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Best Singapore Electronic Components Distributors

Electronic components are a core part of electronic devices. They are responsible for the functioning of an electronic product. You will find these components in all electronic devices, even the smallest device.

Singapore electronic components distributor plays a crucial role in the supply chain in the electronic industry. A distributor adds value and supplies electronic components in both large quantities and small quantities to electronic equipment manufacturers.

What is an Electronic Components Distributor?

Electronic components distributors make up the electronic industry. They are a major part of the supply chain for delivering components needed by electronic equipment manufacturers. These distributors supply electronic components that range from passive components to active components and semiconductors.

Distribution of electronic components is a complex process and delivering these components in the right location at the appropriate time is crucial for the successful operation of this industry. Component manufacturers can’t interface with several companies. However, electronic components distributors are capable of supplying several components from various manufacturers to a wide range of companies.

An electronic component distributor supplies electronic components and hold stocks of components from various manufacturers. In the past, electronic equipment manufacturers would have to directly communicate with component manufacturers to get their components. But, component manufacturers weren’t pleased with dealing with small quantities being ordered by small companies.

As a result, component distributors had to become the middlemen. They stepped in to bridge the gap between component manufacturers and electronic equipment manufacturers. As time went by, electronic component distributors increased and they had to handle large quantities. Therefore, these distributors made up a key part of the electronic supply chain.

Distributors began to handle all types of electronic components including active and passive components.

Capabilities of a Singapore Electronic Components Distributor

Xilinx Zynq fpga
Xilinx Zynq fpga

Singapore is an Asian country with a large number of electronic component distributors. These distributors offer various services that make it easy to handle component supply chain.

Supply various components

Electronic component distributors in Singapore provide a wide range of components from various manufacturers. They can supply in large quantities or small quantities. Most electronic components distributors started with small quantities. Supplying small quantities of electronic components was needed for prototype or service/ repair.

On the other hand, electronic manufacturers who were dealing with large production runs required large quantities of electronic components.


Another capability of electronic component distributor is offering technical support to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electronic manufacturing services (EMS). They could offer this information on-line. Also, many electronic component distributors establish departments in line with manufacturers to offer the needed support for making decisions as regards the appropriate component for a particular project. Electronic component distributors provide solutions to technical issues.

Provide supply scheduling

Electronic component distributors schedule component deliveries to when they are needed. Components scheduling is a crucial elements of large scale production operation. Most times, manufacturers don’t need large stocks of components. Delivering these components at the required tome may be a concern for the manufacturer as regards their storage. Therefore, it is important to offer supply scheduling of components.

Retrieve excess stock

The electronic component distributors may need to retrieve excess stock in some cases. For instance, a manufacturer might have some excess stock in cases where a production run is reduced. The electronic equipment manufacturer may not be able to sell this excess stock and as such will need to hand them back to the distributor.

Top Singapore Electronic Component Distributors


Mettel Electronics

Mettel Electronics is a large electronic component distributor in Singapore. Known for its dedication to delivering quality irrespective of market conditions, Mettel Electronics was founded in 1986. Two partners who have experience in the sales and marketing of semiconductor founded this company. Since then, Mettel has being one of the highly preferred electronic components distributors in Singapore.

Mettel supplies both active and passive components to Electronics Manufacturer Services (EMS) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). There are several benefits EMS and OEMs get to enjoy when they work with Mettel. One of such benefits is ensuring smooth supply of top-notch and genuine electronic components.

These components are usually offered to Mettel’s customers at competitive prices. Mettel has been able to build a lasting relationship with their clients through dedication to quality and customer support. With this, the company has a strong customer base. This electronic components distributor has made great service and customer support their backbone.

Also, Mettel believes in creating good business collaboration with their Principal as this helps them accomplish a positive business growth. This company can as well offer solutions to the increasing needs of their customers.


A reliable electronic components distributor can make things easier for EMS and OEMs. One such company is Iconnexion. Iconnexion is a committed and experienced electronic components distributor in Singapore. It has got offices across different countries like India, Thailand, China, Malaysia, and Taiwan. This distributor’s global connection has enabled them to supply the best components.

The increasing demand for high-quality electronic components made Iconnexion to create new innovations in the industry. In order to remain relevant in the industry, this distributor keeps improving the quality of their products and services. Asides electronic components, Iconnexion offers cable assembly services and some PCB solutions.

As this distributor partners with key manufacturers on several electronic components, it takes pride in delivering its products to several industries. Iconnexion’s electronic components are popularly integrated across several countries in the world. The company can meet the needs of their supplier and customers.

With a decade of experience in the industry, Iconnexion is at the forefront of changing the industry’s landscape. The goal of this focus on targeting passive, interconnect, and electromechanical components. Iconnexion believes in great engineering capability and as such makes emphasis on it.


ElectGo is a popular electronic components distributor in Singapore with strong technical support. Founded in 2016, this distributor is Singapore’s first online B2B marketplace for electronic components. This company offers the best electronic components which range from passive to active components. What makes this company stands out is that they provide a wide range of electronic components and industrial products.

