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Impacts of Isola Astra MT77 in the Fabrication of Advanced Circuit Boards

With the advancement in the 5G world, mm-Wave applications keep increasing. Therefore, the demand for advanced PCB material will increase over time. Also, 5G technology will increase the demand for low loss lead free compatible PCB laminate. However, this type of laminate will add more value to the industry.

Isola Astra MT77 PCB material has become popular among PCB manufacturer. Also, this material is widely used in applications like mm-Wave systems.

What is Isola Astra MT77 PCB Material?

Isola Astra MT77 is a low loss laminate and prepreg. This PCB material is compatible with FR$ processing. Also, it offers exclusive physical properties which include higher temperature range and broad operational frequency. Furthermore, this PCB material is commonly used for mm-Wave and RF/microwave applications.

This PCB material is useful in radar applications for automotive. Also, Isola Astra MT77 is useful in lane departure warning. This prepreg and laminate material provides great electrical features like enhanced dielectric constant. This Dk is within a range of temperature of -40 degrees Celsius and +140 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, this low loss material features a dissipation factor of 0.0017. Most mm-Wave frequency band applications prefer ultra low loss materials. Also, Isola Astra MT77 is a great alternative for PTFE materials. This is because it is cost-effective.

Properties of Isola Astra MT77 PCB Material

High Tg value

The glass transition temperature (Tg) value of Isola Astra MT77 is between 190 and 200 degrees Celsuis. This high glass transition temperature is ideal for RF/microwave applications. Materials with high glass transition temperature. A high TG material features high temperature durability.

High Td value

The decomposition temperature (Tg) of Isola Astra MT77 is 360 degrees Celsius. This high Td value guarantees greater thermal performance.

Stable and low Dk

This material’s dielectric constant is 3 at both 2GHz and 10GHz. Isola Astra MT77 PCB material features a stable Dk over a wide frequency range. This dielectric property helps to maintain signal integrity when used in mm-Wave frequency band applications.

Low Dissipation factor

This ultra low loss material features a low dissipation factor of 0.0017 at 2 GHz and 10 GHz. Materials with low dissipation factor have better insulator systems. Therefore, this material reduces signal loss in applications.

Flexural strength

Flexural strength helps to measure the ability of Isola Astra MT77 to withstand mechanical strain. Isola Astra MT77 has a flexural strength of 49 ksi when it is in a lengthwise direction. Also, it has a flexural strength of 38 ksi in a crosswise direction.

Very low water absorption

The water absorption rate of Isola Astra MT77 is 0.1%. Therefore, this material can withstand a humid environment. Also, it absorbs water at a very high rate.

High Surface resistivity

This measures the insulation or electrical resistance of a laminate’s surface. The surface resistivity of Isola Astra MT77 is 1.33 x 10^5 Mohm. This surface resistivity is high.

Advantages of Isola Astra MT77 PCB Material

Isola Astra MT77 is a PTFE laminate that offers exclusive advantages. This PCB material is different from other PTFE materials. It offers advantages such as:

RoHS Compliance

This material is compatible with FR-4 processing. Therefore, it is a flame retardant material. Also, this material is RoHS compliant. Therefore, it is safe for use in the environment.

High dimensional stability

Isola Astra MT77 maintains a stable dimension when subjected to varying temperatures. Dimensional stability refers to the ability of a PCB laminate to maintain its size when exposed to varying degrees of temperatures.

Wide-spread industry recognition

This material adheres to many PCB industry standards. Also, it adheres to the UL94 V-0 flammability standards.

Ultra low loss

Isola Astra MT77 is an ultra low loss material that features low Dk and Df values. Low loss materials offer better performance when used for PCB fabrication. Therefore, low PCBs are ideal for applications where impedance considerations and signal integrity are important.

Shorter lamination cycles

Sequential lamination is an important manufacturing technique in PCB fabrication. Isola Astra MT77 requires shorter lamination cycles. Modern PCBs are now becoming smaller. Therefore, shorter lamination cycles are crucial. PCB materials with fewer lamination cycles cost loss.

HDI technology compatible

HDI means high density interconnect. This technology is fast-growing in the PCB industry. These boards always have microvias that are o.006 or lower in diameter. Therefore, the Isola Astra MT77 is compatible with the HDI technology. This material features higher circuitry than other traditional PCB materials.

Cost effective

This material is a cost-effective option to other microwave laminates. Also, it doesn’t require plasma desmear. Therefore, this reduces the cost of manufacturing this material. Isola Astra MT77 helps to strike an optimal balance between performance and cost.

Applications of Isola Astra MT77 PCB Material

The Isola Astra MT77 is useful in several applications. This PCB material is worthy of use in the RF/microwave applications. It has proved to offer better functionality than other RF/microwave PCB materials. However, it is ideal for use in other applications.

Aerospace and defense

Isola Astra MT77 PCB material is frequently used in the aerospace and defense sector. This material features a stable Df and Dk over a wide frequency range. Also, it offers thermal reliability. Thermal reliability and signal integrity are crucial in designing aerospace and defense devices.

Automotive and transportation

Isola Astra MT77 is widely used in radar application for automobiles. This material is gaining popularity in this industry. There is a need for this material in applications involving pre-cash and adaptive cruise control. Also, it is useful in applications that demand blind spot detection.

Radio frequency and microwave

The wireless market depends on this ultra-low loss material. This is because this material features great electrical, mechanical, and thermal features. Also, there is a rising demand for more bandwidth and speed in this application. Therefore, Isola Astra MT77 provides optimal benefits in this field.


The demand for advanced PCB materials will continue to increase. The Isola Astra MT77 PCB material is a great solution to high performance applications. This article has explained everything you need to know about this material.




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