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What are the Substrates of Translucent PCB?

Transparent PCB is useful in LCD, 5G, LED, etc, with the light-emitting 360-degree package, as well as invisible wire transparent glass decoration.

Its glass substrate features some benefits in the tear-resistance, heat resistance, deformation, transparency, flatness, etc. Furthermore, the rate of deformation is extremely low under a high temperature. Also, the transparent PCBs are useful in 3D printed, solar, LED display, etc.

If you wish to learn more about transparent PCBs, please continue reading. We have a lot of information to share.

What is a Transparent PCB?

Generally, transparent PCBs are made from a non-conductive material having copper circuit layers that are kept on the inside or outside. Also, they are made up of hundred copper layers to ensure high density.

For high technological products, household appliances, and computer equipment, different electronics circuits could be found. Also, printed circuit boards come in different sizes and shapes are manufactured in different ways.

Benefits and Uses of Transparent PCBs

For the invisible clear glass wiring decoration of the Glass PCB, as well as the light-emitting 360-degree packaging, people make use of this type of PCB in LCD, LED, as well as many other purposes.

The advantages of making use of the glass substrate include Rip resistance, deformation, and heat resistance. Also, you can manufacture transparent PCBs with ease. One reason for this is because you can get glass from the recycling of items like ash and sand. This is why they are lower priced in contrast to the ceramic PCBs.

It is also resistant to water, dust, and heat. This makes sure that the glass transparent printed circuit boards have the ability to withstand use for long periods as well as highly extreme conditions.

There is no need for heat sinking during the manufacturing of the transparent PCB. This boosts the production rate further.

Transparent PCB Substrates

Presently, the industry makes use of two major substrates for the transparent PCBs. These are glass and ceramic. The transparent substrates that are ceramic material-based have a higher thermal conductivity in contrast to the glass-based type. However, this glass substrate delivers more optical transmissivity.

Transparent Glass PCB Substrate

Typically, glass is gotten from the combination of soda, limestone, ash, and sand. Naturally, these materials are plentiful. This is why they are recyclable and eco-friendly. Tempered glass is the most known glass make. This glass has been pre-stressed and reprocessed with great durability. Furthermore, tempered glass can absorb impact and shock.

Of all the glass variants, sapphire glass is known as the strongest. High-end electronics make use of sapphire glass due to its thermal properties and high dielectrics. This glass type is useful even for devices that should be used in space and satellites.

Transparent glass pcbs that are produced from transparent glass use the transparent glass technology and have the ability to transmit light in virtually all directions. This is why you can see light via the transparent printed circuit board from almost all the sides.

Benefits of the Glass PCB Substrate

Glass PCB substrates offer many benefits. These include:

  • Very flat surface
  • Highly transparent
  • Highly heat-resistant
  • Very resistant to any wear and tear
  • Resistant to any deformation

Though glass PCB substrates are transparent, the PCB’s copper traces are not. These traces are seen via the glass. However, there are manufacturers that make use of new technology, which makes the copper traces transparent as well.

Due ro the features of glass substrate, the glass PCBs are usually subjected to very high temperatures that will last for long and show a very low deformation rate.

Transparent flexible PCBs

Making use of PET thin films, the PCB manufacturers find it easy to manufacture the transparent flexible printed circuit boards. These come in several colors such as light green, white, light blue, transparent, etc. The PET materials make it possible to make transparent flexible electronic devices from printed circuit boards, which are different from the regular type of flexible PCBs.

Benefits of Transparent Flexible Circuit Boards

  • Lots of optical features
  • It can twist, bend, fold and move in 3 dimensional space
  • Very stable dimensions
  • Helps in reducing weight, form factor, as well as products miniaturization
  • Reduces PCB weight by around 90% in contrast to the regular rigid printed circuit boards of the same dimension

What are the Applications of Transparent Flexible PCB?

Flexible transparent printed circuit boards are useful in many ways and areas. These include mobile phones, electronic calculators, medical devices, ABS systems, automatic control systems, instrument panels, cameras, etc.

Other applications of the transparent flexible PCBs include electronic skins, smart contact lenses, transparent flexible electronic devices, etc.

Transparent Ceramic Circuit Boards

The manufacturers produce transparent ceramic circuit boards from different materials such as yttrium oxide, Aron, aluminum oxide or alumina, magnesium oxide, Al-Mg spinel etc.

Majority of transparent ceramic PCBs make use of transparent substrates featuring a glass-based solder mask. Here, the conductors are non-transparent. This transparent substrate features a transparency of around 75 to 85 percent. The glass-based solder mask that covers the traces plays a huge role in the maintenance of the substrate’s transparency.

Benefits of the Ceramic Transparent Circuit Boards

  • It offers lots of optical features
  • Water absorption is very low
  • Electrical insulation is high
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion is very stable and very low
  • Thermal conductivity is high
  • Temperature resistance is high

Applications of the Transparent Ceramic Circuit Boards

The applications of this circuit board include the folllowing

  • High power LEDs
  • Optical sensors
  • Aircraft
  • High pressure vapor lamps
  • Infrared windows present in missiles


There are lots of revolutionary changes going on in the printed circuit board industry. Also, manufacturers of today are making use of lots of innovative techniques just to meet the requirements as well as needs of different electronics. Transparent PCB development is one of these techniques. With the invention of LEDs, LCDs, and 5G, we will surely be seeing more areas where transparent PCBs are useful.

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