Due to their investment in expanding their business, ElectGo has over 100,000 SKUs to provide for their market demands. OEMs and EMS prefer to partner with this company. ElectGo has delivery partners across the globe which provides unparalleled technical support and quick courier services. Also, this electronic components distributor in Singapore works with a team of industry professionals who provide great technical support.

Asides from electronic components, ElectGo also provide automation components, cable & wires, and enclosures. Its headquarters is located at Lam Soon Industrial Building, Singapore. Furthermore, this company has earned a great reputation as a knowledgeable and skilled distributor offering competitive pricing and excellent services to customers.

Due to their competent staff and dedication to excellence, ElectGo is highly ranked among the best  electronic components distributor in Singapore.

Mouser Electronics

Xilinx FPGA distributor
Xilinx FPGA distributor

Mouser electronics is a global distributor of electronic components and semiconductors. This company was incorporated in 2007 and since then has been a leading distributor of electronic components. As a Singapore electronic components distributor, they offer 100% authentic products. OEMs and EMS who choose this distributor are often guaranteed quality.

Mouser Electronics carry out stringent tests on their components before they leave the warehouse. This helps the company to detect any counterfeit component before making it to the market. Therefore, customers will be getting 100% genuine products. As a qualified distributor of electronic components, Mouser Electronics has the following certifications AS9100D/ISO900a, ECIA, and SAEAS6496.

This distributor believes in offering genuine products to customers. Therefore, it is committed to providing genuine electronic components that meet the standards of the industry. Also, Mouse Electronics is dedicated to providing the best customer service as their sales staff prioritize the interest of their customers.

Mouser Electronics has state-of-the-art warehouse system. Customers can make orders 24/7.  As a global electronic components distributor, this company offers reliable and functional electronic components that are widely integrated across several industries.

Belden Electronic Components Pte Ltd

Belden is an experienced and aggressive distributor of electronic components in Singapore. This company represents several brands in the electronic industry. With its headquarters in Singapore, Belden provides quality electronic components. Their sales and supp networks has gained popularity across the major electronic markets in the region.

Through their years of dedication to excellence, this company diligently serves customers in the Asia Pacific region. Also, they have been able to get the support and trust of their business partners and customers. Therefore, this company has become a highly-preferred supplier among their customers.

Belden offers several value-added services that helps their business partners and customers to remain competitive in the market. Also, Belden’s sales and customer service team, are focused and highly experience. These professionals commit themselves to meeting the demands of their customers.

Belden keeps building and investing in its customer base in order to offer their principals a strong demand for their products. This company has experience in the electronics industry in Singapore. Belden’s customers ranges from leading contract manufacturers, to OEMs and ODMs.

Continental Electronics

Continental Electronics is a leading Singapore electronic components distributor with a large customer base. Established in 1980, this company has been able to stay relevant in the electronics industry irrespective of the competition. With more than four decades of experience, this company has acquired vast technical expertise in electronic components.

Also, it has been able to build and maintain a strong relationship with its customers through its customer support service. The main goal of this company is to help OEMs and Ems to create innovative ideas. Also, the services rendered by this company include PCB production, IoT development, and Turnkey projects.

Furthermore, this company creates smart system solutions for their customers in different industries like production studios and advertising agencies. Through Continental’s dedication to service and excellence, this company has been able to achieve some of its goals.

Also, Continental Electronics create business partnership with OEMs, ODMs, and EMS in order to achieve a positive business growth. This company offers personal consultations and creates custom solutions that meet every demand. Also, Continental Electronics supplies a wide range of electronic components to their customers.

Seletech PTE Ltd

Sletech PTE Ltd is a is a popular electronic components distributor in Singapore with strong technical support. This distributor believes in offering genuine products to customers. Therefore, it is committed to providing genuine electronic components that meet the standards of the industry. Also, Seletech PTE Ltd. is dedicated to providing the best customer service as their sales staff prioritizes the interest of their customers.

Seletech PTE Ltd was established in 2000. This company started as a start-up company, but now it has grown so large. It distributes more than 10,000 stock components. Furthermore, this company has a large customer base it has built over the years. ODMs, OEMs, and IDO’s are some of Seletech’s clients. This company focuses on offering extensive customer support, getting competitive components, and addressing the needs of customers on time.

The product portfolio of this company includes potentiometers, inductors, LEDs, capacitors, relays, and more. This company takes pride in their strong capability to deliver its products on time and their years of experience. Also, Seletech offers strong solutions for their custom requirements. Their extensive experience helps this company in procuring high-quality components.

Fabtronics PTE LTD

Fabtronics is an experienced electronic components distributor in Singapore. As a leading distributor of components, this company has vast experience and expertise. Fabtronics provide unrivalled service and outstanding value to all their customers across the globe. Due to their belief in quality, this company is dedicated to delivering services beyond customer expectations.

Fabtronics partners with some of the largest brands in the semiconductor industry. This company built its foundation on strong relationships with semiconductor solution providers and technology manufacturers.

FABtronics has vast skills, experienced industry knowledge and creative entrepreneurial ideas that help them in delivering leading-edge products. Also, the team at Fabtronics understands the purpose of achieving high performance. Therefore, it keeps striving for overall value development, sustainable growth, and cost reduction which give them a competitive advantage over other distributors.

