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How to Choose the Best Japan Electronics Company

Japan has a long history of developing cutting-edge electronics and technology. Japanese companies design and produce numerous of the top electrical goods and technology used today. Japan provides home to several of the biggest electronics manufacturing companies worldwide, who are known for creating dependable and high-quality goods. Japan has emerged as a global leader in the electronics sector, producing everything from Smartphones and televisions to household goods and industrial machinery.

According to reports, the Japanese consumer electronics sector alone is projected to have a value of $9 billion in year 2021. Electronics production is a significant component of the economy of Japan as well. In this article, we’ll examine the best 12 electronics firms in Japan in more detail, looking at their background, specialization, range of operations, and other factors. Let us consider them.

12 Best Japan Electronics Company

Fuji Electric Global

One of Japan’s leading producers of electronics, Fuji Electric focuses on producing and supplying electrical equipment, energy systems, and power electronic goods. Fuji Electric, a reputable company that leads the industry and was founded in 1923, is renowned for its top-notch goods and cutting-edge technologies.

The corporation provides services to an array of industries, such as energy, healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing, and has a presence in more than 100 countries. In addition to working to provide cutting-edge and dependable products which meet the requirements of customers all over the world, Fuji Electric has been dedicated to offering sustainable solutions which will help in building a brighter tomorrow.

In order to fully utilize the synergies between the Company’s core power semiconductor as well as power electronics technology, Fuji Electric remains committed.

They will contribute to the development of a sustainable and responsible society in the areas of social and industrial infrastructure by incorporating advanced equipment using key devices of optimal control technology, engineering services, as well as IoT technologies developed via frontline operations.

Kyocera Corporation

Formerly known as Kyoto Ceramic when it was founded in 1959, Kyocera Corporation adopted its present name around 1982. This Japan Electronics Company is well-known among the top electronic producers in both Japan and the entire world. Kyocera, a major manufacturer of different semiconductor packages, electronic components, systems for solar power generation, industrial ceramics, mobile phones, copiers, and printers, employs more than 78,000 people globally. Kyocera is well-known for its dedication to sustainability and has won multiple honors for their environmental management including receiving the ENERGY STAR Partner Yearly award from the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States for 12 straight years.

MFPs and printers from Kyocera offer financial and environmental advantages. Their Managed Document Solutions can optimize your hardware, reduce your environmental impact, and free up your IT personnel to concentrate on their main duties while streamlining your overall workflow.

In addition to providing electronic products, semiconductor packages, automotive and industrial components, solar power generation systems, copiers, printers, as well as mobile phones, Kyocera has emerged as a market leader. The company’s annual net sales for the year ending March 31, in 2018, came to 1.58 trillion yen (which is approximately USD 14.9 billion).

Mitsubishi Electric Company


Mitsubishi Electric Company, established in 1921, is a top producer of electrical and electronic products for a variety of markets, including the consumer electronics, energy, aerospace, automotive, etc.

The business is renowned for its top-notch goods as well as cutting-edge technologies as well as its long and illustrious history of excellence and creativity.

Mitsubishi Electric is dedicated to developing products which are not just effective and dependable but also socially and environmentally responsible, with a significant dedication to sustainability. Nowadays, this business is recognized throughout the technology industry for providing top-notch goods and services which cater to the requirements of clients and customers everywhere.

In collaboration with our clients, we are experts in creating and delivering electrical materials and products. Their engineering service is one of their main competencies as a result of this. Their components and materials are primarily used in the automotive, electronics, semiconductor, and medical business.

We concentrate on e-mobility, including its electric powertrain, as well as the digital change brought on by the rollout of 5G as well as the subsequent growth of such a data economy. They are market leaders and skilled partners for copper alloy and copper as a firm with mining heritage.


This company is a pioneer of complex fluoropolymer application technology in a variety of industries, such as microwave connection and medical devices. In addition to its headquarters and locations in the UK, US, and China, they also operate three businesses in Japan.

