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Top 18 EMS Contract Manufacturing Companies in 2023

Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provide a valuable service to OEMs by handles printed circuit board assembly, product testing, fulfillment and other production needs on an outsourced basis. This article explores the top 18 global EMS providers in 2023 based on factors like capabilities, capacity, expertise and geographic reach.

Overview of EMS

EMS or electronics contract manufacturing refers to outsourcing production of electronics products to third-party specialists. It typically includes services like:

  • PCB fabrication and assembly
  • Procurement of components
  • Product testing
  • Final assembly and integration
  • Fulfillment and logistics

Key benefits of using EMS partners include:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Improved focus on core competencies
  • Leveraging manufacturing expertise
  • Flexible capacity scaling
  • Reduced production costs

EMS providers cater to markets like automotive, industrial, medical, aerospace, telecom and consumer electronics.

Top EMS Companies in 2023

Consumer Electronics Assembly

Here are the top 18 global EMS companies in 2023:

1. Rayming Technology

Rayming is a high quality, ISO certified EMS company providing end-to-end manufacturing services ranging from PCB fabrication, component procurement, SMT assembly, product integration, testing and order fulfillment. With certifications like IATF 16949, Rayming specializes in high mix, complex electronics serving automotive, industrial, medical, semiconductor and other advanced technology markets.

Headquarters: Suzhou, China

Facilities: 5 manufacturing sites in China

Services: PCB fabrication, precision enclosures, SMT, thru hole assembly, test development, box build, global fulfillment

Industries served: Automotive, industrial, medical, semiconductor

Revenue: $550M

Year founded: 2005

2. Flex

Flex is among the largest global EMS companies with around 200,000 employees and operations spanning 30 countries. It provides the full spectrum of contract manufacturing services from prototypes to high volume production and aftermarket services. Flex serves diverse industries ranging from automotive, aerospace/defense, medical, networking, consumer products and industrial.

Headquarters: Singapore

Facilities: 100+ manufacturing sites globally

Services: Prototyping, PCB assembly, systems integration, logistics, aftermarket repair

Industries served: Automotive, aerospace/defense, networking, medical, industrial

Revenue: $25 billion

Year founded: 1990

3. Jabil Circuit

Jabil is a leading Fortune 500 EMS company serving major OEMs. Its comprehensive manufacturing services encompass PCB assembly, precision machining, system integration, supply chain management and product lifecycle management. Jabil caters to sectors like automotive, digital networking, cloud, telecom, healthcare and packaging.

Headquarters: St. Petersburg, Florida

Facilities: 100+ manufacturing sites globally

Services: PCB assembly, test development, additive manufacturing, product design

Industries served: Automotive, 5G telecom, cloud computing, healthcare

Revenue: $29.3 billion

Year founded: 1966

4. Benchmark Electronics

Benchmark provides integrated design, engineering and manufacturing services ranging from prototypes to high-volume production, procurement, logistics and repair. They leverage advanced technologies like IoT, AR/VR and additive manufacturing to deliver optimized solutions. Their capabilities serve the aerospace/defense, medical technologies and complex industrials markets.

Headquarters: Tempe, Arizona

Facilities: Americas, Asia, Europe

Services: Engineering, precision technology, supply chain

Industries served: Aerospace/defense, medical, complex industrials

Revenue: $2.3 billion

Year founded: 1979

5. Sanmina Corporation

Sanmina provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions including electronic engineering and design, fabrication, enclosure machining, systems integration and fulfillment. Their expertise serves industries such as communications, medical, defense, automotive and cloud solutions.

Headquarters: San Jose, California

Facilities: 80+ manufacturing sites globally

Services: Engineering, PCB fabrication, test development, repair

Industries served: Industrial, automotive, communications, medical, defense

Revenue: $6.7 billion

Year founded: 1980

6. Plexus Corp

Plexus delivers optimized Product Realization solutions for companies in sectors like healthcare/life sciences, industrial/commercial, defense/security/aerospace and communications. Their comprehensive services encompass engineering, test development, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics and more.

