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TATSUTA Material for PCB Circuit Board

Electronics manufacturing has followed a production process for the past years. However, this process has changed over time. A huge range of printed circuit boards still comprises materials used by early PCB industry.

Today’s PCB manufacturing still integrates some old processes. The reason behind this is that the majority of circuit board design procedures are deeply connected to traditional manufacturing methods. Here, we will be discussing TATSUTA material and its impact in electronics manufacturing.

What Does TATSUTA Offer?

TATSUTA is an electric wire and cable manufacturer dedicated to development and research that help meet the demands of customers. This company produces several optical components and electronic materials like conductive paste, EMI shielding film, and FFC film. TATSUTA material is a core part of advanced devices.

This material impacts advanced technology. Also, TATSUTA produces conductive pastes as electronic materials. This company designed the first EMI shielding film in the world. Also, this film is an indispensable material for smartphones. This film helped TATSUTA to win a large global market share.

In today’s world, TATSUTA material is widely used across a variety of different fields like the medical and semiconductor industries. Since its establishment, TATSUTA has been able to manufacture and supply top quality industrial cables, power cables, and root cables among others. With more than sixty years experience in electric wires and cables manufacturing, TATSUTA has been able to meet several market demands.

Other products manufactured by TATSUTA include communication cables, bare wires, accessories, covered wires, and bonding wires. Also, its services include environmental analysis and equipment system products. TATSUTA developed a cable that is resistant to electrical noise. Also, it produced antimicrobial cables that prevent infection in medical equipment.

Furthermore, the optical fibers produced by TATSUTA can withstand vibration, temperature changes, and electrical noise. Therefore, they can withstand hard environmental conditions. Also, this product detects external force and where it is coming from.

Types of TATSUTA EMI Shielding Film Material


This is a thermosetting bonding film that utilizes a laminating reinforcing plate as a protective layer. Also, TATSUTA CBF-300/W6 offers exceptional shielding performance within a wide range of frequency. It offers a high level of thermal conductivity which enables stronger grounding when used in applications.

TATSUTA CBF-300/W6 is a halogen free and RoHS compliant material. This conductive bonding film is suitable for flexible printed circuits. Due to its exceptional heat-resistance properties, it is applicable to lead-free soldering.


TATSUTA RP-150 is a heat resistant masking tape with little adhesive residue. Also, this TATSUTA material helps to prevent gold-plated terminals from any form of contamination during solder paste printing or solder reflow. This product features high heat resistance. Therefore, it can withstand extreme temperatures.

You can cut any location on the tape. In addition, TATSUTA RPT-150 features a high peeling strength. It is applicable in lead free reflow soldering. This reflow protection tape is RoHS compliant and as such, it is environmentally friendly.


This is an auxiliary material that offers electrical connection between a metal plate and the surface of EMI shielding films for flexible printed circuits. The full surface shield of this material offers exceptional shielding performance. Also, it is possible to achieve higher wiring density since it doesn’t require any cover lay opening.

The flat design of FPC offers excellent assembly properties. Also, TATSUTA FGBF-700 is UL94 V-0. It is halogen free and applicable for lead free solder reflow.

What is TATSUTA AE3030?

TATSUTA AE3030 is a silver coated copper paste utilized as a non-conductive or conductive fill material. This paste  is suitable for filling both non-conductive and conductive via holes. Also, AE3030 is a thermal conductive material suitable for the design of thermal vias. Its thermal conductivity is 7,8W/mK. Furthermore, this copper paste offers improved paste penetration.

Its glass transition temperature (tg) is very high. TATSUTA AE3030 is a better cost effective solution. Also, it requires shorter bake cycles since it features no solvent content.  It offers more benefits than other copper paste material like DuPont CB100.  Furthermore, TATSUTA AE3030 comprises 100% solid content. This silver coated copper powder features a CTE value of 40 ppm/C and 86 ppm/C at below Tg and above Tg respectively.

Capabilities of TATSUTA

TATSUTA also deals with the manufacturing and supply of medical products, optical components, and water leakage sensors. Also, this company offers environmental analysis services.

Medical products

TATSUTA offers great innovation in the medical field via the combination of different technologies. The integration of six different technologies has helped TATSUTA to deal with a host of issues in the medical field. Also, these technologies include compounding, fiber optics, liquid detection, thinner film material, alloying, and water drawing. As an OEM, TATSUTA has been able to offer top quality products.

Liquid leakage sensor

Blood leakage usually happens when needle slips. This is a major issue during dialysis treatment. A blood leakage will be easily detected if a plaster with a sensor is fixed on top of the IV needle. Conductive film technology has contributed to medical sensor development. Also, TATSUTA developed a conductive paste technology applied to liquid leakage.

With just an IV tube, the sensor technology counts and displays the drop administered for each minute. Also, liquid leakage is one of major threats of artificial dialysis equipment. However, TATSUTA’s experience in liquid leakage sensor has helped a lot. The liquid leakage sensor detects even the smallest leakage amount and signals a warning.

Optical components

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) changed the game in ophthalmological diagnostics. This technology brought about positive change. Also, OCT now plays a crucial role in areas like cardiology and dermatology. Furthermore, this device offers precise tomographic imaging.  OCT also contributes to cell analysis and the development of new drugs.

TATSUTA integrated light interference to manufacture equipment that offers a clear tomographic image. Also, TATSUTA’s optical fiber reads optical signals within a long distance. Due to its wide bandwidth and low loss, optical fibers allow huge-capacity communications irrespective of distance.


TATSUTA provides a wide variety of cables and wires used across several applications. Also, this OEM offers other services like liquid leakage sensors and optical components. TATSUTA dedicates its efforts and time in providing products that meet the demands of its customers.

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