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Why Schweizer PCB Offers One of the Best PCB Technological Solutions

Schweizer PCB is a company managed by a family and based in the Black Forest region of Germany – Schramberg. Also, you will find it listed in your Frankfurt and Stuttgart stock exchanges. If you are searching for a PCB custom manufacturer to meet the requirements in majority of different markets and sectors, then Schweizer PCB must be included.

Their PCB technologies are useful in some demanding applications such as the industrial, aviation, automotive, computing, communication and medical sectors. The leading companies in these sectors globally relies on Schweizer PCB’s vast experience, innovative force, as well as excellent service and product quality for embedding and PCB solutions. Also, the technologies of Schweizer PCB also have great environmental properties and an impressive energy.

A big thanks to their ultra-modern sites for PCB production in the Schramberg, as well as Jintan in China, coupled with their close partnerships as well as other strong technological innovators, Schweizer PCB will be able to provide you with global access to their high-quality PCB. This ranges from the customer-specific designs to the standard solutions. Regarding the size, as well as other needs, Schweizer PCB has got you covered. They also offer high cost effectiveness.

Applications of Schweizer PCB


As we already explained, Schweizer is known as one of the top PCB manufacturers in our automotive sector. However, there is more to this. The company has also made a great name in other sectors globally as a result of their high-end embedding solutions and PCBs.


Schweizer PCBs are useful in numerous applications of the top automotive manufacturers. They provide the technological basis to ensure autonomous and safe driving. Also, you can find them in gearboxes, steering systems, fans, electric motors, as well as heating systems. Furthermore, they are useful in the system for driver assistance like distance control systems as well as lane and braking control systems.

The end devices include radar applications (LiDAR, parking and distance assistants), steering systems, starter generators, inverters used for different 48V applications, camera systems, LED lighting, wall boxes, and battery management.

The challenges here include the support for different projects from prototype and to the series production. Another is the close cooperation with the Tier 1 departments for development. Understanding the present mega-trends (autonomous driving, CO2 reduction, and electrification). Others include reliability, quality, and application understanding


The solutions of Schweizer PCB ensure safety and switching functions for the primary as well as secondary systems like SSPCs (solid state power modules) as well as RPDUs (remote power distribution units). Furthermore, these are useful in the future technologies like drones and air taxis.

All thanks to the quality management and Nadcap accreditation, you can be sure of top quality, safety, and reliability.

The end devices include safety and switching functions for secondary and primary systems, the SSPCs (solid state power modules), RPDUs (remote power distribution units), infotainment/multimedia systems, interior lighting, cabin control and communication systems.

The challenges here include the EN9001 certification and Nadcap required, the high quality levels as well as the necessary process reliability. Others include application understanding, reliability, and quality.

Medical and Industrial


Increasingly, the technologies of Schweizer PCB are also useful in the industry 4.0 and industrial applications. Furthermore, from the position sensors present in the sector of wind power to the battery switches as well as the track monitoring systems, point level sensors, and the automated door opening mechanism, you can be sure that anything can happen.

Currently, in the technology and medical sector, the Schweizer PCBs are very useful in the intensive and emergency care devices, monitoring displays, diagnostic units, and mobile appliances. The end devices include machine tools, point level sensor, robotics, electric razors, angle and distance sensors, electro-medical mobile devices, as well as warehouse handling.

The challenges here include industry 4.0, the product portfolio that ranges from the two sided boards to more complex HDI circuit boards.

Computing and Communication

Excluding the powerful and strong HF technologies, you cannot imagine different concepts like industrial 5G, mobile communication 5G, autonomous driving, augmented reality, as well as Industry 4.0, talk more of it even happening.

Regarding the automotive sector’s extensive expertise, Schweizer PCB provides PCB solutions for the networked and automated control, as well as monitoring vehicles, plants, machines, as well as other complex systems.

The end devices here include logic controllers, server applications, 5G, and camera monitoring systems. The challenges here include base materials like Teflon, which helps in creating the fine structures of the conductor, as well as high reliability and high temperatures.

Why Choose Schweizer PCB for Your PCB Technologies Solutions

The following are the reasons why you should choose Schweizer PCB.

They serve as a solution space

Schweizer PCB provides a wide range of solutions and technologies, which meets very high requirements. These services include complex high current, 2-layer circuits, radar lay-ups, etc. This is possible through their standard processes, which has given them the opportunity to react to client’s inquiries, as well as integrate their requirements flexibly and quickly.

In addition, for the complex issues, they have an expert team which offers competent advice, as well as develop some solutions. They are there with you all through the process, from the initial stages and idea to the high-volume production. They are also there for each technical requirement and high cost-effectiveness.

The Schweizer Technology is Reliable

Whether you need complex or simple multilayer HDI PCBs, heavy copper designs specially for your power electronics, Inlay Boards, hybrid as well as fine structure lay-ups of your radar applications, as well as embedding solutions having power semiconductors, you’ll get it from Schweizer. This is because they offer custom developments in order to help in solving your problems as well as meet all the necessary and specific requirements.

Shapes the future actively

The global success of Schweizer PCB is based on their extensive research as well as development. They have an innovation center located at Schramberg. Here, they develop PCB technologies, which derives their top system solutions for issues from mega-trends. Also, Schweizer PCB teams up with top research institutes, industrial partners, and universities.


Schweizer PCB is surely one of the top PCB manufacturers globally due to their innovative technologies and research.




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