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What are EMC Shielding Solutions?

EMC shielding or Electromagnetic Compatibility Shielding can be described as a specific approach that ensures sensor signals are well protected from electromagnetic signals from external sources. In addition, it helps in preventing the leaking out of signals, as well as interferes with some electronic devices.

When a specific electronic component lacks shielding, it could lead to some issues, like a down system and interrupted communication.  In addition, EMC shielding focuses on many domains, which includes health, military, as well as emergency services.

What are the Factors for Selecting the Right EMC Shielding Solution?

There is no doubt that EMC shielding plays a huge role in different electronic devices. However, it is very important to choose the best shielding. Below are some of the factors you should consider when selecting or designing your shield.

Level of Attenuation: The attenuation level indicates the signal strength loss. Normally, this falls between 60dB and 100dB. Also, some may have 120 dB too.

Mechanical Durability: Your shielding must possess high resistance to electrical and mechanical failure.

Environmental Sealing: Protecting the components from some external factors such as humidity, dust, water, etc.

Compression: Forces of compression usually has more effects on the functioning of the shielding properties of the equipment. This level of compression depends on your material.

Material: Different materials exist and are useful for EMC shielding. Therefore choose one which is based on its usage.

Complexity: This indicates that you should also consider the patterns form.

Which Materials are Useful for EMC Shielding

An important stage during EMC shielding is having the appropriate and right materials. Your choice of material depends on some specific requirements, performance, costs, as well as the features of that equipment that requires shielding. Below are some of the materials commonly used.

Copper: This offers a shielding solution that is most reliable for radio wave and magnetic frequencies. In addition, it features a high level of attenuation for the electrical waves.

Tin: This EMC shielding solution is inexpensive and it is great for frequency ranges that are lower. Also, it helps in resisting corrosion.

Aluminum: The cost of Aluminum is less compared to the other metals. Also, it is most frequently used as a result of its high conductance at 60%, and non-ferrous capability.

Copper Alloy 770: The Copper Alloy 770 is made up of zinc, nickel, and copper. It is useful due to its resistance to corrosion. It is great for all MRI applications due to its permeability.

EMC Shielding Applications

EMC shielding is useful in different applications. This is dependent on the type of value that it brings. Here are some implementations of the EMC shielding.

Furthermore, EMC shielding is useful in securing laboratory and medical equipment, whereby the disruption as well as prevention of signal interference is important and lifesaving. It is very useful in medicine, data communications, as well as other types of service transmissions into the theaters and wards of patients. Also, it is useful in many medical devices. These include peacemakers and MRI machines.

EMC shielding’s main function is the prevention of signals from any interference. This is why it is a very useful application in intercepting data access on the RFID chips, as well as other devices that are embedded.

The facilities of EMC shielding help in the improvement of security measures that are taken in the government, financial, and military services.

EMC Shielding Product Types


EMC Shielding Elastomers

Manufacturers are used to shielding electronic enclosures with the use of conductive elastomers,. This helps in avoiding electromagnetic interference. There is a sandwiching of a unique conductive gasket between a lid and metal housing to help in completing the device for EMI Shielding.

The configuration permits great electrical conductivity via this gasket. Furthermore, the EMC elastomers feature high heat conductivity as well as mechanical durability. These are great for offering both environmental shielding and EMI shielding. Due to their effectiveness, the EMC shielding elastomers play a role in commercial and military devices, and wireless transmission.

HC Filters

The HC Filters can be described as electrical devices that help in getting rid of the transfer of electromagnetic noise in-between the drive and power supply. You can integrate these filters either stand-alone or you can place it on your electronic circuit/board.

Also, the EMC filters are usually arranged in-line. Frequency, on the other hand will get rid of any electromagnetic interference. If it’s a low pass filter, it permits just a lesser frequency. In addition, EMC filter offer applications with respect to their placement. Also, they are usually placed in-between the device, as well as its external environment in order to block entrances of any undesired signal.

Best EMC Shielding Solutions

Harwin EMC Shielding Solutions

This company includes different shield clips (surface mount), shield cans, as well as spring contacts in solving different RFI/EMI as well as grounding issues. Also, the components of SMT are usually given on reel and tape for the automated assembly as well as lowered costs of production. Clips and shield cans gets rid of the need of manual soldering, increasing reliability, and simplifying production.


This sector’s complexity needs specific knowledge of different infrastructure types, both for the railway signaling and rolling stock. As of today, the transportation sector is responsible for the strategic activity whereby every player makes efforts to strengthen.

Furthermore, GETELEC offers R&D team that designs microwave shielding, environmental sealing and thermal dissipation solutions as a result of its every day technological monitoring.


Whenever there is a flow or electromagnetic waves, interference could place the very important devices, as well as the people’s lives at risk. This is one reason why skilled engineers make use of some coordinated systems that are designed to assist you in building the most effective EMI defenses.

For over two decades, we have been able to perfect an integrated art of the creation of top EMI shielding materials. In contrast to competitors, Laird is in charge of the entire process.


To conclude, shielding is very important where electronic equipment needs segregation from electromagnetic signals, or where extra signals are being transmitted.




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