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What are the Capabilities of Sheldahl Material for Flexible Printed Circuit

Flexible circuits have made it possible to manufacture some electronic devices like cameras, wearables, smartphones, and more. Flexible circuit technology keeps growing with applications mainly in the electronic industries. Also, flexible boards offer vast solutions for engineers who need to design electronics with weight and space limitations.

The materials used in fabricating flexible circuits determine their performances. One of the most popular materials for fabricating flex boards is Sheldahl flex material. Also, Sheldahl offers flex technologies which are useful across several industries.

What are the Capabilities of Sheldahl?

Sheldahl is a PCB company that offers a vast range of flexible printed circuit material. some of these materials include polyimide, Teflon, FSR, and more. Also, it delivers flex products like coated film, high-end splicing tapes, and flexible laminates. Sheldahl has more than 30 years experience in delivering quality flexible PCB materials.

Some of Shedhal’s capabilities include coating and lamination of films and foils, web handing, and slitting. Furthermore, Sheldahl laminates are generally classified in two different types which are adhesiveless material and adhesive based materials. Sheldahl has been able to manufacture double and single-sided substrates from these materials.

Also, this company combines various materials to provide interconnect and material solutions. Some of these solutions include Sheldahl’s novaclad alongside PET, polyester, and other substrate materials. In addition, Sheldahl manufactures Transparent Circuits which are widely integrated in several applications which include heaters and capacitive touch.

Sheldahl as a flex technology company has vast experience and quality materials to meet the specifications and requirements of your products. Also, this company can produce large format flexible PCBs. Sheldahl’s thermal management solution helps to minimize thermal impedance while reducing CTE mismatch problems. Also, these solutions are ideal for LED applications where metal-core PCBs have been used.

Sheldahl offers high-end flexible technology solutions that help to create unlimited possibilities for creativity. Also, this highly recognized industry leader offers adhesive formulations, laminations, patterning, and coatings.

Common Types of Sheldahl Flex PCB Material


Sheldahl T1647

Sheldahl T1647 is a polyimide coverlay that features acrylic adhesive. It is a high-temperature, flame retardant, and modified polyimide film. In addition, this flex material is ideal for use in applications where temperature resistance and solderability are very important. Also, this material offers a superior manufacturing process that enables a stable dimensional stability.

Sheldahl splicing tapes

Sheldahl manufactures uncoated slicing tapes that ensure maximum bond strength. This tape comprises reinforced polyester film.

Sheldahl G1932

This Sheldahl material is a polyimide copper laminate featuring epoxy adhesive. The epoxy adhesive is flame retardant. Also, Sheldahl G1932 is a RoHS compliant epoxy adhesive helps to make double sided and single sided composites. The G1932 is specially designed for use in flex circuit applications where flame retardant system is crucial.

Sheldahl  T9032

This is a flat cable insulating tape used for manufacturing flat flexible cable and some adhesives that help users balance product performance during lamination processes.  This tape serves as an insulator against electricity and as such protects circuitry and users. Also, it is heat-resistance and easy to apply to different wires.

Sheldahl Novaclad HDI

This high density interconnect (HDI) material is special built on adhesiveless laminate that integrate photolithography, abd vacuum deposition to ensure fine-line circuitry. Also, Novaclad HDI that comprises laser drilled micro vias can resist extreme temperatures, vibration, and chemical exposure. Also, you can control the copper thickness of this material. Therefore, this gives it an added advantage.

Properties of Sheldahl Material

Sheldahl Material
Sheldahl Material

Improved dimensional stability

Sheldahl flex materials feature great dimensional stability. This means that these materials don’t change in sizes and dimensions in response to temperatures. In addition, they maintain a stable dimension even in elevated temperatures.

Exceptional chemical resistance

One of the best properties of Sheldahl material is the ability to withstand chemical exposure. Chemical resistance is a crucial property of  a PCB material. This is because some PCBs function in environments exposed to various chemicals.

High bond strength

This material features very high bond strength. Bond strength describes the force needed to separate two adjacent board layers by a force upright to the material surface. Also, PCB materials with high bond strength tend to perform well in high-performance applications.

High thermal conductivity

Heat can easily pass through Sheldahl flexible circuit materials. Thermal conductivity helps in measuring the ability of a material to transmit and absorb heat. Also, Sheldahl material is a good thermal conductor as it allows heat to pass through it. Furthermore, it easily absorbs heat from its surroundings.

Applications of Sheldahl Material

Sheldahl is a well-known flex PCB company that produces circuits and materials for various industries. Its products are suitable for use in some applications.


Sheldahl materials are commonly used in medical devices like X-ray machines, CT scans, and heart rate monitors. These materials offer great flexibility and performance. Also, they offer high chemical resistance and dimensional stability.


The automotive industry integrates Sheldahl PCB material in some parts of vehicles. For more than 50 years, Sheldahl has been delivering flexible circuit board materials to the automotive industry. Also, Sheldahl produced the first flexible circuit used in the ’65 Ford Thunderbird. You will find these materials in exterior and interior lighting, sensors, and infotainment systems of vehicles.

Aerospace and military

Initially, Sheldahl supplied a wide range of its laminated products to the aerospace and military industries. These industries relied on Sheldahl PCB material. Aerospace and military devices are usually subjected to very harsh conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to integrate materials that can withstand extreme temperatures in the production of these devices. Sheldahl is one of such materials you can rely on.

Consumer electronics

Another use case of Sheldahl flex materials is in the manufacturing of consumer electronics. Consumer electronics such as smartphones, wearables, television, and more comprise Sheldahl materials. In computers, flexible laminates are widely used. Also, calculators, cameras, and exercise monitors comprise Sheldahl materials.


The Sheldahl Novaclad offers double layer and single layer flexible interconnects that function well in extreme conditions. Also, these Sheldahl materials are ideal for use in computer systems, cellular phones, transmission controls, and peripheral interconnects.


Sheldahl has continued to offer quality and top-notch flexible printed circuits for the past 50 years. Also, Sheldahl materials offer great properties and benefits. These materials are one of the best flexible circuit materials to opt for.




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