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How Isola Tachyon 100g PCB Material Impacts High-Speed Digital Applications

The PCB industry keeps advancing. Therefore, the need for high performance PCB material is increasing. Not all PCB materials are suitable for high-speed digital applications. However, Isola has designed the Tachyon 100g to meet the requirement of this application. Also, this PCB material features great properties. This article seeks to provide more information about Isola Tachyon 100g PCB material.

What is Isola Tachyon 100g?

The Isola Tachyon 100g PCB material is specifically designed to meet the demands of high-speed digital applications. These applications are about or above 100 Gb/s speeds. Also, this PCB material has great electrical properties. These properties maintain stability over a wide range of temperature and frequency.

Isola Tachyon 100g comes in handy for scaling current devices to their next generation via new backplanes design. Therefore, this enables improvements from data rates of 10 Gb/s. Also, this material focuses on line cards that need the greatest thermal performance. Isola Tachyon 100g features a 30% improvement in its Z-axis CTEs. Therefore, this material is a great choice for greater layer line cards with several 2 oz. planes. Also, higher layer line cards featuring pitches at 0.8mm or lower.

In addition, Isola Tachyon 100g utilizes reduced profile copper and spread glass. This helps to improve rise times and mitigate skew. Also, it helps to minimize jitter and improve height and eye width. It also enables the use of ultra smooth copper. Isola Tachyon 100gfeatures a nominal Dk value of 3.02. This dielectric constant is stable between -55 degrees Celsius and +125 degrees Celsius. Also, Isola Tachyon 100g has a low and stable dissipation factor of 0.0021.

This PCB material is available in prepreg and optimized laminate forms. Also, it is available in standard panel sizes to offer a material solution for daughter cards and multilayer backplanes. Isola Tachyon 100g was specifically designed to create hybrid high-layer count backplanes. This material was successful when used on signal integrity TVs.

Properties of Isola Tachyon 100g

The following are the properties of Isola Tachyon 100g:

Thermal properties

The glass transition temperature of Isola Tachyon 100g is 220 degrees Celsius by DMA. This value is very high. Therefore, Isola Tachyon 100g offers great thermal performance. The Tg by DSC is 185 degrees Celsius. Also, the Tg value by TMA is 180 degrees Celsius.

The CTE on the Z axis is 45 ppm/ºC before glass transition temperature. After Tg, the Z-axis CTE is 250 ppm/ºC.  The CTE value at X and Y axis before Tg is 15 ppm/ºC.

The thermal conductivity of this material is 0.42 W/m/K at (-100-250 °C). Isola Tachyon 100g features a moisture absorption rate of 0.05%. Also, this material has a low water absorption rate.

Electrical properties

The Dk permittivity is 3.04and 3.02 at 2 GHz and 5 GHz respectively. At 10 GHz, the Dk is 3.02. This value is very low and stable.

The dissipation factor (Df) of Isola Tachyon 100g is 0.0021 at 2 GHz, 5 GHz, and 10 GHz. Isola Tachyon 100g features a low and stable (Df). The electric strength is 60 (1500) KV/mm (V/mil).

Mechanical properties

The peel strength of Isola Tachyon 100g is  0.79 (4.5) N/mm. After thermal stress, the peel strength at 125 degrees Celsius is 0.96 (5.5) N/mm

The flexural strength is 44 ksi in lengthwise direction. At crosswise direction, the flexural strength is 41 ksi. The tensile strength is 3D ksi at lengthwise direction. At crosswise direction, the tensile strength is 25 ksi

Thermal Analysis Methods of Isola Tachyon 100g

There are several ways of analyzing the thermal properties of Isola Tachyon 100g.

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

This is a popular thermal analysis method. It helps to determine the Tg of Isola Tachyon 100g. Therefore, it determines the flow of heat in and out of this material.

Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)

This analysis determines the degradation temperature. TGA evaluates the change in weight against varying temperature. Also, PCB degradation often occurs over a wide temperature range.

Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)

This evaluates the modulus properties and energy dissipation of Isola Tachyon 100g as it is deformed under a periodic strain. Also, this analysis is ideal for evaluating mechanical characteristics of viscoelastic polymeric laminates.

Advantages of Isola Tachyon 100g PCB Material

Isola Tachyon 100g features great benefits. This is one of the reasons this material is highly preferred among PCB manufacturers. The benefits of this material include:

Great electrical performance

Isola Tachyon 100g features stable electric properties over a wide frequency range. For instance, the Df and Dk value of this material are stable and low.

High thermal performance

Several factors contribute to the thermal performance of a PCB material. For more advanced circuits, a material with great thermal performance is very crucial. Therefore, Isola Tachyon 100g is an ideal material for advanced circuits.

Complies with industry standards

One of the greatest advantages of this PCB material is that it complies with most of the industry standards. This PCB material adheres to IPC-4103/17, UL 94 V-0 and Non-ANSI. Therefore, Isola Tachyon 100g PCB material is safe for the environment.

Available in optimized prepreg and laminate forms

This PCB material is available in optimized prepreg forms and laminates. Therefore, it is ideal for fabricating multilayer circuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of copper foil used in Isola Tachyon 100g?

There are three types of copper foils used in Isola Tachyon 100g PCB material. These foils are RTF, standards THE Grade 3 and VLP-2.

What are the types of prepreg used in Isola Tachyon 100g?

The types of prepregs used in Isola Tachyon 100g are panel or roll form. Also, tooling of prepreg panels are available.

What are the standard glass fabrics for Isola Tachyon 100g?

The square weaves glass fabric and the spread glass fabric. However, the square weave is commonly used for Isola Tachyon 100g.

Is Isola Tachyon 100g flammable?

The high-speed digital Isola Tachyon 100g prepreg and laminate is lead-free compatible. The flammability rating of this PCB material is UL94 V-0. This implies that Isola Tachyon 100g will stop burning within 10 seconds.

What are the areas of applications of Isola Tachyon 100g?

Isola Tachyon 100g is widely used in aerospace and defense. Also, you will find it useful in storage and peripherals.


This article has shed light on the Isola Tachyon 100g. Also, it answered some questions pertaining to that Isola Tachyon 100g.




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