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Cracking The Electronic Assembly Kits Code

Do you need spare parts for a device that you work on? Are you someone who likes to work with your hands? Want to learn how electronics work? Want an exciting hobby that will get you out of the house and off the couch? If so, then do some research on electronic assembly kits.

Do you know the different existing types of electronic assembly kits? We will look at what we mean by this electronic assembly and the two different assembly kits. Additionally, we will dig into each of these types and look at some examples of these assembly kits. Finally, we will look at the importance of each of these types of assembly kits.  

What is electronic assembly?

Electronic assembly kits are a relatively new trend in the world of technology and DIY-enthusiasts. They are designed to be educational as well as challenging. We define electronic assembly as the process involving bringing together, soldering, or mounting the electronic circuits and components in a printed circuit board (PCB) board to do single or multiple specific functions. The process is important in manufacturing electronic components like toys, remotes, television sets, engines, phones, computers, etc.

What are electronic assembly kits?

Electronic assembly kits are already assembled kits that include assembling all the pieces of certain electronic appliances. The main aim of these kits is to help the users learn the process and the science of electronic systems through active practice. These electronic assembled kits are universal since diverse people use them to do their daily activities. There are two different types of electronic assembly kits;

  1. Kits for kids
  2. Kits for adults

What are Electronic assembly kits for kids?

Manufacturers design these electronic assembly kits to make them easier for the kids to use. Kids at the age of 8-12 years use these kits to learn electronics, start a mini fan motor, or light a bulb. Young children and early learners engage in these projects for fun. However, adults do not find these activities engaging or exciting. Therefore, electronic kits for adults have more complex features and an instruction manual to help them assemble the components. The kids should find kits that fit their skills and adapt to active learning progressively.

Types of electronic assembly kits for kids

There are several examples of electronic assembly kits for kids, these involve;

  1. LittleBits, an easy-to-use block of electronics that fit together with magnets. They use them to make learning fun and learn about circuitry. Kids can build a night light, guitar, electronic pets, and many other gadgets. Kids can use these kits at home, school, and anywhere they like.
  2. LightUp – kids fit these kits together with magnets to make circuits. For instance, some of the light kits, the light Tesla kit, helps us teach kids programming to build cooler projects; we also use them to teach the kids about technology, science, and technology.
  3. MakeyMakey kits are easy to construct with gadgets such as video games controller, and the kit does not need any programming skills for kids to start inventing. They also install important skills in science to kids who use them for fun and learning.

What is the importance of electronic assembly kits for kids?

An average person has no clue how the electronic assembly kits function except plugging them in replacing the battery to power them. There are many reasons for giving kids these kits to assemble. However, kids think it is only giving them a playing toy or having fun. The following are examples of electronic assembly kits for kids;

  • Electrical assembly kits teach them important skills. In addition, using these kits is an interesting way of introducing kids and developing interests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Teaches them to respect their electronics. Kids having the kits learns to take care of and respect their gadgets since they understand how to assemble the components. Furthermore, they will understand how difficult it is to repair a component in case of a malfunction.
  •  Electronic assembly kits help save them money. Kids should learn how to fix different electronic circuits using their electronic kits. Additionally, kids spend much time learning technology and science through these electronics assembled kits.
  • You will find out that these electronic assembly kits are very useful. Light-up hats, toys, or radios, are examples of electronic assembled kits. They are practical components that bring personal satisfaction to the kids, as they can easily assemble them.
  • Working with the electronic assembly kits can be a family activity. Kids use these electronic assembly kits in building devices at home. Therefore, they are thrilled when they use gadgets that they build rather than the ones bought from the stores.

What are electronic assembly kits for adults?

Adult electronic kits are complex pre-assembled kits comprising the components and the printed circuit board. The adults use different complex features to learn using these kits for fun by engaging them. It is becoming common to find new electronic kits designs for adults or individuals searching for an interesting kit.

What is the importance of electronic assembly kits for adults?

Electronic assembly kits for adults have much-known importance. The following are the advantages of electronic assembly kits for adults;

  • Adults use electronic kits in the learning process. For instance, OSEPP robotic functional kit help adults learn a programming language by practical application on OSEPP robot.
  • It helps adults develop useful skills. The kits may make the adults learn and apply thinking skills in making these gadgets. The skills developed include; learning skills, teamwork skills, communication skills, and more.
  • The kits reduce the construction cost since they are easy and they contain an instruction manual for building these gadgets.

Types of electronic assembly kits for kids

  1. OSEPP-Wheeler Balancing Robot kit. This kit helps adults easily build a 2-wheeler balancing robot kit that can move through all terrains. They prefer these kits in building projects since they are easy to build and control. The kits also have a control setup manual on how to construct them.
  2. Important electronic parts kit. Electronic experts mainly use it to do their work. The kit comprises electronic components such as capacitors, rectifiers, diodes, resistors, and 275 other electrical components.
  3.  Arduino basics starter kit with UNO-03. This kit can build a voltmeter, buzzer circuits play a melody, and LED game. It also comprises about 100 pieces and an instruction manual; hence, it does not require any skill to begin using.
  4. OSEPP robotics functional kit-MECHF-01. The OSEPP Function kit is an amazing kit that can build hi-tech projects. There are different components in this type of kits, like functions and high-level sensors. We can customize the sensors and Bluetooth technology to perform the task of adjusting light and also control robots from their smartphone app.


This article has looked at the electrical assembly kits, their categories, and advantages. Adults and children use different electrical assembly kits in their daily activities.

Thus when you buy electronic assembly kits, you get a variety of necessary components to complete a specific project. Many times, you will only need to supply your own PC and screwdrivers! You are provided with the correct tools and step-by-step instructions that make it easy for even the most novice of hobbyists to build one from scratch. This gives you the ability to fully understand how each component functions and how each piece interacts with the other.




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