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Top 10 EMS Contract Manufacturing In Brazil

Brazil represents a lot of things for different people. However, as an electronics enthusiast, Brazil represents one of the emerging manufacturing hotspots for electronic products. It all implies that the number of EMS contract manufacturing services providers is at an all-time high, which will only increase with time unless something drastic happens. So what happens when you want to pick and engage an electronic manufacturing service provider in Brazil? How can you go about it?

How to Select a Top EMS Contract Manufacturer


If you want top-quality electronic manufacturing service for your electronic needs, picking and engaging a top EMS contract manufacturing company becomes prudent. However, the emergence of the electronic industry in Brazil and the subsequent entrance of diverse EMS contract manufacturers in the market make it complex to settle on the correct and suitable electronic manufacturing provider for your electronic needs.    

So how can you go about it in Brazil? What should you consider?  Well, different EMS contract manufacturers exist in the electronic industry. Each contract manufacturer comes with different characteristics and divergent quality standards regarding their electronic product processes, solutions, and services.

You, therefore, have to consider plenty of factors to ensure your pick proves a top and suitable EMS contract manufacturer. Otherwise, it becomes possible to end up with the wrong choice; something can haunt you down when it comes to costs, quality of the electronic product, delivery timelines, etc. to pick the right top-tier EMS contract manufacturer, consider the following aspects in two levels: the baseline considerations, and the specific contract manufacturer considerations.

Baseline Considerations

  • The EMS contract manufacturer’s ratings
  • Ratings come about through the consideration of diverse aspects. Such aspects include the service or product costs, the quality of the product produced, the technologies adopted by the manufacturer, delivery timelines of the manufacturer, etc.  Therefore, if a manufacturer has a high rating, then it implies a top-quality contract manufacturing service or product solutions offered by that company. The converse also applies when the ratings prove too low.
  • Personal preferences. Your preferences, for instance, when it comes to budget aspects, the location of the EMS contract manufacturer from your company, customization aspects, customer care services, and impression, etc., become pivotal in swaying your decision on the best EMS contract manufacturer for your electronic needs.
  • Reviews. Most, if not all, reviews come from individual experiences of clients with the EMS contract manufacturer. Here, they get to detail and share their positive and negative experiences dealing with the EMS contract manufacturer in question. Such reviews become crucial in gaining insights into what hiring the EMS contract manufacturer can seem like. It also functions as a valuable guide for understanding the quality of electronic manufacturing services the company can provide.
  • Recommendations. Another crucial aspect you can consider when looking for a potential EMS contract manufacturer entails recommendations from trusted people. Such recommendations can come from close and trusted family members, trusted electronic industry peers, trusted friends, etc. It becomes important because they will recommend a company based on their experience (whether first-hand or second-hand) dealing with the concerned EMS contract manufacturer.

Considering the detailed baseline aspects can act as the foundation upon which certain specific EMS contract manufacturers can get incorporated before settling on one particular solutions provider.     

Features of a Top Electronic Assembly Contract Manufacturer

  • Expertise and a proven industry track record
  • A top EACM needs to guarantee a particular level of certainty on their ability to keep up their end of the bargain. What better method of ascertaining this through their history and experience in delivering electronic manufacturing service. It should also align with the electronic manufacturing needs of your company. Additionally, an EACM with a product life cycle will stand a better chance of delivering your electronic needs, especially if you need other services besides manufacturing and assembly.
  • Robust measures of quality assurance. Every top electronic assembly contract manufacturer puts a premium on minimizing production errors, which gets captured through quality assurance measures at every step of the production process. Therefore, if a company has certifications that demonstrate their compliance to industry regulations and standards regarding quality, it demonstrates their top-tier level of meeting and addressing your electronic assembly and manufacturing needs.
  • In-house design and engineering. Most top-tier electronic assembly contract manufacturers with skilled design and engineering departments hold an advantage over their counterparts without one. Such a department allows for identifying potential design flaws and suggests solutions to ensure a seamless production process. It, therefore, becomes a crucial factor to consider before settling on top EACM.
  • Customer communication. Excellent communication becomes crucial to the production process of your electronic products. It would help if you ascertained this with your potential EACM before engaging them for the assembly and manufacturing process. It can play a role in expediting or delaying the manufacture and delivery of your electronic products. Consider their attention to detail and capacity to communicate frequently and effectively.
  • Timely delivery. Most people confuse the aspect of ability and capacity. But with all honesty, a potential EACM should possess both. Capacity ensures that the company will deliver on their contractual obligation on time, besides providing that the quality of the manufacturing and assembly of the electronic products does not get affected.  

Top 10 EMS Contract Manufacturing In Brazil

Top 10 EMS Contract Manufacturing In Brazil

1. Flextronics

The company is highly rated in the industry, with an incredible pedigree as a global contract manufacturer. It got established in 1994 and operated four electronic manufacturing facilities in Brazil. The company’s operations entail manufacturing portable computers, smartphones, motherboards, network components, flight monitoring equipment, etc. Its advanced manufacturing equipment, skilled workforce, and latest technologies make it an ideal contract manufacturer for global brands like Sony, Microsoft, and Motorola in South America. It is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Company highlights

  • Compliant with industry manufacturing regulations and standards
  • Global operations
  • Four facilities in Brazil
  • Over 26 years of industry experience
  • Manufactures diverse electronic product solutions for different markets

Products offered

  • GPs systems
  • Flight monitoring equipment
  • Video game consoles
  • Industrial automation components
  • Smartphones
  • Motherboards
  • Portable computers

2. Digitron

As an industry leader, especially in the manufacture of hard disks and motherboards for computers, the EMS contract manufacturer comes as a trusted contract manufacturer for diverse brands in the South American region and the world at large. It comes as a certified operator with over 39 years of industry experience to guarantee your company’s financial future. It is located in Manaus, Brazil.  