This Japan Electronics Company sells a variety of cable and wire products, such as microwave interconnects, high-speed cables, robot cables, camera link assemblies, the ultrafine coaxial assemblies and cables, cables for neat rooms, and standard cables and wires. Additionally, it offers a variety of fitting and tube products, such as peelable heat-shrink tubes, which are the industry standard, fluoropolymer tubes, generic resin tube, high-barrier tubes, industrial hoses, and flexible multi-layered tube.

The goal of Junkosha is to empower global innovators to create the next wave of technology to ensure a better society. They want to be known as the partner who responds the fastest to requests for specialized high-performance solutions; they want to be the go-to partner by satisfying all of your demands and, ultimately, by being a pleasure of doing business with. They pledge to support entrepreneurs in technology.

NEC Corporation

Electronic Devices Manufacturing
Electronic Devices Manufacturing

Among the biggest Japan Electronics Company is NEC Corporation, which employs 117,418 people worldwide throughout its group firms and facilities in places like Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, etc.

Since its founding in 1899, the business has steadily grown and now provides a broad range of goods and services. It also uses the most advanced network and IT communication, IoT, biometric identification, as well as AI technologies to serve clients in a variety of industries such as logistics, transportation, satellite, retail, hospitality, etc.

The product lines of NEC are known for their quality and innovation, in addition to their dedication to social sustainability and responsibility.

This Japan Electronics Company strives to have a good overall effect on society through enhancing the welfare, lifestyle, and advantages of people all over the world. This is because the company’s success directly affects the achievement of the whole NEC Corporation.

Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic Company was established in 1918 with its headquarters in Osaka area of Japan. It engages 97,000 people worldwide and conducts business in over 160 nations. They provide a broad range of premium electronic products, ranging from digital cameras, home appliances, as well as video cameras, through to communication devices, personal care items, industrial equipment, and more. They are a prominent Japan electronics company and the rest of the globe.

The goal of Panasonic is to improve society with the hep of its commercial endeavors by developing goods and services which make people’s lives better. The business is dedicated to attaining sustainable growth and having a beneficial influence on society, the environment, and the economy.

For clients in consumer electronics, automotive, housing, as well as B2B industries, Panasonic Company is a global pioneer in the creation of several electronics solutions and technologies. The business, which turned 100 years old in 2018, had grown internationally and now runs 582 subsidiaries including 87 affiliated businesses across the globe. For the fiscal year that ended on March 31st, 2019, it reported net sales totalling 8.003 trillion yen. The company, which is dedicated to seeking new value via innovation across the divisional lines, leverages its innovations to make life better and a much better world to help their customers.

Sony Corporation

This Japan Electronics company was established in Tokyo back in 1946. It is ranked among the top producers of video communication, information technology, consoles for video game, as well as electronics products both for consumers and companies.

The PlayStation game system, the Bravia series of televisions, as well as Walkman portable audio players, are just a few of the company’s well-known, high-quality, and inventive goods. Sony has corporate holdings in a variety of sectors, including financial services, electronics, entertainment (creation of movies, music, as well as television), and more. This business employs more than 100,000 people and maintains a global reach.

This operates in several nations. Sony has already been concentrating on increasing their position in the game industry over the past few years with the release of PlayStation 5 coupled with cutting-edge technologies in some areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and virtual reality.

Sony is dedicated to operating as a socially conscious business, taking into account how its actions may affect its stakeholders, including its customers, employees, suppliers, communities, as well as other stakeholders, and the environments.

Sharp Corporation

One of Japan’s top companies for the research and production of cutting-edge, high-quality electronics devices for both the industrial and consumer markets is Sharp Corporation. Sharp, a name in our electronics sector and a Japanese company established back in 1912, is recognized for the cutting-edge technologies and dependable goods.