The cost reduction is not only beneficial to their valued customers, but also their customers across the globe. This distributor focuses on putting smiles on their customer’s face and as such seeks for their delight in every relationship they have with them. Therefore, you can rely on this company for your electronic components.

Amicus Engineering PTE Ltd

Amicus Engineering is a well-known electronic components distributor in Singapore. This distributor provides products to over 150 brands. Due to their dedication to providing quality, this company keeps working towards becoming a global provider of semiconductor and electronic components. Amicus Engineering Ltd makes emphasis on customer delight, speed, and quality.

As a reliable component distributor, Amicus Engineering serves world-class customers while ensuring uncompromising quality and reputation. The goal of this distributor

As this distributor partners with key manufacturers on several electronic components, it takes pride in delivering its products to several industries. Amicus Engineering’s electronic components are popularly integrated across several countries in the world. The company can meet the needs of their supplier and customers.

Amicus Engineering ensures quick response with innovative service to meet the needs of their customers. For quality assurance, Amicus Engineering PTE Ltd invests in advanced technologies that ensure quality components are supplied to their customers.  Furthermore, this company offers various value-added services.

Amicus Engineering keeps improving their products to keep pace with rapid technology development. This company believes their business isn’t all about supplying electronic components, but also about delivering their promises to provide the best.

Neetron Electronic Co

This Singapore electronic components distributor provides a wide range of electronic components like resistors, capacitor, rheostats, and electric relays among others. The main goal of this company is to provide the best-quality electronic components to OEMs, EMS, and ODMs. Also, they provide support to several clients.

Neetron Electronic Co ensures all of their electronic components are properly tested and functional before they are sold in the market. This company has a family owned business that was established in 1975. With over 3 decades of professional experience in the electronics industry, Neetron is dedicated to excellence achieved through good customer service, high-quality products, and technical support.

Neetron Electronics Co ensures compliance to industry standards. Therefore, this makes it a trusted brand to its customers. This company takes pride in offering the largest electronic parts. From Zener diodes to AC capacitors, Neetron Electronics works towards meeting the needs of their customers.

Also, this company personally distributes their components across the globe to be sure their customers get quality parts at a competitive price.  As a home-grown business, Neetron has been providing electronic components for more than 30 years. With much emphasis on delivering world-class electronic products, Neetron Electronics has been able to stay relevant in the electronics industry.

Why Hire Electronic Components Distributor

There are several reasons EMS and OEMs need electronic components distributor. Some people believe they add extra cost. However, electronic equipment manufacturers believe these distributors are crucial in the supply chain. Electronic components distributors offer several benefits in terms of cost and time.

Long lead items

One of the major concerns of electronic equipment manufacturers is acquiring the necessary components for the production run. If there are any shortages, it will have a significant effect on he production. Therefore, electronic assemblies won’t be able to reach completion until these components are all available.

Semiconductors are known to have long lead times which are usually up to 12 months in cases where demand is more than supply. Electronic manufacturers are usually concerned about this problem. Therefore, component distributors can be of great help in cases like this. This is because they always have more access to component manufacturers and as such, they can offer their assistance in cases like this.

Introduction of new components

Another area where electronic components can come into play is the distributing of the most recent components. Introducing a new component is a good capability of many distributors. Also, many manufacturing companies are always interested in integrating the most recent components. A lot of electronic components distributors offer new product introduction and as well help product developers get these components for their new electronic designs.

Counterfeit components

Component supply assurance is one of the major problems many companies are faced with. It is crucial to avoid using counterfeit components as this can jeopardize the efforts of these companies. Partnering with a reliable electronic component distributor guarantees the use of genuine components.

How to Choose the Best Singapore Electronic Components Distributor

It is crucial to consider what a distributor can offer when selecting one for a give project. Electronic equipment companies need to consider factors like support, size, and experience when choosing an electronic component distributor.


Choose a distributor that has acquired vast skills and knowledge in this field. As it was earlier said that electronic component distributor supply components to several electronic manufacturing companies. These components are usually gotten from electronic component manufacturer. Therefore, a distributor must have the required skill and knowledge to operate in this field.

Customer support

A distributor should provide customer support. Customer support can come in the form of technical support. Also, this distributor can offer advice to their customers as regards the type of components to use for a particular project.


You should make enquiry about the specialization of your distributor. Ask questions about their product portfolio. Ensure you choose a distributor that specializes in distributing the type of electronic component you need for your project.

Quality assurance

This is another factor you should never overlook when choosing an electronic component distributor. Choose a distributor that ensures all of its components are tested for quality and functionality.


Singapore electronic components distributor plays a crucial role in the supply chain in the electronic industry. A distributor adds value and supplies electronic components in both large quantities and small quantities to electronic equipment manufacturers. Also, an electronic components distributor helps development organizations to get small volume of components to meet the demands of development.

There are a wide range of electronic components distributors in Singapore. We have reviewed 10 out of the best distributors in Singapore. These distributors are known for their competence, skills, and experience in electronic component distribution. Also, they have been able to contribute positively to the supply chain in the electronics industry.




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