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PCBA contract manufacturing entails producing, arranging, and designing printed circuit boards. Recent innovations in electronics have birthed the surge in demand for electronic products and devices. Therefore, the design of electronic devices utilizes Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) as a standard. 

This article briefly elaborates the following as they relate to printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) contract manufacturing (CM):

  • What is PCBA contract manufacturing?
  • Who is a Virtual PCBA contract manufacturer?
  • Why consider PCBA contract manufacturing?
  • Valid documents provided by the PCBA contract manufacturing individual (CM).


PCBA contract manufacturing involves contracting PCBA specialist electronic engineers who interpret and implement the designs of an electronic design engineer. The PCBA contract manufacturer is someone with an array of knowledge of PCBs’ requirements and standard procedures. Also, the PCBA contract manufacturer works with the PCB designer or developer to ensure a near-perfect job.

The PCB designer/developer is responsible for drawing the PCBA schematics. He ensures that the design consistently implements the right electronic accessories with the correct ratings. Moreso, he is responsible for providing the contract manufacturer with the necessary design documents.


A virtual PCBA contract manufacturer is a professional who can develop PCBA when a PCBA designer isn’t physically available. The virtual PCBA manufacturer ensures the PCBA specifications provided are the same while securing the client’s data. Of course, nothing beats physical meetings related to PCBA’s production, although there are time constraints. PCBA designers/developers may not always be available in person on request. 

The PCBA designer needs to ensure that the PCBA contract manufacturer sticks to the PCBA design specifications, and it requires time and diligence. The PCBA designer always needs to inspect the contract manufacturer’s job and make necessary amends. In cases where the PCBA designer is absent, production may stall or be completed before the actual time.


The following expatiate why hiring a PCBA contract manufacturer pays:

Minimal Cost Of Operation: The burden of PCBA manufacturing often becomes unbearable for startups. It costs a lot to build a standard facility for PCBA. The processes in manufacturing PCBA manufacture take much time with variant liability issues. Companies would save a lot by contracting their PCBA because different PCBs have peculiar standards and regulations. 

High Precision: PCBA manufacturers use the latest technology to produce high-quality PCBs with minimum lead time. They also simulate the PCBs in a real environment to eliminate PCB malfunction.  

Faster Component Sourcing: Since PCBA contract manufacturers are in the business, they have reliable sources to get Components faster, saving time for the original equipment company. The PCBA contract manufacturer knows the reliable component vendors and has various vendors to get components.

Zero Repair Cost: In electronics design, any mistake in component placement can be expensive for repairs. The original equipment company saves itself valuable resources by contracting a reputable PCBA contract manufacturer who bears the cost.  

Comprehensive Component Shopping: The PCBA contract manufacturers would likely have all the Components needed for your PCBA design to come alive. 

Improved Design: With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), there is an increasing need for miniaturized PCBA even as they take on more functions. A PCBA contract manufacturer will propose and effect necessary design changes for the equipment company. 

Minimal Design Time: Contracting PCB assembly to contract manufacturers reduces design time. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can assist PCBA designers in making necessary alterations, which leads to less design time.


Providing these valid documents to the PCBA original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will get you a proper quote. Sometimes, a missing file could result in a higher quotation for the equipment company. Below is a list of essential documents required but not limited to what the original equipment manufacturer needs from the PCBA contract manufacturer;

Bill Of Materials (BOM)

The BOM file is always in an excel or spreadsheet format. It contains vital details of the following:

  • Quantities of electronic components, accessories, raw materials, and parts for each of the different parts and subsystems of the PCBA. It also includes the total cost of each component used in the PCBA.
  • Approved component manufacturers for different parts and accessories.
  • Manufacturer part numbers for every component needed for the PCBA.
  • The BOM will also indicate when to commence operation and a probable finish time of the PCBA.
  • The BOM will also state the unit of measurement for each component. This will assist in getting the proper rating of the electronic components.
  • Provision of reference designators to show where each part is mounted on the PCBA.


The assembly drawings would show the following;

  • Board measurement specification.
  • The thickness of the board.
  • Necessary changes in earlier board versions.
  • Number of board layers
  • The various numbers of parts on the board.
  • Gerber Files: These are vector or line drawings on the board represented by engineering codes referred to as ASCII. The PCBA contract manufacturer uses these files to represent PCB objects like silkscreens, copper layer traces, pads, and solder masks.


Testing and sampling documents show the necessary tests to ensure a defect-free PCBA. This document ensures higher effectiveness of diagnosis.


This document contains any unique process carried on components and accessories in the PCBA manufacture process. Such processes include using complex test equipment like automatic test equipment (ATE).


Above are details on how PCBA contract manufacturing takes place. If you have any requirements or queries, our customer support won’t hesitate to reply to your message. Here’s our contact page.




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