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Top Digital IC Manufacturers in the World

Every electronic device we utilize in our day-to-day life comprises some simple or complex circuits. Electronic circuits are manufactured by integrating several electrical and electronic components. Conducting wires connect these components to each other. This ensures electric current flow via several components of the circuit.  Diodes, resistors, transistors, capacitors, and inductors among others are examples of electronic components.  

You can classify circuits into various types according to various criteria. For instance, they are two types of circuits based on connections, these are series circuits and parallel circuits. There are analog and digital circuits based on the signal used in the circuit. In this article, we will discuss an overview of digital integrated circuits and their applications.

What is a Digital IC?

A digital integrated circuit (IC) is an electronic circuit that operates on separate voltage levels. This highly miniaturized circuit is house by a small package. It functions at a low-voltage direct current (DC) power supplies. Also, typical supply voltages range from 3.3 and 5 volts (V). Digital ICs earlier worked on 12 V power supplies.

A digital integrated circuit comprises various types of capacitors, resistors, and semiconductors. Each of these components plays crucial roles like regulating current flow, storing voltage and supplying memory to the whole system.

 A microchip with six built-in digital inverters could be the simplest digital integrated circuit. Each inverter integrates a single pin for output and another single pin for input. Also, this inverter discharges a “high” when you feed a “low” into the input. However, the output is low when you feed a “high” into the input.

There are various types of digital ICs. These ICS carry out all types of functions which include mathematical calculations with the use of the binary number system. Digital ICs are available in cell phones, computers, digital devices, and other electronics. A set of 8 bits in 8-bit microcomputer is a byte. Every byte represents a number from 0 to 255.

Digital ICs brought about a change in the history of man. This IC is also known as a semiconductor chip. Also, these ICS are capable of handling discrete signals like binary values such as 0 and 1. These circuits make use of multiplexers, flip flops, and digital logic gates. Also, digital ICs are very easy to design and they are cost-effective.

Digital ICs operate at defined levels rather than operating at all levels of signal amplitude.

What is the Difference Between a Digital IC and an Analog IC?


Digital circuits can process digital signals only. The digital logic gates are the primary building blocks of digital ICs. On the other hand, analog circuits can only process analog signals. Also, these circuits generate their output as analog signals. Resistors, capacitor, and inductors are components of analog circuits. The logic gates are the main components of the digital circuits.

While digital circuits have the capability to process signals in the form of digital, analog circuits are capable of processing the analog signals. Digital circuits usually need signal converter while analog circuits require no signal converters.

Since the components of analog circuits needs manual placement, it is complex to design analog circuits. With the use of multiple software, it is easier to design digital circuits. The applications of an analog IC include oscillation, modulation, amplification, and more. Digital ICs are widely integrated in the development of computers and machines with intelligence capabilities.

Families of Digital ICs

Digital ICs have different families. A family describes devices designed with the combination of multiple automatic gates. Also, a family comprises stand-alone logic levels. Some voltages range may be high or low within every family. Here is a list of digital IC families.

Resistor-Transistor logic

In this family, the integration of transistors and resistors help in achieving the implementation of the whole logic. The electronics of the resistors aren’t expensive and are very easy to design. However, resistor-transistor logic consumes a significant amount of power.

Emitter coupled logic

In this digital circuit IC, there are no storage delays as the transistors don’t enter deep saturation. This logic is ideal for use in applications that require high-speed movement.

Diode logic

The integration of resistors and diodes helps in achieving the implementation of the whole logic.

Diode-transistor logic

In this digital IC family, diodes and transistors help in implementing the whole logic. The diodes of this logic can carry out AND and OR operations easily. The use of diodes helps in achieving OR operation.

Transistor-Transistor logic

The logic gates of this transistor-transistor logic are centered around transistors. This logic integrates bipolar transistors. Also, transistor-transistor logic is a very fast bi-polar circuit.

Best Digital IC Manufacturers


Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated manufactures, designs, and supplies high-performance integrated circuits products. Established in 1983, Maxim Integrated has more than 30 years of experience in the production of digital integrated circuits. This company’s mission is to provide innovative analog and digital solutions for consumer, industrial, and communications markets.

As a leader in digital IC integration and innovation, it is ranked as one of the best semiconductor companies. Maxim Integrated focuses on meeting the needs of their customers. As a leading digital IC company, Maxim Integrated offers integrated solutions to their customers. One of its products is the MAX5879 which offers a fully digital software-defined radio.

Maxim Integrated has continued to provide innovative services and superior value to their customers. Also, their core mission is to exceed the expectations of their customers

Microchip Technology Inc

Microchip Technology Inc is a top integrated circuit manufacturer that offers connected and smart embedded control solutions. Customers are allowed to create optimal designs which minimize risk while reducing time to market and total system cost.

Also, Microchip Technology provides analog and digital IC solution and microcontrollers and as such, offers low-risk product development. Furthermore, this digital IC manufacturers provides exceptional technical support with dependable quality and delivery. With its headquarter in Chandler, Arizona, this company provides outstanding customer support to their customers.

Microchip Technology prides its self in delivering high-quality semiconductors and microcontrollers to a large customer base. This company works with a team of professional engineers who devote their time to developing effective digital ICs and other products.

