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Is the Isola FR406N PCB Material Reliable and Durable Enough?

The Isola FR406N PCB material serves multiple functions in circuit boards. This type of prepreg permits laminations at varying degrees of pressures that are non-uniform. Also, for its bonding, low temperature is not a barrier to it. It cures at a low temperature too. This PCB material has a lot of properties including chemical, mechanical, and electrical properties.

In this article, we shall discuss everything you need to know about Isola FR406N. If you want to widen your understanding in this regard, reading through this expository article will be a good choice.

What Are Isola FR406N PCB Materials?

This is a type of prepreg system that works with bonding applications. This prepreg comes with a resin system which enhances performance in different applications. Thus, it needs low-level resin flow. Also, this type of prepreg is uniform in its lamination and offers multiple functionality in cavity boards.

Plus, Isola FR406N PCB material is applicable in some areas. This includes aerospace engineering. In circuitry applications for aerospace, this material makes it possible for enhanced performance of aircraft.

Interestingly, this prepreg system is machinable by adhering strictly to punch. Also, steel rule makes for the possibility of it being machinable. Among numerous processing advantages, one is the ability to have accurate dielectric spacing.

Also, Isola FR406N has a dissipation factor of 0.025 and gets sticky to many materials. Whether you use treated copper or not, this prepreg system works effectively. Accordingly, Isola FR406N contains some plated metals such as tin and nickel among many others.

This prepreg material is available in either panel or roll form. Hence, it uses E-glass fabric and comes with flex films. Also, it has full encapsulation for exteriors that are not planar. Isola FR406N glass transition temperature is about 100 degrees Celsius. This material has a very long term reliability which makes it super durable.

Where Can We Apply Isola FR406N PCB Material?

This is applicable in many fields like

What Is The Determinant For Cure Time of Isola FR406N PCB Material in The Course of Lamination?

For each prepreg system, there is a cure time allotted to it. However, the cure time may vary based on the type of prepreg. For Isola FR406N, one determinant of cure time is the multilayer board one is manufacturing.

Each multilayer board has its own cure time. So, one determinant any day will be this board. This influences not just cure time, but the actual temperature for curing too. This implies that, multilayer package can solely determine both actual temperature and cure time for Isola FR406N.

In production, the board determines cure temperature and duration for curing. So, you need to be patient enough during cure time. The thickness of your board also determines the cure time. If it is thicker than the regular boards, an extended duration is needed for cure time. This helps to enhance performance in the package.

What Industrial Approval Does Isola FR406N Need?

Basically, this prepreg system must comply with RoHS industrial approval. The certification is what counts at most times. However, it can go with standard approvals like that of UL standards and CE standards.

How Best Can One Store and Package Isola FR406N PCB Material?

Each prepreg material has ways to package it. Also, the storage techniques really matter so much. However, the way you handle your Isola FR406N material determines if there will be contamination on it or not.

To be safe, you need to ensure that this PCB material is dry. First, you do not package it with dampness. Otherwise, the packaging may be hard. Also, one thing to consider is how sophisticated your design is. For such designs, you may have to wait for application of a solder mask after baking. The design influences how you go about solder mask application. Thus, it helps to guarantee some prolonged floor life in the course of the assembly processing.

Also, you should safeguard the boards manufactured for temperatures that are high. This may need prolonged storage or shelf life.

When using a Moisture Barrier Bag for  safeguarding boards, ensure it comes with a Humidity Indicator Card. The bag needs to have enough drying desiccant. The desiccant serves as a barrier to moisture absorption in the course of prolonged storage.

Per adventure you open the bag, kindly ensure processing for your boards takes place during one week.

What Do I Need When I Am Handling Isola FR406N PCB Material?

It is paramount to get some accessories that help to keep you safe during machining of your prepreg material. This is because some harmful substances may be inhaled while some fly into the eyes. Thus, you need to adhere strictly to safety precautions at all times.

The Isola FR406N needs careful handling because of their edges. Note that these edges could be so sharp. Oftentimes, they harm designers who aren’t careful because they cause some cuts. This is one of the reasons you need to exercise extreme precautions.

We cannot overemphasize the need for cross ventilation when you are machining your Isola FR406N. Generally, prepreg machining or fabricating may produce dust. So, don’t overlook a ventilated space for this.

Also, all engineers and designers must wear protective gears like aprons, masks, boots, gloves, and safety glasses. In addition, it helps to limit your contact with particles such as dust.

What Is The Condition That may Necessarily Affect Dimensional Stability of Isola FR406N?

There are certain conditions that affect each laminate and prepreg material. So, it is crucial to note these conditions during fabrication.

Majorly, the determining condition is shrinkage. It affects the general movement of Isola FR406N. One thing that causes shrinkage is how you allow the discharge stress from this prepreg. Therefore, one needs to release stress carefully from all prepregs.


The Isola FR406N PCB Material is a unique one that needs the right handling, packing and storage. Also, you need to adhere to precautions when you are machining this prepreg.

Generally, machining causes dust and dirt mites. So, you can’t afford to overlook getting the right safety gears for yourself. Hence, it is important you allow the prepreg dry up before packaging. Also, follow RoHS and other industrial approvals for this prepreg material.




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