Televisions, household appliances, solar cells, audio equipment, as well as office supplies are among the product offerings of the Company. Sharp is a leader within the electronics sector on a global scale thanks to its dedication to sustainability, innovation, as well as customer satisfaction.

Sharp strives to widen its customer base and provide outstanding value while having a significant presence in North America, Asia, and Europe.

With the application of cutting-edge technology as well as a dedication to innovation, value, quality, as well as design, Sharp is committed to enhancing people’s lives. We continuously uphold high standards of corporate conduct, and our unique products have won numerous honors.

Sharp Corporation is already consistently innovating with unique goods since its establishment in 1912, from the mechanical pencils through the initial LCD electronic calculator. Beginning with its creator Tokuji Hayakawa as well as his attitude of sincerity and inventiveness, Sharp is continually motivated by originality. It is the motivation behind us even now.

Toshiba Corporation

The manufacturing of electronic goods, semiconductors, and IT products is the area of expertise of the multinational company Toshiba Corporation. Having its main office in Tokyo, Toshiba has been around for a very long time. Tanaka Engineering Works, the company’s original name, was established in 1875. This Japan Electronics Company has developed through time into a significant player inside the worldwide electronics market, with operations in more than 50 regions and nations.

It has established a reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable brand due to its dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Toshiba’s current priorities are promoting innovation, delivering customer value, and making a positive impact on both the environment and society.

The Toshiba Group has aided in the development of a sustainable society by utilizing cutting-edge technology to generate wealth.

Our commercial sectors now focus on social infrastructure, energy, electronics, plus digital solutions, which are all crucial components of contemporary society and daily life. We develop new ways of living, knowing, and being by bringing fresh solutions to life. Yet it isn’t technology itself that motivates us; rather, it’s how it improves your and everyone else’s quality of life.

TDK Corporation

Electronic Sensor Manufacturer
Electronic Sensor Manufacturer

Japan-based TDK Corporation can be described as a well-known electronics producer on the global scale. In addition to a wide selection of high-quality goods for magnetic applications, wireless technology, and energy devices, the company also sells a number of different electrical components.

Having a long history dating back more than 85 years, this Japan Electronics Company has built a solid reputation for creating cutting-edge and trustworthy technologies that have found use in different industries like consumer electronics, healthcare, automotive, etc.

Due to its dedication to quality, the business now has a clientele from all over the world and is recognized throughout the electronics sector.

Tokyo, Japan-based TDK Company is a global pioneer in the electronic solutions again for smart society. Established on the basis of the mastery of material sciences, TDK welcomes the societal transformation through resolutely staying at the top of the technological evolution as well as purposefully including passive components like aluminum electrolytic, ceramic, as well as film capacitors in TDK’s innovation-driven, comprehensive portfolio in addition to magnetics, protection and piezo devices, as well as protection devices. This product range also comprises sensor systems and sensors like pressure and temperature MEMS and magnetic sensor.

Koki Company

Since its founding in 1964, this company KOKI has created and produced a variety of cutting-edge soldering products.

As a producer of different soldering materials, they are asked to keep up with technological innovation, environmental friendliness, as well as compliance in the current, fast evolving electronics sector.

In light of this, adding to the currently available high-quality soldering materials, we are constantly advancing the future generation’s soldering technologies, like halogen-free flux, and anti-cracking. With the newest innovations, unsurpassed quality, and priceless services to offer, KOKI, a professional group with expertise in different soldering technologies, is ready to help foster the growth and improvement of the worldwide soldering sector.

Triphol Corporation

As a trade company, Triphol links parties who are responsible for the care of glass and thin film-based emerging technologies. This comprises printing technologies, Photolithography, coating technologies, assembly and lamination for semiconductors, flat panel display, medical, OLED, sensors, manufacturing of solar power, etc.

This list has been by no successfully utilized, and Triphol actively explores and supports new technologies. Any additional requirement will be vigorously pursued,  fostering and developing connections between the USA, Europe, and Japan. Specifically, Triphol’s job involves: – Handling supplier and customer interactions – Making production lines easier to build and install – After implementation, maintaining installed equipment.

