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Isola I-Tera MT40: A Low Loss and High Reliable Material for PCB Fabrication

In today’s world, the demand for more advanced electronic devices is increasing. Therefore, there is a growing need for high speed PCB materials. Also, the type of PCB material will impact the functionality of a circuit board. In the long run, this circuit board will impact the applications for which they are used for. Therefore, it is important to carefully select your PCB material. This article will shed more light on Isola I-Tera MT40 and what it offers.

What is Isola I-Tera MT40?

Isola I-Tera MT40 is a low loss PCB laminate with great electrical properties. These properties are stable over a wide range of temperature and frequency. Also, this laminate is ideal for most modern RF/microwave and high speed digital PCB designs. This laminate offers a stable dielectric constant. The dielectric constant remains stable between -55 and +125 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, Isola I-Tera MT40 provides a very low dissipation factor of 0.0031. Therefore, this makes it a cost-effective option to teflon and other RF/microwave laminate materials. Also, Isola I-Tera MT40 PCB material is available in both prepreg and laminate form. It is available in standard panel sizes and typical thicknesses. Therefore, this is a solution package for RF/microwave and high-speed digital multilayer.

PTFE-based laminates often require special through-hole treatments. Isola I-Tera MT40 is a reliable PCB laminate. It requires no special through-hole treatments.

General Properties of Isola I-Tera MT40

Stable dielectric constant

The dielectric constant of Isola I-Tera MT40 contributes to its exceptional electrical performance. This material features a Dk of 3.45. Also, it maintains a stable Dk over a wide frequency range. Therefore, this material is electrically stable.

High glass transition temperature

The glass transition temperature of Isola I-Tera MT40 is 200 degrees Celsius. This is a very high Tg. Therefore, Isola I-Tera MT40 PCB can perform better in applications. Also, this material features high temperature durability. Also, the temperature of the operational environment of this material shouldn’t be above 200 degrees Celsius.

High decomposition temperature

The Tg of Isola I-Tera MT40 is 360 degrees Celsius at 5% weight loss. This means that this material can decompose chemically at 360 degrees Celsius.

Low water absorption

The water absorption rate of Isola I-Tera MT40 is 0.1%. This is a very low rate. This property influences the electrical and thermal properties of Isola I-Tera MT40. Also, this material is ideal for use in humid environments.

Low dissipation factor

The dissipation factor of this material is 0.0031 at 2GHz, 5GHz, and 10GHz. Therefore, this material maintains a low and stable Df over a wide frequency range. This property measures the amount of dielectric losses associated with Isola I-Tera MT40. This material is a low loss material.

Thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of Isola -Tera MT40 is 0.61 W/m/K. This material is a good insulator as it doesn’t allow heat to pass through it easily.

Advantages of Isola I-Tera MT40 PCB Material

RoHS compliant

The Isola I-Tera MT40 is RoHS compliant. This means that this material adheres to the standards of RoHS. These standards restrict the use of some harmful substances in PCB materials. Therefore, this material is safe for use in PCB fabrication.

FR-4 process compatible

This material is compatible with the processing of FR-4. Also, it is flame retardant. Therefore, it complies with the UL94 V-0 standard.

High thermal reliability

One of the advantages of Isola I-Tera MT40 is its thermal reliability. This material features properties that contribute to its thermal performance. For instance, it has high Tg value and high Td value. Also, it features low water absorption.

CAF resistance

Isola I-Tera MT40 is an anti CAF PCB material. CAF means conductive anodic filament. It is often caused by the creation of a metallic filament from an electrochemical movement process. CAF has been a major concern in the electronics industry. The occurrence of this problem resulted in the production of anti-CAF material.

Multilayer capability

This material is ideal for multilayer PCB fabrication. Multilayer boards are useful for designs that demand high functional density in a compact space.

Applications of Isola I-Tera MT40 PCB Material

This material features a high-speed digital performance. Therefore, it is ideal for hybrid PCB construction. Also, it is suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

Aerospace and defense

Isola I-Tera MT40 is widely used in the aerospace and defense industry. This material is thermally reliable. Also, it has a high-speed digital performance. All of these attributes are important in the manufacturing of aerospace and defense devices. Also, this material features a stable Df and Dk over a wide frequency range. This is an important consideration for the aerospace and defense industry.

Automotive and transportation

Thermal reliability is an important consideration for PCB manufacturers in the automotive and transportation industries. The Isola I-Tera MT40 PCB material offers great thermal endurance for PCB used in these applications. There is a need for advanced transportation and automotive safety. Also, Isola provides laminates with great performance in this field.

Networking and communication systems

Bandwidth is a major concern in networking and communication systems. Therefore, Isola I-Tera MT40 play a crucial role in these systems. This material features properties that meet the demands for video and satellite services. Isola I-Tera MT40 is specifically designed for the most demanding systems and environments.

Computing, storage, and peripherals

Isola I-Tera MT40 features high speed digital and high Tg. These features make it suitable for these applications. You will find Isola I-Tera MT40 in servers, routers, and backplanes. This material is specifically designed to meet the needs of high-speed digital applications. Also, this material offers stable electrical properties and ease in processing.

Medical, industrial, and instrumentation

This low loss and highly reliable material supports various medical applications. This material is suitable for use in implantable devices, and imaging systems. Isola I-Tera MT40 features multi-lamination capability and HDI microvia capability.


High reliability and performance are important considerations when choosing a PCB material. Isola I-Tera MT40 is a highly reliable PCB material suitable for different applications. Isola designed the I-Tera MT40 to meet the demands of high density applications. Also, the need for advanced PCB materials keeps increasing. The Isola -Tera MT40 is an advanced PCB material with great benefits.

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