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Why You Should Choose APCT PCB Company for Your PCB Project

The PCB industry is indeed a vast one. There are several printed circuit board companies spread across the world. Also, PCB production is a delicate process that needs to be handled by professionals. In those days, they were only a few PCB producers. However, with the increasing demand for electronic devices, there are now so many PCB companies available in our world today.

One of such is the APCT PCB manufacturing company. This company specializes in the design, production, and testing of printed circuit boards. Here, we will provide relevant information about the products and services provided by this industry-leading company.

What Does APCT PCB Company Offer?


The APCT PCB company is a leading manufacturer of high quality circuit boards. Also, this company has manufacturing sites in California, Santa Clara, southern California, and Wallingford. APCT PCB company has its headquarters located at California. Also, this company occupies 180,000 sq.ft space.

Founded in 1971, APCT PCB company has been delivering quality products and services since its establishment. Steve Robinson is the CEO of this company. He acquired APCT PCB in 2008 after working as a manager with a global PCB producer for years. . APCT stands for Advanced Printed Circuit Technology.

Over the years, APCT PCB company has produced a business model that differentiated it from its competitors in the PCB industry. Furthermore, APCT PCB company has been able to meet the needs and demands of customers over the years. Therefore, this company prides itself in delivering the best-quality PCBs to customers.

APCT believes that if it focuses on its business model, then it can beat industry standards in no time. Furthermore, APCT PCB takes pride in offering faster lead times while meeting the requirement of customers. With this, APCT will continue to deliver the best. The faster lead time provided by APCT PCB company means manufacturing will be completed within days rather than weeks.

APCT will deliver printed circuit boards when a client demands for Quick Turn Availability. Also, this PCB company has been able to earn the loyalty and trust from its customers and partners due to its reliable delivery of quick turn orders.

APCT features a global supply chain network. Therefore, it has got facilities in Southeast Asia, Japan, Sourthern China.

The Cornerstones of APCT PCB Company

Every company has goals to achieve and there is always a mission to accomplish. For APCT PCB Company, there are three major cornerstones that drive it goals. These are commitment, passion, and trust. Also, these three cornerstones are what make this company stand out from its competitors.

APCT’s passion in what it does has helped it in delivering great customer satisfaction. Furthermore, this company’s commitment results from fostering innovation and service that supports its customers. APCT believes it can only earn the trust of its customers by its actions.

APCT keeps working diligently to provide technology solutions for standard PCBs and more advanced circuit boards. Also, APCT trusts its employees through a positive attitude and teamwork. Therefore, this helps to solidify its customer’s trust in its products and service.

Benefits of Choosing APCT PCB Manufacturing Company

APCT offers several benefits to its customers. This PCB company is widely known for its outstanding expertise in PCB fabrication.

Great reputation

PCB users love to patronize companies with great reputation. Over the years, APCT PCB company has built its reputation. Also, this company is known for delivering high quality and reliable circuit boards. These circuit boards have contributed to the development of some electronic devices.

High quality products

One of the numerous benefits of APCT PCB company is its high quality products. This company employs sophisticated technology and procedures during PCB fabrication. Also, it doesn’t compromise quality for price. Furthermore, APCT integrates several PCB inspection and testing methods to ensure quality control in the entire PCB production process.

Engineering support

APCT PCB company offers engineering supports to its customers. The core competency of APCT is its detailed engineering support that allows superior execution. Also, APCT provides offshore circuit board sourcing with domestic manufacturing infrastructure.

Faster lead times

APCT says yes to its customer’s lead time. Therefore, the fabrication process requires days and not weeks. Furthermore, APCT understands the need to beat competition in the PCB industry. Therefore, it delivers extremely quick lead times.


This is one great benefit of APCT PCB company. APCT specializes in the design, production, and testing of various types of PCBs. Also, this company produces advanced circuit boards.


APCT has the necessary certifications in PCB production. Also, this company ensures it adheres to some certain standards in the industry. For instance, APCT PCBs are RoHS compliant.

Use Cases of APCT PCB

APCT circuit boards are widely used in a wide range of applications. You will find these circuit boards in several consumer electronics. Since APCT produces a wide range of printed circuit boards, these boards have several use cases.

Aerospace and defense

APCT PCB company fabricated advanced circuit boards that can withstand harsh environmental conditions.  Furthermore, the circuit boards used in aerospace and defense electronic devices must meet some requirements. APCT PCBs meet these requirements.

Consumer electronics

APCT PCBs are ideal for use in consumer electronics like smartphones, TV, refrigerator, and more. Also, these boards offer a high level of reliability and as such, they contribute to the performance of these devices.


APCT PCBs are a perfect option for designing some automobile parts. These boards feature exceptional mechanical and thermal properties which make them applicable in the automotive industry.


Some telecommunication devices feature APCT circuit boards. Also, these boards feature exceptional signal integrity and reduced EMI. Therefore, it functions well in telecommunication devices.


APCT PCBs are ideal for use in the production of military devices. Some military devices work under very harsh environmental conditions. APCT PCBs specially build its military circuit board to meet such requirements.


APCT offers one-stop solution to offshore PCB sourcing. This PCB company is relentless in its efforts to get rid of the obstacles of price, design, or delivery. From its standard through-hole to HDI and rigid-flex products, this company keeps delivering quality.

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