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Best Paying Electronic Assembly Jobs near Me

Electronic assemblers are crucial to the tech industry and the world at large. They connect electronic systems and parts according to user specifications. Such electronic assemblers also analyze blueprints and schematics following their client’s specifications. Therefore, if you have a working electronic device, that might be so thanks to an electronic assembler. However, electronic assemblers do more than their names dictate. This article will focus on the major concern you have – ‘electronic assembly jobs near me.’ We know that finding a job even with a lot of electronic assembly experience can be challenging. So, we are here to make it easier. Are you ready to score a job in the electronic assembly market?

Electronic assemblers work with various equipment and hand tools to execute their duties. Due to this, they need great knowledge of the mechanical industry. An Electronic assembler can:

  • Inspect equipment efficiency
  • Perform repairs
  • Replace defects

Also, electronic assemblers have to adhere to safety precautions while at work to prevent any accidents. They also work with the maintenance team to assemble electronics to completions.

In the process of undertaking one job, electronic assemblers gain a lot of knowledge that they can apply in various industries. Therefore, they simply have a wider job scope. However, before we put a pin to that fact, let us first explore the responsibilities of an assembler.

The Responsibilities of an Assembler

Here are some responsibilities that electronic assemblers undertake:

  • First, they produce electronic devices by assembling and then soldering components on electronic circuit boards.
  • They build, test, and repair interlock devices
  • Helping engineers troubleshoot systems
  • They perform tests of high quality and pass the IPC standers
  • Making use of manual dexterity skills, visual acuity, and oral communication skills.
  • They test, check, serialize, and pack electronic boards under ESD controls and procedures.
  • Electronic assemblers install various components using the thru-hole procedure.
  • They work with wiring diagrams and blueprints.
  • Electronic assemblers are certified for wire wrapping, ESD, and soldering.
  • Electronic assembler read:
  • Drawings,
  • Schematics, and
  • Instructions

To properly wire and assemble client products according to customer and ISO standards.

  • They perform routine maintenance on machinery, which lowers accidents rates.
  • They receive progressive promotions as they continue to gain experience in the field.

As you can see, electronic assemblers have a lot of responsibilities which now leads us to the next question. How much do you think an electronic assembler earns annually? With such a long list of responsibilities, I hope your guess is right!

Electronic Assembly Salaries

Electronic Assemblers earn an average annual salary of about 31,454 USD which we can break down to 15.12 USD per hour. However, note that this is the average salary as the actual salaries vary due to:

  • Experience differences
  • Skillset differences
  • Working positions

Due to these differences, the actual annual salary of electronic assemblers ranges between 26,000 USD and 37,000 USD (for the top earner). The top earners can earn up to 11,000 USD more than the 25th percentile. However, to become a top earner, should be resilient in your job.

Electronic Assembler Personal Traits and Skills to help score Electronic Assembly Jobs Near me

This section shall break down the various personalities and skill sets you require to score when you are searching for ‘electrical assembly jobs near me.’ To take things up a notch, we shall also add in the percentage of people in the electrical assembly industry who use these skills. The references are courtesy of various resumes of people working in the industry to date.

Hand tools (6%)

Involves inspecting and assembling PC connectors while following client specifications. It also includes operating assembly machines and using actual hand tools to carry out tasks.

Dexterity (6%)

You should have perfect attendance

Assembly instructions (19%)

Have the ability to read various work orders keenly to determine assembly instructions and material requirements.

Sub-assemblies (6%)

Lighter electronic assembling involves simpler wiring diagrams and appropriate documentation.

Electrical assembly (5%)

Involves inserting electronic components onto circuit boards using various methods such as:

  • Soldering techniques
  • Hand insertion

Suppose you are looking to write a resume to score electrical assembly jobs near you. You will want to add some or all of this skill set into your resume. They spice it up and show and that you have the skill sets required to take on an electrical assembly job.

List of Electronic Assembly Jobs near Me

And now, for the main event, let us look at some electronic assembly jobs that you can easily find in your neighborhood. The jobs are well paying, and they utilize your skill sets to the fullest.

Electrical Assembler

Well, all through we have gone through what an electrical assembler does, their annual salary and skillsets. So all those factors hold for this case.

Solder technician

If you have Electrical Assembler skills and experience, then you can take on a soldering technician job. The two jobs have some differences, of course. For example, the annual salary of a solder technician is 645 USD higher than that of an electrical assembler.

However, even with this salary difference, these two jobs have one common ground. When you compare the skill sets required to take on these two jobs, you will note that some of them collide. For example, in both, the employer requires the employee to possess:

  • Hand tool skills
  • Dexterity skills
  • Ability to follow assembly instructions

Assembly Technician

Assembly technicians assemble small components to generate new products according to user specifications. As an assembly technician, you will get to:

  • Perform diagnostics
  • Provide manual instruction guidelines
  • Analyze different designs to generate optimal output

Assembly associate

An assembly associate assembles parts and components according to set instructions and diagrams.

As an assembly associate, you should expect to:

  1. Operate machinery
  2. Maintain records
  3. Adhere to production goals and schedules

Assembly associates earn 2,726 USD less than Electronic Assemblers.

Assembler and Quality Control

Assembler and quality control have some skill sets that collide with Electronic assembly. For example, an employer in both scenarios will be looking for these skills in your resume:

Hence, you should highlight these three skills to give you an upper hand in gaining this job.

On average, Electronic Assembly jobs pay 984 USD more than Assembler and Quality control jobs annually.


Sometimes it gets tricky when searching for “Electronic Assembly Jobs near me.” In most cases, we attribute this to:

  • A badly written resume,
  • Not knowing which jobs fit your skillset, and
  • Thinking that you are only restricted to the job you studied for.

However, if you apply the tips provided in this article, you will, without a doubt, score a job sooner than you expect.