefit for PCB fabrication. Conductive anodic filament (CAF) usually happens between adjacent vias in a circuit board. Also, it is a major concern in PCB fabrication. However, Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 is resistant to CAF.

Great thermal performance

Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 features exceptional thermal properties. Therefore, this material is reliable and performs well. For example, it features middle glass transition temperature and low Z-axis CTE. Also, these thermal properties impact the thermal performance of this material.

UL-94 flammability

This material adheres to UL 94 flammability standards. Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 is UL-94 V-0.

Applications of Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 PCB Material

Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402 is commonly used in several applications. This PCB material serves as a great alternative for conventional lead-free FR-4. Also, this PCB material is ideal for use in consumer electronics. For example, it is widely used in computers and mobile phones. In addition, this material is available in A/V devices.

It is a great option for these applications because of its benefits and properties. Also, this material is specifically designed to meet the needs of high performance applications.


This article explains every important detail about Doosan Middle Tg DS-7402. This PCB material features distinct electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties.

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