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How Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) PCB Material Impacts the Functionality of PCBs

Materials used for PCB fabrication should be very functional and effective. This is because the material serves as a building block for this PCB. The Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) is specifically designed to meet the demands of high performance applications.

What is Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW)?

The new TerraGreen (RF/MW) is specifically engineered for high performance applications. It is a lead-free assembly PCB laminate. Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) is a Radiofrequency and microwave laminate. Also, this laminate uses a short lamination cycle. Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) PCB material features no plasma. It reduces drilling costs and has a long shelf life.

Also, digital signaling needs high frequency design to maintain signal integrity. Crosstalk and impedance mismatch are very crucial. Servers, routers, and power amplifiers are examples of applications that demand high performance boards. Most times, RF/microwave circuit boards feature a few layers. Materials ideal for RF/microwave may not be ideal for high speed applications. This is because of the processing considerations.

Furthermore, the Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) maintains a stable Dk between -55°C and 125°C. This material is ideal for high speed digital backplanes. Also, it is compatible with FR-4 laminates for hybrid designs.

Properties of Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) PCB Material

High Tg value

The glass transition temperature (Tg) value of Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) is 200 degrees Celsius. This material has a high Tg value. This means that it offers high thermal performance. Also, the Tg value of this material contributes to its thermal reliability.

High Td value

The decomposition temperature of Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) is 390 °C at 5% weight loss. Also, this material has a high Td value. This value is crucial for thermal response in PCB fabrication.

Low Dk

The dielectric constant of Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) is low and stable over a wide span of frequency. This means that this material is ideal for applications that demand impedance considerations and signal integrity.

Low z-axis CTE

The thermal expansion coefficient along the z-axis is 2.9%. Also, this is the value between 50 to 260 °C. This indicates the expanding degree of the PCB material at the z-axis.

Low Df

This material has a low and stable dissipation factor. The dissipation factor is 0.0032 at 2GHz, 5GHz, and 10GHz. Therefore, Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) maintains an efficient insulator system. Also, it is ideal for applications demanding high frequency range.

Low water absorption

Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) PCB material features a low rate of water absorption. Also, the water absorption of this material is 0.05%. This property contributes to the thermal performance of this PCB material.

High surface resistivity

The surface resistivity of Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) is high. Also, this property measures the insulation resistance of Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW)’s surface.

Advantages of Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) PCB Material

The Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) PCB material features several benefits.


This material doesn’t consist of halogen. It is free of bromine, chlorine, and fluorine. Halogen components are harmful to life. Also, these components create toxicity in the environment. Therefore, they are not ideal for use in fabricating PCBs. Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) is halogen-free.

RoHS compliant

Since this material doesn’t consist of toxic substances, it is RoHS compliant. Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) PCB material adheres to the RoHS standards. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly.


This material is a cost-effective alternative to other RF/microwave PCB laminates. It strikes a balance between cost and performance. Also, it offers high performance for its price.

High thermal reliability

This material features high thermal reliability. Also, it can function well in varying degrees of temperature. For instance, it features a high Tg and Td value. Due to its thermal reliability, it is suitable for use in high-frequency applications.

Low loss

A low loss material is ideal for use in radiofrequency/microwave application. Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) features a low dielectric constant and dissipation factor. These properties contribute to its low loss. Also, these dielectric properties maintain stability over a wide temperature and frequency span.

Effects of High Tg Value on Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW)

PCB materials are often exposed to varying temperatures. Temperature changes contribute to the performance and reliability of a PCB. The glass transition temperature (Tg) of a material is a great property that decides a lot of factors. Also, this property measures the temperature at which a material changes from a solid state to a rubbery state. T

The Tg value of Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) is very high. Therefore, this impacts the performance of a board positively. Also, this material features low thermal expansion and long delamination durability. These benefits are as a result of its high Tg value.

High Tg value has a positive impact on the functionality of a PCB material. Therefore, the Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) is a great option for PCB fabrication.

Applications of Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW)  PCB Material

Radiofrequency and microwave

The use of Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) in RF/microwave applications is increasing. Also, this material is specifically designed to meet the demands of this application. . Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) provides improved signal integrity and low signal loss. Also, this material features a low CTE and high Tg value. All of these make it a great option for this application.

Aerospace and defense

The aerospace and defense industries need high performance circuit boards. Also, the laminate used in this application should have exceptional properties. Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) features stable dielectric properties over a wide frequency range. Also, this PCB material is widely used in advanced weaponry systems, avionics, and flight controls. This material adheres to the Airbus Directive ABD0031.

Automotive and transportation

The Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) is widely used in the automotive and transportation industries. There is a great need for advanced transportation and automotive safety systems. Also, safety systems like blind spot detection and collision avoidance should be put in place. Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) is successful for fabricating PCBs used in these industries. Also, this material features great thermal performance. This attribute is needed in these industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the copper foil types used in Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW)?

There are two copper foil types available for this material. These types are HVLP and HTE Grade 3. The HVLP is a very low profile copper foil that is ≤2.5 micron Rz JIS.

Is Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) flammable?

No, Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) PCB material is not flammable. This material features UL 94 V-0 flammability. Therefore, this material can prevent fire. Also, Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) can prevent fire within 10 seconds.


For PCBs to function well, it requires a good base material. Therefore, Isola TerraGreen (RF/MW) is a great option for fabrication boards that require great performance.




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