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What Services Do the Best Wire Harness Manufacturers Offer?

A wire harness manufacturer is usually involved in the entire process involved in the manufacturing of a wire harness. This includes design and development, prototyping, program management, CAD modeling, logistics management, highly-integrated manufacturing, and more.

Have you been searching for the best wire harness manufacturers? This is why we have come up with this article. We will be discussing what wire harness assemblies are, what its design is like, the assembly process of wire harnesses, and how to test the wire harness. Lastly, we will be reviewing the best 10 wire harness manufacturers globally. Sit tight because we have a lot of information for you.

What are Wire Harness Assemblies?

Wire harness assemblies, which is also referred to as wiring assembly or cable harness, is regarded as a subassembly or group of wires that are designed to transmit electrical power or signals. The basic type of a wire harness may have as little as three components. On the other hand, the more classic type may have more wires as well as other potentially active and passive components.

Wire harness assemblies are usually confused with cable assembly. However, there are differences. The main difference is that cables assembly features only two ends. However for wire harnesses, it has multiple ends/branches running off in different directions having many terminations on each of the branches.

The usual wire harness features wires, usually in dozens. At times it includes hundreds of terminations and combinations. Also any reliable wire harness manufacturer will have an expert engineering staff, with vast experience in designing and constructing a wire harness.

What is a Wire Harness Design Like?

 The design of a wire harness is to help in simplifying the manufacturing of a much larger design. The design is based on the equipment’s electrical and geometric requirements, where you’ll be installing the harness.

Wire harnesses are usually useful in the world of electronics, manufacturing industrial equipments and machinery, automotive industry, and manufacturing white goods like dryers, washing machines, refrigerators, and some household appliances.

With a wire harness, the creation of the larger components is simplified. This is through the integration of the wiring to become one unit, as well as several units for installation. When you bind the many subassemblies, cables, and wires in any harness, this ensures that the full assembly is well secured against any vibration and abrasion effects.

After establishing the design, the process involved in the wire harness building begins with developing a schematic. This schematic is useful in the creation of an assembly board and manufacturing paperwork for this harness.

The pin board or assembly board is a full size of the harness’ diagram. This reveals all its components, as well as its location. This also serves as the harness’ workbench. Furthermore, the supply of the wires required for the harness is done on the master reel. Also, they are cut to the length you desire and if necessary, are identified with labeling or printing.

Once it has been cut to the right length, these wires are stripped, so as to reveal the uninsulated conductor. Also, they are fitted with the connector housings and necessary terminals. These components and wires are then plated on the board binding them together using cable lacing, cable ties, straps, tapes, sleeves, extruded strings, or the combination of any of these.

What is the Assembly Process of a Wire Harness?

The assembly process of a wire harness includes the following. Please take note that the processes explained below are not limited to these.

  • The installation of the wires, as well as other subassemblies
  • Using the required sleeves to route the wires as well as other subassemblies
  • Application of the tapes, ties, or wraps, especially on the branch-outs
  • The crimping of the terminals onto the wires, most especially when at least two wires enters one terminal

Automating these processes useful in the creation of wire harnesses is difficult. Production done manually is still a very cost effective option in contrast to automation, most importantly with small batches.

Harness’ kitting or pre-production can be automated. These steps will be affected:

  • The cutting and the identification of the individual wires (stripping/cutting machine)
  • Also, crimping the terminals on either one of the two sides of that wire
  • Plugging the wires that are pre-fitted with the terminals partially into the connector housings
  • Soldering the wire ends (the solder machine)
  • The twisting wires

Testing of the Wire Harness

You can achieve the testing of a cable or wire harness’ electrical functionality using a test board. The pre-programming of the test board is done with the necessary electrical features, and you can plug the complete harness into your test board and then it is tested either in multiples or individually.

Top 7 Wire Harness Manufacturers

There are countless wire harness manufacturers globally. This is why choosing one may become confusing. We have done our research and here we are with the best 10 wire harness manufacturers.

Yazaki Corporation

Yazaki Corporation was founded in 1941 serving as an independent manufacturer of auto parts. Asides from its production of wiring harnesses for automotive, which is a major product that the company has taken one of the top positions globally, Yazaki is also involved in the development and the manufacturing of electronic components, instrumentation, as well as other vehicle products to be adopted.

Furthermore, this company is known as one of the largest suppliers of automotives globally. This company is focused on wiring instruments, hards, and parts. Also, the company has its headquarters and origins in Japan. However, a large fraction (90%) of the employees work outside Japan.

You can visit Yazaki Corporation’s Website here:

Sumitomo Electric Industries

This wire harness manufacturer focuses on the manufacturing of fiber and wire optic cables. Its headquarters is in Osaka, Japan. Furthermore, this company is regarded as the most popular communication manufacturer globally.

Its sales volume and production of fiber optic cables have been among the top globally for many years, with its yearly output value reaching about $3 billion. Globally, this wire harness manufacturer has over 200 subsidiaries

You can Visit Sumitomo Electric Industries Website Here:

Aptiv PLC

Aptiv PLC was established in 1994. Formerly, it was called Delphi Automotive. However, it decided to change its name to Aptiv PLC in 2017 after Delphi Technologies experienced a spin-off.

This wire harness leading manufacturer manufactures and also distributes automotive components. Aptiv PLC has its headquarters in Ireland. It has around 130,000 employees working full time.

You can visit Aptiv PLC Website Here:

Leoni Group

Leoni was established far back in 1917. It is known as one of the best cable technology industries in Europe. They are mainly focused on commercial and automotive vehicles, healthcare and industrial industries, infrastructure and communications, wire & strand, and home & appliances.

This wire harness manufacturer is also known as one of the largest copper wire, and cable harness manufacturers in the world. It has branches in over 30 regions and countries, which includes Italy, France, United Kingdom, United States, China, and Germany.

The main customers of Leoni include NSN, Siemens, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

You can visit Leoni’s Website Here:

Lear Corporation

Lear is another top manufacturer of wire harness, who has been in the business since 1917. The company is known as one of the largest suppliers of the interior systems of automotives globally.

The designing, engineering, and manufacturing of their products are done by a very talented team. Also, the company is a leader when it comes to manufacturing car electrics and seats. Presently, this company has about 140,000 employees present in about 280 locations. You can also find them in 36 countries.

You can visit Lear’s Website Here:

Furukawa Electric

Furukawa Electric was founded back in 1884. It is an electronics and electrical equipment company located in Japan. The founder of this company is Toshihiro Furukawa.

Its plant locations are majorly situated in Asia, while its market distribution is mainly in Europe, North America, and Asia.

You can visit Furukawa Electric Company Website Here:

PKC Group

This group is a recognized and trusted partner when it comes to the global industry for commercial vehicles. The company’s vision is becoming the preferred manufacturer for any distribution systems for the global industry for transportation.

PKC features two main business areas. These include electronics and cabling systems. The business of cabling systems helps in the designing, manufacturing, and the integration of distribution systems, as well as related components for architecture, cables, wires, and vehicle electronics, most especially for buses and trucks, recreational and light vehicles, forestry and agricultural equipment and construction equipment.

You can visit PKC Website here:


This is the end of our article on the best wire harness manufacturers. We have been able to explain who a wire harness manufacturer is and the services they render. Also included are our top picks for the best wire harness manufacturers. If you need our assistance in any way, please contact us immediately.




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