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Understanding the Electronic Industry in Singapore

 It’s not simple to select the top companies offering EMS services in Singapore. This is due to the fact that there are numerous options available in the Electronic Industry in Singapore, making it difficult to decide between them.

You should be aware of what manufacturing services the electronic industry in Singapore offers and what to anticipate from a manufacturer before choosing to deal with one. You should consider the company’s manufacturing capabilities very carefully before making a choice.

To assist you in making the ideal choice, we have produced this essay for this reason. We have also researched the top ems firms in the electronics companies in Singapore and hope that you may choose wisely.

What Does Electronic Manufacturing Services Mean?

EMS providers are vital to the designing, production, testing, and assembly of different electronic components and printed circuit board assemblies for the original equipment manufacturers.

Such EMS providers can also provide a variety of manufacturing services, including designing, assembling, as well as testing. Such EMS businesses may at some stage in the production process be hired. Some businesses in the electronics industry in Singapore simply require the design file from the customer before moving forward with product development, finding the essential components from dependable distributors, and finally assembling as well as testing the finished product.

Moreover, EMS providers in Singapore may require customers to provide the design, in addition to assembled components and samples, for the production process. Moreover, EMS providers could provide additional on-site services including PCB etching. Companies in the electronic industry in Singapore could also contract with a different company to provide these services.

Moreover, varying levels of automation are dealt with in electronic production. This is dependent on the company and the project. Moreover, businesses that manufacture huge products typically use a high level of automated production. Moreover, manual PCB assembly is usually used by suppliers who work with small quantities or prototypes. This will assist you avoid spending money and time trying to set up the machinery for the automated assembly.

The Design and Testing Methods of the Electronic Industry in Singapore


Asides from manufacturing electronic items, a significant number of different service providers also supply their clients with the designing and the testing of those products.


Here, the design services connect to several associated activities that happen after determining the customer’s product requirements and specifications in addition to before any production or assembly has even begun.

Also, the business might initially offer an idea for such product that outlines the project’s primary goals in addition to its initial specs. Also, this company may carry out some research through speaking with customers, consulting experts, and investigating competing items. The product could be designed and evaluated after the two aforementioned phases have been completed. Also, the client receives the prototype to approve it.


  • At least every sort of testing can be offered by EMS businesses after a production prototype is finished. Below are a few test types.
  • Testing for agency compliance ensures that all goods adhere to the requirements for safety and quality set out by a specific agency.
  • Automated optical inspection analyzes PCBs using a PC to find any flaws. This includes incorrectly drilled holes, etching problems, too much solder, and damaged traces.
  • Analytic laboratory testing supports quality control, research and development, and failure investigation.
  • Functional testing aids in testing the assembly’s broad operational features and characteristics by imitating the assembly’s usual functioning
  • Environmental testing aids in imitating a product’s intended environment. To assess the product’s resistance, environmental tests could also change the environment’s temperature, humidity, and vibration levels.
  • X-ray testing uses imaging techniques to provide a thorough analysis of a assembly without causing any damage.
  • In-circuit testing entails probing each component individually within the circuit. It’s merely to assist in testing how they operate.

Positive Features of the Electronic Industry in Singapore

Electronics panel board manufacturers

Singapore stands at the top of the list of each consumer electronics brand, with enormous sales increase of 13.4% year over year, totaling close to $770 million within a single year. China is without a doubt the market where consumer electronics companies generate the greatest income, but Singapore provides a service that other markets on earth does for those companies. Some of the main points are listed below:

Recognized for innovation

Keeping up with the global electronics market, customer electronic companies in Singapore provide best-in-class solutions to customers throughout the electronics sector. In actuality, the electronic industry in Singapore has made significant progress in the global innovation market. In Singapore, over 13,000 technicians and engineers are taught annually to meet the global demand for consumer electronics.

To be precise, any electronic device you use anywhere on earth must include one component at least with Singaporean heritage. In recent years, Singapore has established a number of innovation hubs to support efforts to develop a new electronics market segment.

Service expertise

The electronic industry in Singapore has experience in a variety of administrative fields, including manufacturing, sourcing, delivery, and retail sales. Singapore is the birthplace of electronics assembly worth about $65 billion, which is hardly even half of the market potential of Singapore. Because of increased efficiency and reduced downtime, the efficiency of assembling electronics devices has increased without sacrificing quality.

The cost of assembly at various sources is reduced due to an increase in production efficiency and technological innovation, resulting in a reduction in the price of final electronic products.

Exposure to the Asian market

Consumer electronics companies with headquarters in Singapore want that their retailers, channel partners, and outside specialty companies have a global presence. Also, these names provide a competitive edge within Asian and other international markets.

Singapore is unique among other markets for different consumer electronics firms to test the newly launched products in terms of consumer preference because of the population’s mix of Asian and western people. The ability to analyze business trends, opportunities, and threats that can be successfully replicated very much to different Asian marketplaces helps organizations get aggressive information regarding market pioneers.

