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The Usefulness of Shengyi SH260 PCB Material in Printed Circuit Boards

Unarguably, Shengyi SH260 PCB serves as one of the best laminates you could ever use for your multilayer circuit boards. Interestingly, just like every other laminate, this type of laminate has some special features which make it stable for use.

No doubt, this PCB laminate is applicable in various areas. So, you need to find out more about the Shengyi SH260 PCB if you have interest in design. This article focuses on everything you can know about this laminate.

What is Shengyi SH260 PCB Material?

It is paramount to first know what Shengyi SH260 means. Primarily, it is a kind of laminate that one uses to bond layers of the circuit board. Moreover, this is applicable to multiple layers of the PCB. It firmly connects every layer of the board making it ready for use.

Among several laminates, this is one that can resist dust particles. Some laminates are weak and gradually the layers of the board begin to loosen up after some months. However, this is a blend of durability and stability because it doesn’t only last long but retains its stability in any environment.

This is a PCB material that has a propensity for high performance. Thus, this is a polyimide laminate which has ultra low water absorption. The Shengyi SH260 PCB has a prepreg raw component with non-MDA thermochemistry. It comes with copper density which is rigid and can last long without any negative effect from heat.

 Also, it has strong mechanical and electrical properties. This Shengyi SH260 is very effective for communication boards. Hence, it helps faster processing and can easily transmit electrical circuits. This is a laminate that has a tendency to bond panels together with composite of raw FR-4 material.

 Therefore, it has several surface finishes that connect thin layers of the circuit board. The tensile strength of this kind of PCB laminate is high. Shengyi SH260 is produced from substrate components that are non-conductive. Plus, it comes with copper circuitry which could be on the external surface. Also, this could be present internally. It works for applications of high density with multiple layers.

What Are The Features of The Shengyi SH260?

This is a PCB material that has many features that make it beneficial to your board. When designing the circuit board, this is a kind of laminate that can help bond your multiple layers. Moreover, this is why it works with high performance.

Fire Resistance

This is a PCB laminate that has a fire barrier. So, it definitely can withstand fire without damaging effect. Fire doesn’t affect the structure of this kind of laminate. Still, it works under heat intensity and can be described as flame resistant.

No amount of heat, fire, or flame can destroy this Shengyi SH260 structurally. To simply put, it is fireproof. For an assigned time, it stays under fire and never transmits heat. Also, there is no harm or damaging effect on the side exposed to fire.

Lower Z Axis CTE

When it comes to PCB material with lower Z axis CTE, the Shengyi SH260 is one to consider. Invariably, this is also property of some other laminates.

As a result of this, it offers some PTH dependency. This low CTE is about 1.20%. No matter the increasing temperature, this laminate doesn’t in any way expand its coefficient thermal expansion. Note that, no degrees of temperature can cause Shengyi SH260 to have much expansion.

Mechanical Strength

This is a different kind of laminate because no matter the high temperature, it retains its mechanical strength. So, it is not like some laminates that cannot retain their bonding strength when exposed to high degrees of temperature.

This laminate retains both its bonding strength as well as mechanical strength whenever it exposes to increasing temperature. That is why it has non-MDA thermochemistry too.

Lead Free Compatibility

This laminate has lead free processing which is compatible with its chemistry which is halogen free. It doesn’t need any inclusion of materials which contain lead for processing. It also has a very tough resin component which makes it unique among several laminates.

Weather Resistance

The same way it is fire resistant, moisture resistant, and chemical resistant, it is weather resistant. Still, this laminate doesn’t become weak whenever you expose it to harsh weather conditions or UV radiation. It works well in any kind of weather. Also, it has low moisture absorption.

Where is Shengyi SH260 PCB Applicable?

Interestingly, this is a class of laminate that works in different designs and industries. It always bonds multilayer circuit boards.


This is a laminate that circuit boards in airplanes use. It works perfectly for high density components. It makes the connection of circuits possible.

Power Supply

The Shengyi SH260 PCB works for the power supply and industrial services. It is a laminate you can find in electrical transformers.

Optical Communication

This also works for satellites and POTS. It works specifically for networking in local areas and helps with transmitting current. It aids processing and high performance in optical communication services.


Shengyi SH260 PCB is applicable for burns in boards. It aids burn in procedure and easily discovers any defects in boards.

Why Choose The Shengyi SH260?

There are tons of reasons you should consider choosing this Shengyi SH260 laminate.

Easy to Use

Well, this is not a complicated kind of laminate. It has a simple design and can be used easily.


In addition, this is not pricey. Although it is durable, it is cheap to get.

Mechanical Strength

This maintains its structure no matter the high temperature it gets exposed to. It is weather resistant and comes with halogen free FR-4 material. Therefore, high temperature is never a threat to this PCB laminate material.


Shengyi SH260 has a lot of advantages tied to its unique features. This waterproof laminate can withstand any form of moisture. Therefore, it has low water absorption which doesn’t allow water flow through it.

There are many areas where you can apply this laminate. It also has many reasons engineers use it. It has a way of retaining its stability under high temperature.

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