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Why is Isola TerraGreen Useful in High Speed Digital Applications?

When it comes to PCB material selection, there is much emphasis on the properties of the material. Some high speed digital applications demand the use of high frequency materials. The materials help to preserve signal integrity. Also, computer and chips performance feature more driving data rates.

In today’s world, data rates that exceed 25 Gbps and 10 Gbps signaling are more common. Also, the Isola TerraGreen PCB material is a high-performance material that meets the rapid demand of high end applications. In this article, we will look into the Isola TerraGreen PCB material.

What is Isola TerraGreen PCB Material?

The Isola TerraGreen PCB material has excellent electrical properties. These properties are stable over a wide frequency range. Also, this PCB material is specifically designed for high-frequency applications. These applications include power amplifier boards for cloud computing and internet infrastructure. Also, TerraGreen has a stable Dk between -55 and 125 degrees Celsius about 20GHz.

Furthermore, TerraGreen is a material compatible with lead-free assembly. Also, it is very easy to process. Therefore, this high-performance material integrates a short-lamination cycle. It is very easy to drill. Also, it doesn’t need plasma desmear. The shelf life of this laminate is similar to that of FR4 materials. In addition Isola TerraGreen PCB material is ideal for high-speed digital backplanes. Therefore, it is compatible with FR4 material for hybrid designs.

TerraGreen is an ultra-low loss and halogen-free material. Also, this high-speed material is suitable for high-performance applications. Also, Isola TerraGreen features cores and prepreg that uses spread-glass fabric. Furthermore, this material is ideal for high speed digital applications that need halogen-free boards.

Also, it supports base station applications, internet infrastructure and other industries. The thickness of this material ranges from 0.002 to 0.060 inches.

Properties of Isola TerraGreen PCB Material

The properties of Isola TerraGreen contribute to its high performance in applications.

Stable and low Dk

The dielectric constant (Dk) of Isola TerraGreen is stable over a wide temperature and frequency span.  Also, this material features a Dk of 3.44 at 2 GHz and 5 GHz. With a low dielectric constant, this material can maintain signal integrity and minimize signal loss.

High glass transition temperature (Tg)

This thermal property contributes to the high performance of Isola TerraGreen. The glass transition temperature of Isola TerraGreen is 200 degrees Celsius. Materials with high Tg value perform better in applications. Therefore, Isola TerraGreen provides high temperature durability.


The coefficient of thermal expansion of Isola TerraGreen is 16 ppm/ºC along the X and Y-axis.  CTE measures the ability of a material to expand in relation to temperature. Isola TerraGreen features a low CTE. This means that it can withstand various temperature degrees without expanding in size.

High decomposition temperature

The decomposition temperature of this material is very high. Isola TerraGreen has a Td of 390 degrees Celsius at 5% weight loss. Therefore, this material will function well when used in high temperatures. Also, it can decompose chemically when subjected to temperatures above 390 degrees Celsius.

Thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of Isola TerraGreen is 0.32 W/m/K. This is very ideal for a high-performance material like TerraGreen. Also, the Tg value is similar to FR-4. Therefore, this material is ideal for use in applications requiring great thermal performance.

Low rate of water absorption

Isola TerraGreen has a water absorption rate of 0.05%. This value is very low. Materials with low water absorption contribute to the performance of a circuit board. Therefore, it is ideal for use in varying environments.

Advantages of Isola TerraGreen PCB Material

Several applications enjoy the benefits of this material. Isola TerraGreen provides some benefits. Also, it adds value to the PCB industry.

Great thermal performance

With its great thermal properties, this material performs better. Thermal performance is an important consideration for PCB manufacturer. Isola TerraGreen PCB material can perform well in different temperatures. Also, this material can withstand high-tech environments.

RoHS Compliant and Lead-free compatible

Isola TerraGreen is lead free compatible. Also, this material complies with the RoHS standards. Therefore, it contains no lead material or halogen. Also, it is safe for the environment as it poses no health risk to human lives.

Superior processing

The processing of this material is similar to FR-4 processing. Therefore, it is compatible with FR-4 processing.  Also, it features simple processing.

UV blocking and AOI fluorescence

This material offers UV blocking and AOI fluorescence. This material blocks the effect of UV rays on PCBs.

Ultra low loss

Isola TerraGreen PCB material is ultra low loss. This material features low dielectric loss. Also, it helps to reduce signal loss in high-frequency applications.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Isola TerraGreen PCB Material

Choosing an Isola laminate is a balancing act. It is important to consider some factors before you choose Isola TerraGreen.


Ensure the properties of Isola TerraGreen match that of the intended application. A small difference can cause failure. Ensure you consider the electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties.

Copper Type

This is another factor you need to consider. Isola TerraGreen uses very low profile copper foil. Also, this foil offers better results than some other copper types.


You must evaluate the cost-to-performance factor. This will help to ensure you use a low cost material to achieve a great design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of Glass fabric available for Isola TerraGreen?

There are three different types of glass fabrics for this material. They are the standard E-glass, spread glass fabric, and square weave glass fabric. However, the spread glass fabric is commonly used.

What are the industry certifications for TerraGreen?

TerraGreen has some industry approvals like UL 94 V-0 and IPC-4103 / 17.

Is Isola TerraGreen halogen-free?

Yes, Isola TerraGreen is free of any halogen constituents. This PCB material contains no fluoride, chlorine, and bromine.

What type of copper foil is available for Isola TerraGreen?

Isola TerraGreen uses VLP-2 (2 micron). This is a very low profile foil with a tooth < 5 microns.


Isola TerraGreen PCB material is ideal for high-speed digital applications. Selecting the right PCB material is crucial for your PCB fabrication. Therefore, we compiled detailed information about Isola TerraGreen. This will help you know what this material offers.




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