The Causes And Solutions Of PCBA Pseudo Soldering

The Causes And Solutions Of PCBA Pseudo Soldering

PCBA pseudo soldering is also known as cold soldering. The surface seems to be soldered, but the actual internals are not connected, or the intermediate unstable state that may or may not pass, affecting the circuit characteristics, may cause the PCB board quality to be unqualified. Or scrapped. Therefore, we must pay attention to the phenomenon of PCBA pseudo soldering. ShenZhen Rayming Electronics is a professional PCBA processing factory with rich experience in PCBA production and processing. Here are the reasons and solutions for PCBA soldering.


PCBA soldering


First, PCBA pseudo soldering joint is a common type of circuit fault. The causes of solder joint are common in the following two types:


  1. In the process of PCBA chip processing, due to improper production process, such as poor soldering or less tin, the component legs and pads are not turned on, etc., and the circuit board is in an unstable state when circuit is turn on and turn off sometimes;


  1. Due to the long-term use of electrical appliances, some parts with more serious heat generation are prone to aging peeling or the presence of impurities due to the solder joints at the solder joints.

Fault PCBA soldering

Second, determine the PCBA solder joint location method:


  1. Judging the approximate fault range according to the fault phenomenon that occurs;


  1. Appearance observation, focusing on the larger components and components with large heat generation;


  1. Use a magnifying glass for observation;


  1. Shake the suspicious component by hand and observe if the solder joints on the pins are loose.


Third, the method of solving PCBA pseudo soldering:


  1. The components must be protected from moisture;


  1. The in-line electrical appliance can be lightly polished;


  1. When soldering, solder paste and flux can be used, preferably reflow soldering machine, manual soldering requires technically good;


  1. Reasonably choose a good PCB substrate material.



In the PCBA processing process, the pseudo soldering is an important reason that affects the quality of the circuit board. Once the pseudo soldering phenomenon occurs, it needs to be reworked, which not only increases the labor pressure, but also reduces the production efficiency and causes losses to the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the cold soldering. The phenomenon is generated, the inspection work is done, and once the pseudo soldering occurs, it is necessary to find the cause and solve it immediately.