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Top 10 Global Electronics Manufacturing Company

There are a wide range of electronics manufacturing companies across the world. While some have gained experience, some companies are emerging. Electronic devices play crucial roles in our daily lives. From our smartphones to our televisions, and our computers, electronic devices are everywhere. As the demand for electronic devices keeps growing, more electronics products are being manufactured.

There are several brands of electronic products. However, it is important to know more about reliable electronics manufacturing companies, their products, and the services they render. Japan, China, and the US are the world leaders in electronics manufacturing. In this article, we will be discussing the best global electronics manufacturing companies.

Global Electronics Manufacturing Companies

Samsung Electronics

Samsung is a global electronics manufacturing company whose headquarters is in South Korea. In 1960, Samsung ventured into the electronics industry. The first electronic device manufactured by this company was the black and white television. Samsung has a long standing experience in electronics manufacturing. With more than 60 years experience, this electronics manufacturing company has continued to deliver high-quality electronics products.

This company’s electronic products are one of the most reliable products. From televisions to mobile phones and laptops, this company offers the best.  Samsung started venturing in the telecommunications hardware in the 1980s. Also, it began to invest in research and development in countries like England, Portugal, and Tokyo.

Samsung play a significant role in the economic development of South Korea. Even its huge role in the development of South Korea’s media and politics is undeniable. This electronic manufacturing company manufactures about one-fifth of the total exports in South Korea.

The main sources of this company’s income are now mobile phones and semiconductors. Samsung still remains the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world despite its current decline in revenue for smartphones.

Intel Corporation

The founders of Intel Corporation are Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore. As the largest producer of semiconductor chips by revenue in the world, Intel Corporation has continued to set a high standard for electronics manufacturing. Today, their instruction sets are available in the majority of personal computers in the world.

Also, Intel is one of the leading suppliers of microprocessors. They supply microprocessors for top companies like HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, and HP. Also, this company manufactures many computing and communications-related electronic products.   Some of the devices manufactured by Intel are graphics chips, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors, network interface controllers, and flash memory.

In the 90s, Intel invested heavily in the production of microprocessors. This contributed to the increasing growth experienced in the computer industry. In 2011, Intel Corporation tried to venture in the smartphone market. The company initiated a project to manufacture smartphones with the Intel Atom processor. However, this didn’t work out well as their smartphone chip had too much power for smartphone use.

In the year 2012, Intel collaborated with Google.  Google announced the Android 2.3. This collaboration was shortlived as Intel left the smartphone industry in 2014. However, this company channeled their focus on low-power chips. Their low-power chips offer tablets and laptops with longer battery life.



Huawei, a Chinese Corporation started with the manufacturing of phone switches before venturing into smartphone manufacturing. This global electronic manufacturing company produces smartphones and other electronic products for the consumer market. Also, Huawei also offers telecommunications networks and provide consulting services.

This electronic manufacturing company became the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world in 2012, after overtaking Ericsson. Now, Huawei manufactures a wide range of  wearables, modems, and tablets. However, their role in smartphone production is the reason this company is among the 10 largest electronics companies.

Also, Huawei is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers. It is ranked as second largest manufacturer of smartphone after Samsung. In 2004, Huawei released their first smartphone, C300.  In 2015, this company launched the P series, a high-end series.  

With the release of the Huawei MateBook series, this company ventured into the laptop market. Also, this company produces tablets. They held the top spot in the Chinese tablet market for the next few years, until Apple took over in 2021.


Sony is a well-known Japanese electronics manufacturing company . The Sony Corporation is an electronic business unit which has subsidiaries like Sony Storage Media and Devices Corporation, Sony Global Manufacturing and Operations Corporation (SGMO), and Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation.

Over the years, Sony has ventured into several areas such as videography, audio, and computing. Also, it is a large producer of smart devices, mobile phones, televisions, semiconductor and components, cables, and more. In 2022, this company focused more on electronics and entertainment. Therefore, it forecast the highest profit in 2022.

However, this is much expected due to the restructuring drive in electronics businesses. Also, the company focused more on the smartphone segment with its advancement in image sensors. Furthermore,  Sony currently focuses on its new TV with 4K technology. Sony as a global electronics manufacturing company prides itself in the supply of on high-quality products.

 Sony is expected to achieve 100 million units annually in 2022 with its sales of PlayStation.  The Sony Corporation of America contributed greatly to the export of Japan. This company is well-known for creating quality standards and technologies. With this, they have been able to introduce recording formats like compact discs and floppy disks.


Our list will be incomplete without mentioning Apple. Apple is the biggest company in the world and the fourth biggest PCB vendor in terms of sales. Also, it was ranked as the second largest smartphone manufacturer. Apple Inc specializes in the production of software, consumer electronics, and the supply of online services.

In 1976, Apple was founded by Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak. The Apple I, a computer,  was the first product of Apple. Wozniak designed and developed this computer himself.  In the year 1977, Apple released Apple II by Wozniak.

