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What to Expect from Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C

Xilinx has been known to produce high-quality and high-performing FPGAs for quite some time and now they’ve introduced a new series to their lineup. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new programmable chip for your circuit design, or simply have a hobby in programming and an interest in digital signal processing, then the Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C will definitely be worth checking out.

Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C Overview

The new XC18V00 series that Xilinx has introduced shows to be composed of in-system programmable configuration PROMS. This 3.3V family has devices that include a 4-megabit, a 2-megabit, a 1-megabit, and a 512-kilobit PROM. In addition to that, these PROMs provide a method that’s fairly easy to use and cost-effective for reprogramming and storing Xilinx FPGA configuration bitstreams.

This FPGA has two modes: Master Serial and Master SelectMAP. Each mode has its own sub-mode: the Slave Serial Mode and the Slave Parallel or Slave SelectMAP Mode.

The Master Serial mode allows it to generate a configuration clock. This clock is what drives the PROM. After CE and OE are enabled, data from the PROM DATA (D0) pin connected to the FPGA DIN pin is available for a short period of time. Each rising clock edge signals new data being made available for a short period of time. In the Slave Serial mode, an external cock will be what clocks the PROM and FPGA.

The Master SelectMAP mode also results in a configuration clock driving the PROM to be generated. New data also becomes available on the PROM’s DATA (D0-D7) pins for a short access time after CE and OE are enabled. After the rising edge of the CCLK, the data is then clocked into the FPGA. In Slave Parallel or Slave SelectMAP mode, an external oscillator will bear the responsibility of generating a configuration clock that drives the PROM and FPGA. In this mode, a free-running oscillator can be used.

The xilinx XC18V04VQ44C also allows multiple devices to be cascaded by driving the CE input of the device using the CEO output. The inputs clocked in and the output of DATA from all PROMs found in the chain are all interconnected.

Features of xilinx XC18V04VQ44C

The xilinx XC18V04VQ44C has a lot of key features that make it stand out from the rest. First off, it has an in-system programmable 3.3V PROMs that can configure Xilinx FPGAs. Not to mention, it has an endurance of 20,000 program/erase cycles and a temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius. Its interface to the FPGA is simple and easy to navigate.

The in-system programmable PROMs of the device can also be programmed individually. Alternatively, you can chain together two or more and program them in-system using the standard 4-pin JTAG protocol. This feature is useful because it allows for quick and efficient design iterations while at the same time eliminating any unnecessary package handling or socketing of devices.

Additionally, the Xilinx development system provides the programming data sequence to its users using either of the following: Xilinx iMPACT software and a download cable, a third-party JTAG development system, a JTAG-compatible board tester, or a simple microprocessor interface that emulates the JTAG instruction sequence.

Additionally, the Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C has dual configuration modes. Its serial configuration can go up to 33 MHz while its parallel configuration mode can reach 264 Mb/s at 33 MHz.

The I/OS on each reprogrammable PROM found in the Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C are also fully 5V tolerant, despite the core power supply being only 3.3V. This then eliminates any risk or damage that could be caused by connecting the 5V CMOS signals directly to the PROM inputs.

The device itself has a density of 4 Mbit with an operating supply voltage and an output capability of 3.3V. But it’s also worth noting that the Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C has no radiation hardening so you should take extra precautions from potentially exposing it to radiation.

The good thing about Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C is that it is RoHS compliant, meaning that it has been tested and approved to not contain any banned and harmful substances above the threshold prescribed. This also means that the device has earned its green credential. They are then ideal for any environmentally conscious product.

The Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C also comes in lead-free packaging and its design support uses the Xilinx ISE™ Foundation™ software packages.

Benefits of Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C

One of the benefits you can gain from the Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C is that it’s extremely reliable. With its high endurance, it has a guaranteed level of 20,000 in-system program/erase cycles. Additionally, it has a memory size of 512 kB and a data retention ability of a minimum of 20 years. It’s extremely functional and performs at such high quality.

The Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C also has advanced data security features. The user is able to set the read security bit to fully protect the programming data and prevent the internal programming pattern from any unauthorized reading or copying using JTAG. Setting this allows device erase, which is the only way to reset the read security bit.

You can also control and observe the state of the device pins of your Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C during the EXTEST, SAMPLE/PRELOAD, and CLAMP instructions by using the Boundary-Scan Register.

Another benefit of the Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C is that it covers a wide range of applications. It can be applied to the field of Artificial Intelligence, 5G Technology, Cloud Computing, Consumer Electronics, Wireless Technology, Industrial Control, Internet of Things, and Medical Equipment.

Final Thoughts

The Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C is definitely a useful device to have. Its programmable logic solutions can help minimize any possible risks from developing new products. The fact that it’s easy to use and navigate and reduces cost while still being able to produce high-quality performance makes it a worthy investment.

The various applications it has also make it flexible and something that a wide range of users can actually benefit from. With the Xilinx XC18V04VQ44C, you can implement your own custom-designed chip or design your next integrated circuit pretty easily.

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