This Japan Electronics Company is a manufacturer of semiconductors, OLEDs, thin films, LCDs, display signage, LED lighting, medical equipment that supports technology companies in the USA and Europe.

Triphol has been a dependable supplier of manufacturing tools and materials since 2000 and has over 16 years of professional experience. Triphol also enables supply chain as well as contractual requirements, which include compliance with CE standards, and acts as a liaison between the West and Japan.

What are the Challenges that a Japan Electronics Company Could Face?

One of the most well-known businesses worldwide is Sony, a famous Japan electronics company .Panasonic is another. Hitachi, Fujitsu, NEC, Toshiba, Sharp, Kyocera, TDK, Sanyo, and Pioneer are further Japanese manufacturers of electronic appliances.

Japanese electronics manufacturers are no longer the industry leaders they once were. They struggle with high manufacturing costs, heightened international rivalry, and an excessive degree of diversification, producing anything from chips to undersea cables.

A recession and drop in the cost of computers, semiconductors, and other electronics affected Japanese electronics companies severely in 2001. In the fiscal year 2001 to 2002, the electronic companies (NEC, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Fujitsu) reported losses of about $12 billion. They experienced restructuring due towards the losing and bloated business to the Asian competitors.

In addition to having a poor macroeconomic performance during the last two decades, Japan has also lost ground in industries where it once held a competitive advantage, including electronics, particularly hardware for communication and information technology.

Japanese electronics companies have seen declines in a variety of benchmarks of their industrial performance, including market share, profits and exports.

To take full advantage of inexpensive labor, several Japan electronics company have moved operations overseas. Ever since the 1980s, Panasonic and Sony have operated factories in Mexico where they make products for the American market. Today, China is home to many businesses’ factories, partners, and suppliers.

Despite its current economic challenges, Japan continues to have the 3rd-biggest electronics sector worldwide and houses three of the best 10 semiconductor manufacturers, including Renesas, Toshiba, and Sony.

How to Pick the Best Japan Electronics Company

Several of the largest and most cutting-edge electronics companies globally are based in Japan. This nation loves technology, and is widely available there in shops you will not find elsewhere.

Business Experience

It makes sense that you work with a business that has a lot of experience working with electronic devices. You can put your trust in an experienced Japan electronics company for quality as well as design. You should be inclined to inquire about the manufacturer’s experience in the industry and their most notable accomplishments.

Project Designs

Choose a Japan electronics company with the expertise to assist you as you develop your design plans. A quality electronics manufacturing firm will streamline the work and strategies to increase their effectiveness.

Existing Technology

Don’t get scared inquiring about their planned use of equipment and tools. To be sure your products could be assembled together in a way which allows them to compete effectively on the marketplace, you should only choose the equipment maker who has access to the most recent technology.

Industry Compliance

Choose a Japan electronics company that follows the most modern industry standards. They should be willing to adhere to specific production standards in addition to various ordinances regarding manufacturing and design.

Supply Chain

Management of the supply chain is extremely important throughout the electronics sector. Ensure the contract manufacturer has agreements in place for sourcing electronic components as well as commodities across the world, as well as terms linked to approved suppliers as well as contract requirements that have been specified.


The best 12 electronics manufacturers in Japan, as listed in our article, have made a name for themselves as market leaders by producing technologically innovative, high-quality goods which are utilized throughout the world. These businesses are committed to offering sustainable solutions which contributes to a brighter future and has a significant global presence in a variety of industries, from consumer electronics into the industrial equipment.

They now are among the best electronics producers worldwide thanks to their dedication to quality, innovation, as well as customer satisfaction. There is little doubt that Japanese electronics sector will have a considerable influence on the direction of technology, so in the coming years we can anticipate seeing many more great items from these producers. If you need some explanation on any of the areas we have discussed in this article, please reach out to us immediately.




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