Brands in the Consumer Electronics Sector Have a “Naming Impact”

72% of Singapore’s sales of consumer electronics are made up of portable devices. Imaging tools, cell phones, wearable electronics, and wireless speakers, are all examples of portable electronics. Wireless speakers sales increased by 9.3% during the initial half of year 2018 compared to the prior year. After mobile phones, the category of portable consumer devices with the best performance is wireless speakers.

Sales are limited because there isn’t a major brand in the category of wireless speakers. The presence of well-known brands in these wireless speakers would undoubtedly increase sales by a factor of two to three. Wireless speakers are reasonably priced, but the lack of a well-known brand is deterring many potential buyers.

Competitive Landscape of the Electronic Industry in Singapore

Consumer electronics producers from around the world have continued to expand their local representation in Singapore. 50.5% of the consumer electronics volume of Singapore is accounted for by Samsung Asia Ltd as well as Apple South Asia Ltd. Despite their large market share, local new businesses pose a serious threat to international producers.

By providing unique benefits compared to international manufacturers, local emerging enterprises are generating more sales in Singapore compared to what was anticipated. While Singaporean consumers are used to buying things off the shelf, local firms played on this consumer preference. Local brands attracted in Singaporean consumers by giving more customization possibilities, including enhanced customer services and at competitive cost.

The Consumer Electronic Industry in Singapore Has very Promising Prospects

The consumer electronics’ volume is anticipated to rise in the upcoming years. Singapore’s consumer electronics market is showing significant growth in volume, however this volume is primarily driven by replacement needs. This business volume is being driven by new categories like wearable electronics and wireless speakers.

The demand for speciality goods like OLED televisions and imaging equipment is growing as a result of the advancement of innovation as well as the escalating level of competition. Also, the Singaporean population is currently leaning toward a healthy lifestyle, which is increasing potential business volumes for wellness trackers as well as wearable technology.

Market research serves as a foundation for company growth and possesses the ability to provide the development of the firm a clear direction. In countries like Singapore, whereby new technologies emerge quickly and start-ups have become a big attraction from the economic and business view point, start-ups as well as new firms can profit greatly from market research.

Craft-Driven Market Research will help you realize your goals in this quickly-paced business environment by giving you a relevant market analysis and getting your product on the shelves where it will have the biggest impact.

Selecting Singapore’s Top EMS Providers

Over 3000 enterprises are served by Singapore electronics manufacturing companies. Their services include research, development, design, production, and distribution. Moreover, user participation in the development and manufacture of electronics is crucial for the electronic industries. Choosing the top electronic designer in Singapore may be challenging due to the diversity and growing size of the electronic industry in Singapore.

ST Engineering

ST Engineering provides exceptional product development services as well as product engineering solutions to fulfill specific electronic requirements. This manufacturing and design company is certain that they are able to offer the support that consumers need because innovation drives the business.

The company offers high-tech products and services to suit the needs of consumers for high-performance electronics in addition to their highly qualified team and employees. Also, ST Engineering has a thorough understanding of the difficulties that contemporary IT encounters.

Siltronic AG

Among the top companies in the manufacturing and design sectors is Siltronic AG. Customers can find solutions from this business in the area of electronic design and manufacturing.  To guarantee the highest quality of services and goods, this is done.

Moreover, Siltronic AG provides silicon solutions by producing silicon wafers. In addition, if this company uses cutting-edge technologies, it will be able to produce waffles of the highest caliber. This business has extensive expertise in the electronic industry in Singapore and it has its headquarters in Munich.

C&M Electronic Engineering Services

The company was established in 1986 to provide consulting services, high-quality product designs, product development, as well as product production. Also, it provides computer and electronic component repair services.

The business is accredited. Also, its primary areas of interest include the design and manufacture of PCB circuit boards and the design and installation of pcbs.


Globally, Aztech provides total turnkey solutions for its customers. The business was founded in 1983 but now serves the healthcare, industrial, as well as medical sectors in addition to the lighting and telecommunications industries. Additionally, they are specialists in both development and research in addition to production & design.


This is a reputable and well-known electronic firm. It is also a leading manufacturer within the foundries sector. Also, this business provides electrical goods and solutions with a focus on design, manufacture, and development.

The three main services provided by GlobalFoundries are post-fab, wafer program, as well as mask services.


Micron is an established business that creates high-performance electrical devices. This company provides manufacturing and high-quality design services for an array of industries, particularly those involving data, management, and memory.

The products on offer here include DRAM, SSDs, NAND Flash, NOR Flash, multichip packages, memory cards, managed NAND, advanced solutions, DRAM modules, advanced form of computing solutions, etc.


Singapore stands at the top of the list of each consumer electronics brand, with enormous sales increase. China is without a doubt the market where consumer electronics companies generate the greatest income, but Singapore provides a service that other markets on earth does for those companies. We believe we were able to shed some light on the many services that the Electronic Industry in Singapore provides. Also, we have analyzed Singapore’s top ems companies. They all provide excellent manufacturing services. Please get in touch with us here if you have any questions




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