Flex PCB Cost Estimator

Flex PCB Cost Estimator is very important for a designer who is developing a flex PCB ,  A good flex circuit engineer  not only complete layout design , but also control the production cost for projects or for company , Every day , we get hundreds inquiries ,  some designs  really  waste money ,big size , as a flex PCB manufacturer , we do like big size , but as a project ,We still suggest you control size , layers to save cost .


Flex PCB Cost Estimator


How many aspect to do flex pcb cost estimator ?


1.  Layers ,  Is the most important factor, if single side flex is enough , never try more layer

2. Flex Board types  : Single Pieces or in Panel ,   when do Flex PCB Cost Estimator , we consider material utilization rate , flex PCB material is roll unit , one of side canot be more then 250mm ,  when production , we will set working panel size , if waste lots , this will calculate into flex pcb cost .

3. Min Track/Spacing    2-3mil .

4. Min Hole Size   not be too small , 0.25

5. Gold Fingers   two option for flex pcb gold finger ,  hard gold or immersion gold ,  hard gold is much more expensive .

6. Copper Thickness  1/3 oz  is normal,  keep flexible , not suggest heavy copper .

7. Stiffener  , Flex PCB connector have 3 option to select stiffener : Fr4  stiffener , Aluminum stiffener , Pi stiffener ,  if you Plug frequency ,suggest use more harder stiffener .

8. Surface Finish    normal  is immersion gold

9. Size   more material utilization rate , more cheaper

10. Quantity    The more the cheaper

Why donot RayMing use online flex PCB cost estimator ?


flex PCB quote


Flex pcb cost estimator isnot easy as rigid PCB cost estimator,  Rigid PCB material size have lots of option , So we can choose different size material to do working panel Maximum possible utilization rate  , But flex PCB material is roll size ,  one size must be less than 250mm . So we use online customer support to calculate  exact price to avoid any mistake .


Ray PCB have rich experience in Flex PCB manufacturing and Cost Estimator , we deliver products on time and support low-volume and high volume production requirements to meet the different needs of our customers, contact us for a quote today!