ON Semiconductor Corporation

ON Semiconductor Corporation provides analog and digital integrated circuits for power and data management. Also, this company provides products which include discrete semiconductors and standard logic.  ON Semiconductor is creating disruptive innovations to build a better future.

Focusing on industrial-end and automotive end-markets, this digital IC manufacturer company promoting positive change in megatrends. This includes industrial automation, vehicle electrification and safety, 5G and cloud infrastructure, and sustainable energy grids.

Onsemi’s innovative product portfolio keeps creating sensing and intelligent power technologies that provide solution to the most complex problems in the world. Also, this company leads the way in creating a smarter and safer world. Onsemi engages with several organizations to enable equal opportunities in workforce development.

Vimcro Corporation

Vimicro Corporation is a leading technology company in Beijing, China. This company which was founded in 1999 focuses on the design and the development of advanced mixed-signal multimedia chips. The company’s product portfolio targets various fast-growing application fields.

Vimicro focuses on developing digital and analog circuits for several applications. Also, this company integrates advanced technologies and processes to achieve this. There are a wide range of Vimcro Corporations’ are available for both international and domestic markets.  

Furthermore, Vimicro Corporation is one of the highly ranked fabless chip company China. This company develops mixed signal multimedia chips, which network video and video processors applications. As a top rated company, Vimcro is the first chip design company with proprietary technology in China on the Nasdaq’s list. As one of China’s most reputable chip companies in China, Vimicro has a strong customer base in the region and has partnered with other several Chinese companies.

Giantec Semiconductor Company

Giantec Semiconductor Corporation is a Chinese-based semiconductor company dedicated to offering IC products and solutions to customers across the world. This company ensures its products are available for a wide range of industries such as medical, electronics, smart energy meters, telecommunications, and transportation. All Giantec’s products are designed to meet the international standards. Therefore, these products undergo stringent testing before mass production

Giantec Semiconductor has its headquarter in Shanghai. Also, it is one of the largest manufacturers of EEPROM chips in China. EEPROM chips helps to store configuration parameters in personal computer, smart devices, and other digital devices. In the first half of 2019, Giantec’s accounted for more than 80% of its operating income.

This semiconductor manufacturing company offers its digital IC solutions to customers across the world. It has been able to achieve a huge feat due to its specialized technology. Also, this technology has helped Giantec to meet the ever-rising needs of its clients in several industries.  

Netsource Technology Inc

NetSource Technology, Inc is a reliable integrated circuit manufacturer in the U.S. The company which was established in 1997, offers extensive supply chain solutions to contract manufacturers and OEMs across the world. It specializes in the production of analog integrated circuits and digital ICs. NetSource works with a team of dedicated and highly experienced professionals that offer the products demanded by their customers.

In every manufacturing process, quality control is a must. This company integrates quality control mechanisms that go beyond industry standards. Therefore, customers can be guaranteed of the safety and quality of their products. Also, NetSource Technology Inc offers effective response and remedies emergency situation. Therefore, this company is a reliable choice for customers.

They have a huge onsite inventory which houses new products. Also, NetSource Technology Inc employs sophisticated technologies for its IC manufacturing. Despite the challenges in the IC manufacturing industry, this company has continued to stay on top of the game.

Dosilicon Company

Dosilicon Co., Ltd. is a popular semiconductor company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of memory chips. This company has its headquarters in Shanghai City. Dosilicon Company offers several products ranging from NOR flash memory to MCP and digital integrated circuits. As a domestic semiconductor company, this company integrates multiple design processes.

Dosilicon has a product portfolio which includes semiconductors, electronic components, and memory chips. Over time, this company has improved its main products by investing in technology accumulation and R&D capabilities. The products of this company are widely integrated in several applications like optical cats and smartwatches.

As a result of this, Dosilicon has been achieving great returns in the market. Also, it has set up a stable supply chain system. As a reliable digital IC manufacturer in China, Dosilicon ensures all its products go through the necessary testing procedures before enabling mass production.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Digital IC Manufacturer

When choosing a digital IC manufacturer for your project, there are certain factors you need to consider. Digital IC manufacturers are available around the world. Therefore, it might be quite difficult to choose a manufacturer for your IC projects.


Experience is an important consideration when choosing a digital IC manufacturer. Some digital iC manufacturers have the experience it takes in developing and designing digital ICs. These manufacturers can solve complex problems that arise during manufacturing. Also, experience indicates years of expertise. Therefore, it is crucial to ask your manufacturer some questions regarding this.

Quality control

Quality control guarantees the functionality and quality of a product. A reliable digital IC manufacturer must integrate quality control measures at every stage of the production process. This is important in ensuring the functionality of a digital IC before mass production. Also, another way your manufacturer ensures quality control is by adhering to certain standards in the IC industry.

Customer support

Another factor you shouldn’t overlook is customer support. You definitely want a manufacturer that gives immediate response to emergency issues and also prioritizes the interest of its customers. Some digital IC companies offer aftersale services to their customers. This is a way of supporting customers and meeting their demands.


Digital IC manufacturing is a process that requires careful procedures and attention. Therefore, it is important to choose your manufacturer wisely. In this article, we reviewed some reliable digital IC manufacturers in the world. Also, we discussed important factors to consider when choosing digital IC manufacturers.




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