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Technical detail of xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q Fpga

If you are looking to buy an Integrated Circuit (ICs), search no further because the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q is one of the best out there. This is an embedded design of IC that is categorized under the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

Like many other Integrated Circuits (ICs), the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q is designed with a series of interconnected materials, such as coppers and complex layering of semiconductors.

In this article, you will learn more about this IC and how it can be helpful to your next electronic product design.

Properties of the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q

This Integrated Circuit (IC) has some innovative features that make it one of the best from the Xilinx brand. The features include:

Logic Cells

Logic Cells are peculiar to Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). These cells are used for configuring certain elements in the board. Before this can be done, each of a large number of Logic Cells in the board must be configured to align with the desired function that is to be implemented.

The Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q uses the Memory-Based Logic Cells that are peculiar to FPGAs designed by Xilinx. Like other Xilinx FPGA Logic Cells, it implements the configured functions via the k-input LUT.

The LUT stands for Look-Up Table and it serves as the memory of the Logic Cell. The idea is that any of the functions up to the K variables can be configured and implemented on the FPGA via the memory (LUT).

It is also possible to make additional modifications, such as implementing sequential circuits. In that case, the D flip-flops will be added to the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q’s Look-Up Table (LUT).


One would expect that the use case or application of the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q would be limited to electronics. On the contrary, the Integrated Circuit (IC) is used across several industries.

These are some of the possible applications:

1. Automotive

The Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q can be used to hold hundreds of capacitors, transistors, and resistors on a semiconductor material. It is usable in the automotive industry, where it is used in the following regards:

Hybrid, Electric, and Powertrain Systems

The Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q can be used to hold together the transistors and capacitors on hybrid vehicles. It is also used to do the same on powertrain systems and electric vehicles.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The automotive industry has been undergoing some relevant changes, and one of those improvements is the introduction of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

By design, the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q is used to modify and improve the safety of the ADAS, to help the driver navigate the road/path with ease. The ADAS also increases the road safety of the driver and the car, as well as helping the driver with driving and parking functions.

The Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q is also used in the following automotive applications:

  • Body electronics & lighting
  • Infotainment & cluster

2. Industrial Applications

The industrial use cases of the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q Integrated Circuit (IC) cut across:

Industrial Transportation

The IC is used to control the interconnected materials inside the industrial transportations, such as non-light trucks and non-cars.

Aerospace and Defense

The Integrated Circuit is also used to control the electronic components inside aerospace and defense appliances, including aircraft and military-grade equipment.

Factory Automation

Equipment in a factor can also be automated and controlled with the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q.

The Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q can also be applied to these industrial aspects:

  • Power delivery
  • Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)
  • Medical
  • Test & measurement
  • Grid infrastructure
  • Motor drives
  • Building automation
  • Lighting


Communication gadgets can also be designed with the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q IC. The core areas of implementing these are:

  • Wired networking
  • Broadband fixed-line access
  • Datacom module
  • Wireless infrastructure

Operating Temperature

The operating temperature of the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q is -40˚C ~ 125˚C. The operating temperature of the Integrated Circuit (IC) has a role to play in its overall performance, as it pertains to the application context.

Also, the operating temperature can differ to the suitability of the device’s application, as well as the power dissipation from the device.

The operating temperature of the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q falls under the Automotive temperature grade. From a broader perspective, it can be said to be a hybrid operating temperature that combines the -40˚C ~85˚C rating of Industrial grades and the -55˚C to -125˚C of the Military temperature grade.

Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)

The MSL of the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q falls under the third category, which is MSL 3 which has 168 hours.

By default, the Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) is used to specify the standard electronic time or the maximum timeframe that a sensitive device (like a semiconductor) can be exposed to ambient room conditions.

There are 8 different levels of the Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) and the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q falls under the third category, which has 168 hours. What this means is that the semiconductor can only have a floor life out of the bag duration of 168 hours for the electronic components to be mounted on top of it.

Type of Packaging

Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q is packaged as a tray. By this design, the semiconductor’s tray is constructed from plastic. Also, the tray measures 12.7 by 5.35 inches.

The duo of the Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) and ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) are considered before making the tray-packaging for the semiconductor. This is a dedicated effort to prevent overt exposure of the semiconductor to ambient room conditions during which the components ought to be mounted atop it.

In addition, the tray-packaging for the Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q is designed as a JEDEC matrix, where slots are made for the easy, vertical passage of air.

Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q is Obsolete; What Can be Done?

The introduction of newer technologies and innovative designs in the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) can facilitate the “retirement” or obsolescence of older FPGAs. The Xilinx XA2S100E-6TQ144Q is one of those obsolete semiconductors.

You may be wondering about the option you can explore since you want to get your hands on it. Your best bet is to contact a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) vendor to see if you can get replacement parts for the semiconductor.

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