PCB Soldering


PCB Soldering: Printed circuit board soldering that RayMing effectively functions to offer this services in China. Most of the buyers who wish to have quality soldering services with competitive prices can contact us for their requirements. We cater to majority of the specifications through our own PCB soldering plant in China.


PCB Soldering

Regardless, other electronic contract manufacturers, we possess own production facility in Shenzhen, China to offer effective soldering services as per your necessity. We have engaged experienced staff of 110 employees to undertake soldering of circuit board for different type of technologies.


PCB soldering is used for both through-hole printed circuit assemblies, and surface mount. In the latter case, the components are glued by the placement equipment onto the printed circuit board surface before being run through the molten solder wave.


We offer PCB lead free soldering process as per the necessity. We have employed experienced personnel and created two additional production lines specially for giving this service. We follow exceptional soldering processes in accordance to RoHS PCB soldering prescribed guidelines and use modern techniques for quality inspection.


3 Tips for PCB Soldering :

1. The principle of soldering is to heat and melt the solid solder wire by a heated soldering iron, and then flow into the metal to be welded by the action of the flux, and form a firm solder joint after cooling. When the solder is tin-lead alloy and the soldering surface is copper, the solder first wets the soldering surface, and with the wetting phenomenon, the solder gradually diffuses toward the metal copper, forming an adhesion layer at the contact surface of the solder and the metal copper, so that the two Firmly combined.


2. The main functions of the flux are: removing oxides on the metal surface, removing impurities and dirt on the metal surface, and preventing the metal surface from being oxidized again. The role of solder resist is mainly used to prevent soldering between components.


3,A good solering point should meet the following standards: solder points into an inner arc; solder joints should be round, smooth and shiny. Clean no thorns, pinholes, voids, dirt, rosin stains. It should be ensured that the soldering is strong and no looseness.


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