Company highlights

  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards (ISO 9002, ANATEL, and PPB certification)
  • Manufacturers’ diverse types of electronic products
  • Established in 1986
  • 1350 highly skilled staff
  • Over 15 distributors in the world

Products offered

  • Hard drives
  • Motherboards
  • Notebooks
  • Network cards
  • Video cards
  • Fax modems

3. RayMing PCB and Assembly

RayMing PCB and Assembly

The industry leader in contract manufacturing got founded over fifteen years ago. It specializes in the assembly, manufacturing, and fabrication of PCBs. As a certified contracted manufacturer, the company’s contract manufacturing operations entail printed circuit boards in diverse types and for different application areas. What’s more, it comes as a certified box build assembly manufacturer.

The company has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, though it possesses a global presence.     

Company highlights

  • Assembles and manufactures PCBs and other PCB related products
  • Mass to small volume production
  • Over 15 years of PCB box build industry experience
  • Produces different PCB products for diverse markets and industries
  • Certified and compliant with international industry regulations and standards
  • Global presence

Products offered

4. Unicoba

Established in 1973, the contract manufacturer is among the largest and most reputable energy solutions providers in Brazil. It specializes in providing electronic contract manufacturing with optional support for logistics, distribution, and material importation. The company has certifications as an EMS and therefore gets trusted with some of the leading global brands. Unicoba prides itself in continuous improvement, prominence, ethics, delighting the customer, and operational excellence. It is Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Company highlights

  • Provides diverse manufacturing services
  • Compliant with the set electronic contract manufacturing industry standards and regulations
  • Manufactures diverse, high-quality electronic products
  • Consultative, entrepreneurial, and innovative approach in manufacturing engagement and operations
  • Over 1000 direct company employees

Products offered

5. Ateei

Established in 2001, the highly-rated EMS contract manufacturer comes as a popular manufacturing and assembly option for companies in circuit boards, primarily in THT and SMT technologies. The company specializes in the manufacturing of PCBs, monitoring equipment, and Telemetry systems. What’s more, it is certified and located in Parana, Brazil.

Company highlights

  • 20 years of electronic contract manufacturing industry experience
  • Certified as an industry compliant player (ISO9001, ISO1385)
  • Provision of quality board assembly and electronic product solutions
  • Provision of diverse electronic contract manufacturing services   

Products offered

  • ANTRON II alarm annunciator
  • ME3011B alarm annunciator
  • Event flag

6. Parks

Founded in 1960, the highly-rated EMS contract manufacturer specializes in electronic equipment, primarily for the telecommunication industry. It also deals in providing circuit board assembly services for other manufacturing companies (ones compatible with PTH and SMD).

The company comes as a certified manufacturer and is located in Cachoeirinha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.  

Company highlights

  • Over 60 years of industry experience
  • Offers customized manufacturing solutions to clients
  • Diverse service provision
  • Diverse PCB and electronic product types
  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards (ISO 9001:2015)

Products offered

  • Routers
  • DWDM
  • Parks Optical LAN
  • GPON

7. Hi-Mix

The one-stop solution EMS contract manufacturing comes as a leading light in providing design for manufacturing services, especially in electronic integration and lifecycle management. It is located in Pato Branco, Parana. Brazil.

Company highlights

  • Serves multiple industries
  • Compliant with industry requirements and standards (ISO 9001, TAI 16.949, ISO 14001, AS 9100, ISO 13485, and ISO / IEC 80079-34 certifications)
  • Provides diverse types of electronic manufacturing solutions
  • One-stop solution for all your electronic contract manufacturing needs
  • Decades of industry experience

Manufacturing solutions offered

8. Citta Eletronica

The EMS contract manufacturing company comes as a highly rated EMS provider for PTH and SMT technology-compatible circuit board assembly. Citta Electronic got established in 2006 and proves a world leader in providing power systems for industry and telecommunication sectors. It also proves certified and is located in Sau Paulo, Brazil.  

Company highlights

  • Manufacturing based on SMT and PTH technologies
  • Provides complete manufacturing cycles for diverse electronic products
  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards
  • Assembly and manufacturing services
  • Over 14 years of industry experience

Solutions offered

9. Foxconn

Despite proving Taiwanese by origin, Foxconn comes as an industry-leading EMS contract manufacturer in Brazil. It has bases in Manaus, Indaiatuba, and Jundiai and specializes in the design, manufacturing, assembly, development, and aftermarket services in communications, entertainment, and computers. It comes as a certified contract manufacturing company with years of experience.

Company highlights

  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certifications)
  • Provides diverse product solutions
  • Years of industry experience

Products offered

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Cameras
  • Desktop and portable computers
  • Modems, etc.


The company got founded in 2011 and came as a leading EMS provider in Brazil and its surrounding environs. It provides electronic products and solutions, including PC’s motherboards, set-top boxes, data storage devices, broadband products, etc. The company comes as the preferred manufacture of top industry brands. It is located in Manaus, Brazil.

Company highlights

  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards
  • Ten years of industry experience
  • Manufactures diverse consumer electronic products
  • Features vertical integration, research and development, and advanced automation.

Products offered

Final Thoughts

Contract manufacturing proves an incredibly crucial aspect of B2B-oriented electronic companies. Because of this, it becomes vital to get the correct and top-tier EMS contract manufacturer for your electronic needs, especially when you come from Brazil and its surrounding environs. What simpler way than settling for one of the top-rated EMS Contract Manufacturers detailed in the article. Additionally, you can also benefit from the insights provided to ensure that your top EMS Contract Manufacturing company proves suitable for your needs.

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