Headquarters: Neenah, Wisconsin

Facilities: 20+ manufacturing sites globally

Services: Product design, PCB assembly, cables, full product realization

Industries served: Healthcare, industrial equipment, communications, defense

Revenue: $3.5 billion

Year founded: 1979

7. Celestica Inc.

Celestica provides end-to-end product lifecycle solutions including design and engineering, manufacturing, test development, global distribution and after-sales services. They cater to major OEMs in the aerospace, industrial, healthtech, capital equipment and semiconductor markets.

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Facilities: Manufacturing/design sites across Americas, Europe and Asia

Services: Hardware platform solutions, engineering services

Industries served: A&D, industrials, healthtech, semiconductor

Revenue: $5.9 billion

Year founded: 1994

8. Compal Electronics

Compal is the largest notebook computer maker and also provides electronics manufacturing services in diverse fields like automotive, AI/IoT, 5G telecom, AR/VR and more. Their expertise spans product development, automated production and field service.

Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

Facilities: Major operations in China and Mexico

Services: Joint design manufacturing (JDM), product miniaturization

Industries served: Notebooks, automotive, AIoT, AR/VR

Revenue: $67 billion

Year founded: 1984

9. Pegatron

Pegatron designs, manufactures and integrates products in computing, communications and consumer electronics segments. They provide specialized manufacturing services including case tooling, plastic injection molding, system assembly, and production of peripherals and components.

Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

Facilities: Major manufacturing in Taiwan, China, Mexico, Poland

Services: Case tooling, system assembly, plastic injection molding

Industries served: Computing, networking, smart home, gaming, IoT

Revenue: $40 billion

Year founded: 2008

10. Quanta Computer

through-hole assembly process

Quanta Computer is a leading notebook designer and ODM providing comprehensive manufacturing services from product design, value engineering to logistics management. They serve global customers in the data center, 5G telecom, automotive electronics, medical and other industries.

Headquarters: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Facilities: Manufacturing sites across Asia, USA, Mexico, Germany

Services: ICT hardware design, device integration, automated production

Industries served: Data center, 5G infrastructure, automotive electronics, medical

Revenue: $42 billion

Year founded: 1988

11. Creation Technologies

Creation provides complete electronics product design and manufacturing services including rapid prototyping, PCB assembly, systems build, supply chain management and aftermarket services. They cater to diverse markets like IoT, clean tech, industrial equipment, telecom and medical devices.

Headquarters: Burnaby, Canada

Facilities: Design centers and manufacturing sites across North America

Services: Prototyping, PCB assembly, system integration, repair/warranty services

Industries served: Industrial equipment, telecom, medical devices, clean tech, IoT

Revenue: $1 billion

Year founded: 1993

12. USI (Universal Scientific Industrial Co)

USI provides mechanical and electronic design manufacturing services across computing, communications, automotive electronics, automation and biotech fields. Their capabilities encompass supply chain management, automation, precision molding and tooling, system assembly and integration.

Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

Facilities: America, Europe and Asia

Services: Joint design manufacturing, automation, tooling

Industries served: Automotive, cloud, 5G infrastructure

Revenue: $9 billion

Year founded: 1980

13. Zollner Elektronik Group

Zollner provides full system design-to-manufacturing services spanning concept design, engineering, prototyping, testing, simulation, system integration, box-build assembly and logistics. They cater to the industrial electronics, automotive, telecom, aviation and medical sectors.

Headquarters: Zandt, Germany

Facilities: Manufacturing sites in Germany, China and Mexico

Services: Electronic engineering, PCB layout, test engineering, manufacturing execution

Industries served: Industrial electronics, automotive, telecom, aviation, medical

Revenue: $1.3 billion

Year founded: 1965

14. Key Tronic

Key Tronic is an EMS company specialized in electronic product manufacturing, integration, and fulfillment services. Their capabilities include PCB assemblies, cable assemblies, precision molding, tooling design, full system integration, testing and supply chain management.

