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What are the Main Features, Benefits, and Treatment Options of the Isola FR402 PCB Material?

There are several materials for printed circuit boards. One of these materials or laminates are Isola laminates. These laminates are known for their high performance and usually feature in resin formulations. These laminates’ designs meet the needs of even very demanding requirements for complex printed circuit boards.

In this article, we will be answering whatever questions you have on your mind regarding the Isola FR402 PCB material. If you desire learning about the options necessary for treatment, the quality, features, benefits of this PCB material, we have everything covered in here.

Please join us as we explain further

What does the Isola FR402 PCB Material Mean?

The Isola FR402 PCB Material is a prepreg system and a laminate from Isola, which is made up of a well-developed epoxy-resin system with tetra functions.

This pcb material is best for any multi-layer PCB application, which require the performance properties that surpass those of epoxy-resin systems having di-functions.

Furthermore, the design of the Isola FR402 PCB Material construction helps in the enhancement of the precision and throughput of the AOI equipment.

However, the Isola FR402 PCB Material offers a great resistance to chemical and thermal degradation.

Main Features of the Isola FR402 PCB Material

The following are the main features of the Isola FR402 PCB Material

  • It is available in some thicknesses, ranging from 0.05 mm to 3.2mm
  • The prepreg of the Isola FR402 PCB Material is present as roll or panel
  • Its flammability rating is UL94 V-0
  • Furthermore, it makes use of glass styles, which includes 7629, 7628, 2313, 2116, 2113, 1652, 1080, 106.
  • The Isola FR402 laminate is available in sheet or panel form
  • The cladding of the copper foil includes double treat, reverse treat, and HTE

What Treatments are Available for the Isola FR402 PCB Material?

There are some treatments that are allowable for the effective bonding of the Isola FR402 epoxies. These include black oxide, brown oxide, red oxide, and double treat copper.

However, whenever you are making use of black oxide, make sure that the oxide is self-limiting. This prevents any excess oxide crystal.

However, it is possible to achieve efficient and enough bond strength making use of the different reduced and alternative oxides present.

Meet with the chemical supplier regarding the post baking aspects of the oxide whenever you are employing reduced or alternative oxides.

Why this is so is that extreme baking could cause reduced resistance of the pink ring. In addition, the inner layers have to pass through thorough drying. This is done in an oven even before lay-up.

In addition, the bake cycles usually range from 200 – 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you can only use about 30 – 60 minutes.

Another important advice here is that the baking should be done in an upright rack that has panels held up vertically.

Benefits of the Isola FR402 PCB Material

Below are the major benefits of making use of the Isola FR402 PCB Material

  • It is resistant to measling
  • Also, it processes just like the conventional FR-4
  • It has a great performance via different thermal excursions
  • Extended abilities
  • Processes just like the conventional FR-4
  • Its glass transition temperature is high with a value of 140 degrees Celsius
  • UV blocking, which work well with all AOI devices

Important Quality Tests for the Isola FR402 PCB Material

Below are ways for you to test for the quality of the Isola FR402 PCB Material

Peel strength Test

Normally, the lamination tests will check the Isola FR402 PCB Material’s resistance to peeling by force application or heat. This is significant since the lamination’s quality is very important to the lifespan of the printed circuit board.

Test for Thermal Performance

Often, manufacturers of printed circuit boards determine a board’s thermal performance via the temperature for glass transition (Tg).

Measuring the glass transition temperature is effective via

  • DSC – Differential Scanning Calorimetry
  • DMA – Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
  • TMA – Thermomechanical Analysis

Contamination Testing

Also, this test helps in sensing bulk Ionics. This is because these Ionics can contaminate the circuit boards, thereby causing abrasion, as well as other problems.

Test for Water Absorption

Moisture absorption can cause delamination, as well as other problems in the board of the Isola FR402, with exposure to any soldering heat. This test also helps in the examination of the rate of moisture absorption, as well as the bulk content of moisture of the FR402 printed circuit boards.

What Causes Outgassing in the Isola FR402 PCB Material?

The circumstances behind the occurrence of outgassing may be different. However, they have similar causes irrespective of the place it occurs.

Below are two major reasons why outgassing could happen in the Isola FR402 PCB Material.

Use of Incorrect Materials

When choosing an Isola PCB material, there’s a need for you to look into each stage of the life of the board. This includes the application and manufacturing.

Furthermore, plating that is formed from gold, silver, or tin can be made of salts or organics, which produces gas anytime heating during deposition.

Also, there is an increase in outgassing risk when a FR402 board is used in environments of high vacuum, which are made of material having higher outgassing chances.

Manufacturing Faults

The manufacturing process tells the quality of the Isola FR402 just like its materials. Any outgassing occurring during soldering occurs frequently when performing the process of pre-heating improperly or you apply an electroless copper plating that is very thin.

Furthermore, when you fail to get rid of the moisture when manufacturing of the Isola FR402 is on, it could cause the production of vapors, which are linked to off-gassing that usually occur in applications requiring high-vacuum.


We hope we have been able to properly explain what the Isola FR402 PCB Material offers to your understanding. From this article, this PCB material has excellent features and offers great benefits. This is why it is very suitable for different applications and will meet various pcb needs.




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