Apple attained its brand loyalty through constant supply of quality products and this has been its selling point over the years. This company has been consistently ranked as the most valuable brand across the globe. Its flagship products such as Mac, Iphone, and Ipad have taken over the electronics industry.

The company launches an updated version of its flagship products every year. These products have a high demand world over.  The Apple MacBook laptops have gained popularity across the world and their renowned for their user-friendliness, lightweight, long battery life, and clear displays, lightweight.

LG Electronics

LG Electronics is one of the largest producers of consumer electronics. This South Korean company was named as  GoldStar. This company sought to provide domestically-produced electronics to South Koreans due to the Korean War. LG was manufacturing about 1 million televisions every year as at 1976.

In 1944, LG Electronics company produced the first digital mobile handsets in the world. This company manufactured the first 60-inch plasma TV in the world.  In the year 2002, LG Electronics split in order to create a holding company. Also, the old LG Electronics company changed its name to LG EI while the new company continued producing consumer electronics in large quantities.

LG became the second-largest LCD TV manufacturer across the world in 2013. The LG brand is widely known for their home audio systems and television products. However, this brand produces other electronic devices like computer monitors, refrigerators, wearable tech, and washing machines.

In 2021, the company closed its smartphone manufacturing department as a result of poor sales. The poor sales experience was due to the strong competition in the industry. Regardless, LG is still ranked as one of the 10 biggest electronics companies. This can be attributed to its top-quality TV products.


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Foxconn is a reliable electronics manufacturing company also known as Hon Hai Technology Group. Some of their products include  smartphones and motherboards. In 1974, Foxconn was established by Terry Gou as an electrical components manufacturer.

In 2001, this company recorded its first big success when they were chosen to manufacture motherboards for  Intel. Foxconn became the largest electronics manufacturing provider in the world and the third-largest technology company in terms of revenue in 2010. This company produced a large amount of consumer electronics by 2012.

Also, Foxconn manufactures notebook computers,  metal shells, thermal modules, desktop, and structural components.  Over the years, this company has ventured into the development of artificial intelligence (AI), electric vehicles, robotics, and digital health.

Foxconn is one of the largest electronics companies. Due to the quality of their electronic products, this brand has become a household name among electronic consumers.


HP is a global electronics manufacturing company founded by David Packard and William bill Redington Hewlett. The full meaning of HP is Hewlett Packard. At first, HP manufactured few electronic test equipment for their clients. This company became the leading pc manufacturer in the world for some years starting from 2007 to 2013. However, Lenovo took the place of HP after some years.

HP majorly focuses on providing computing devices, printers, software, and software services. Also, this company has continued to manufacture high-end electronics products.

The precision audio oscillator was the first successful product by HP. Walt Disney Studios’  chief sound engineer, Bud Hawkins, purchased eight of the 200B audio oscillators used in the film Fantasia. This was the first big contract HP handled.

The HP enterprise got renamed as HP Inc after it split off its products and services. However, the printer and personal computer businesses are still under this name.

HP sales were about $5.5 million by 1951. In 1985, sales had increased to $6.5 billion with about 85,000 employees. HP has become popular for their business services and as well as their range of printers, personal computers, digital cameras, calculators, and



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Over the years, Panasonic has ventured in several products and services. At first, this electronics company manufactured bulb attachments and some electrical fittings. As time went by, Panasonic expanded its business and ventured into electronic products such as cameras, air conditioners, batteries, projectors, etc.

Also, Panasonic started manufacturing TV sets and invested a huge amount of money in research and development. With this, they were able to design cutting edge innovations. As one of the best consumer electronics companies in the world, Panasonic prides itself in delivering high-quality products.

Their collaboration with Tesla motors in the manufacturing of battery in the US. Also, they partnered with photon interactive and acquired ITC global- a satellite communication provider. In the Toyota car racing, Panasonic sponsored formula one team. This electronic company has made several environmental records.  Presently, it is ranked as one of the top companies when it comes to greener electronics manufacturing. The company implements some policies in its productions process. Therefore, it ranked as the producers of electronics. Also, Panasonic products are well known for its long life span.


Dell as an electronic manufacturing company focuses on the production and supply of computers. However, this company sells other products like cameras, servers, TVs,  printers, and data storage devices. In 1984, Michael Dell founded the company.

Dell mainly focused on the sales of IBM PC-compatible computers in its fledgling stage. However, this company started designing its own computers. The Turbo PC was released In 1985. This PC sold through computer magazines. These personal computers were cheaper than retail brands. Dell recorded its high time success after grossing over $73 million in the first year of trading.

As one of the largest employers in the world, Dell has over 100,000 employee across the world. Initially Dell was a hardware company before it acquired Perot Systems. After acquiring the Perot Systems, this company became an IT service provider.


There has been a high demand for electronic devices in today’s global economy. The electronics manufacturing sector has continued to experience growth across the world.  This growth has pave way for  individuals who want to invest in this business. Also, the growth of the electronics manufacturing company has contributed to the advancement in technology.

Across the globe, electronics manufacturing industry is one of the largest employer of labor. It employs billions of workers across the globe. We have discussed some of the best global electronics manufacturing company in this article.




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