Headquarters: Spokane, Washington

Facilities: USA, Mexico, China

Services: PCB and cable harness assembly, precision molded parts, system build

Industries served: Industrial, aerospace, healthcare, automotive

Revenue: $449 million

Year founded: 1969

15. VTech EMS

VTech EMS provides end-to-end contract manufacturing solutions from product design to logistics. Their services include PCBA production, precision plastic injection molding, vertical integration of key components like batteries and LCDs, and automated product assembly and testing.

Headquarters: Dongguan, China

Facilities: China manufacturing sites

Services: Vertical integration, automated production

Industries served: Automotive, industrial equipment, smartphones

Revenue: $2 billion

Year founded: 1980

16. Enics

Enics provides full product life-cycle engineering and electronics manufacturing services. Their expertise covers industrial design, PCB fabrication and assembly, automation, test system design, supply chain optimization and field service logistics. They cater to automotive, communications, industrial, medical and aerospace sectors.

Headquarters: Zürich, Switzerland

Facilities: Europe and Asia

Services: Electronics manufacturing, test development

Industries served: Automotive, industrial, aerospace, healthcare

Revenue: $500 million

Year founded: 1998

17. New Kinpo Group

New Kinpo Group provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions from product concept through volume production and field services across ICT, automotive electronics, healthcare, IoT and automation industries. Their services encompass design, vertical manufacturing, aftersales support and logistics.

Headquarters: Tao Yuan, Taiwan

Facilities: Across Asia, Europe, USA

Services: ICT hardware design services, precision manufacturing

Industries served: ICT, automotive, medical devices

Revenue: $7.5 billion

Year founded: 1973

18. Welles Enterprises

Welles specializes in full turnkey design, engineering and electronics manufacturing services for OEMs in industrial, medical, transportation, military and aviation segments. Their capabilities include PCB layout and assembly and complete product builds.

Headquarters: Winona, Minnesota

Facilities: USA and Mexico

Services: PCB design, test development, NPI builds, cable assembly

Industries served: Industrial equipment, medical, military/avionics

Revenue: $230 million

Year founded: 1983

This compilation covers major global EMS companies providing a full range of manufacturing and engineering services across key industries and geographies. Their capabilities, expertise and scale equip them to handle complete outsourced production needs for OEMs ranging from components to full systems.

How to Select the Right EMS Partner?

Key factors when selecting an EMS partner:

  • Industry experience relevant to the product application
  • Technical capabilities matching needs like SMT lines, test facilities
  • Global footprint and proximity to target markets
  • Range of services – NPI, volume mfg, supply chain, repair/warranty
  • Quality certifications – ISO, automotive, aerospace
  • Capacity, scalability and financial stability
  • Cultural fit and responsiveness
  • Competitive and flexible pricing models
  • Continuous improvement commitment


By leveraging capabilities like supply chain management, advanced manufacturing technologies, scale production and field services, top EMS companies provide a pathway for OEMs to achieve faster product development cycles, improved uptime and reduced overheads. Careful partner evaluation and selection allows maximizing the benefits of outsourced electronics manufacturing.


What are the benefits of using EMS manufacturing?

Benefits include faster time-to-market, leveraging manufacturing expertise, flexible capacity scaling, improved focus on core competencies, and reduced production costs.

What industries typically use EMS providers?

EMS caters to diverse segments like consumer electronics, telecom, networking, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, industrial equipment etc.

What is the difference between ODM and EMS manufacturing?

ODM takes full product development responsibility. EMS focuses on production of the client’s designed products. ODMs have own product design IP while EMS leverages clients’ IP.

Which company is the largest EMS provider globally?

Flex is one of the largest global EMS companies with around 200,000 employees and 100+ manufacturing sites across 30 countries. It provides complete outsourced manufacturing services.

What capabilities make a good EMS partner?

Key capabilities are technical expertise, modern manufacturing facilities, engineering skills, supply chain management, quality focus, field product life-cycle support, strong customer relationships and global delivery scale.




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